Holiday Traditions to Enjoy With Your Family

Holiday Traditions to Enjoy With Your Family

Every holiday season we are given a chance to create new, everlasting memories with our families and friends. Holiday traditions are important in every family because it gives us a time to come together to celebrate these moments and our appreciation for one another. From baking and decorating cookies to sleepless nights watching all of your favorite holiday movies, here are some of our favorite holiday traditions we share with our family. 

If there is one thing we love most about the holidays, it definitely has to be making Christmas cookies with the kids. What makes a delicious sugar cookie even better is when it's decorated with love. Our kids love to put together an arts and crafts table filled with sprinkles and different colored icing and just decorate away. For the parents, this is also a great way to keep your kids occupied for hours (however, do be prepared for the post-sugar meltdown that could follow.)

Nothing says Christmas like a big, green, beautiful tree. Decorating the tree is one of the most fun activities to enjoy with your loved ones. We often love to have our kids make their own ornaments for the tree as it adds a special touch to the decor. Every year our tree gets filled with more and more custom made ornaments from our kids, it's like looking at a Christmas timeline. 

What we love more than anything is snuggling up with our little ones to read Christmas stories in bed. There is so much joy that comes from reading to your children, it will never get old, holiday or no holiday. It's always important to make sure your kids are comfortable in their bed, so we suggest our holiday-inspired sheet set, available to purchase here, so you can watch their sweet little eyes start to drift off into a merry land of candy canes and snowflakes. 


Igor Poluyko

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