Mellanni - The #1 Bedding For College Dorm Rooms!

Mellanni - The #1 Bedding For College Dorm Rooms!

Did you know the average college student (or parent) spends between $900 - $1,200 on college dorm room accessories?

It's about that time of the year when you're sending your teenagers off to their first year of college or boarding school, or back for another semester of the fun!

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This is an important time for your teens as they are either about to enter a new phase of their young lives or continue to progress in the right direction. 

Most students spend long days and nights going to class, studying, spending time with clubs and campus organizations, and trying to maintain a social life. So in between these hectic hours dedicated to learning (especially during the exam season), it's important to rest up. And all rest is not created equal.

As you might imagine, getting a full 8 hours of sleep is nearly impossible, but ensuring they get the best sleep is imperative. Either it be a few hours at night or an hour here and there in between classes, having super comfortable bedding is crucial. 

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Thankfully, Mellanni has been providing bedding to students across the country for years, so we have just what you need in order to make the dorm room perfect for waking up refreshed and ready to conquer the day...or the next class!

As one of Amazon's best sellers, we take great pride in providing #1 bedding on the market. Over 40,000 customers have voted in confidence of our bedding through Amazon reviews, so that you know that you can trust Mellanni as well.

If you're getting ready to move into your college dorm, take a look at the list of products below. We can assure you, you'll pay less than the average person! (Additional discounts provided by clicking here).

XL Twin Bedsheets - $30

  • In most cases, colleges install Twin XL sized beds in dorm rooms to accommodate taller students so it's important to make sure when buying bedding that you keep this in account. 

Mattress Topper - $25

  • If you're looking to get a bit more comfy-ness for your bed, a Mellanni Microplush Mattress Pad will instantly make your bed a haven for maximum relaxation!

Duvet Set - $20 

  • Easily change the look of your bed and room with minimal expense with Mellanni's 5 piece duvet set. Secure ties and button closure keeps your comforter and duvet insert in place while making it easy to remove and put the duvet cover on.

Pillows (set of 2) - $30

  • The #1 Gel-Fiber Pillows on the market, with the perfect combination of quick loft recovery and soft support. We know your health is important, and that’s why these durable no shift, no clumping. Pillows are dust-mite, mold, and mildew resistant!

Throw Blanket - $50

  • Ah, what's better than cuddling up in a warm, comfy, stress-relieving faux fur throw after class? Hint: nothing! 

Black Out Curtains - $15

  • What's the point of having great bedding if you get woken up by the light coming through your window? (Especially during those mid afternoon naps in between classes)

Help your students make it to the finish line by choosing the bedding that can keep up with action packed lives of college students. Fade, wrinkle, stain resistance is vital, and with a lifetime guarantee, Mellanni stands by our products and believe your students will appreciate the quality and comfort that our bedding provides!


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