How To Make Your Valentine's Day Special This Year!

How To Make Your Valentine's Day Special This Year!

As we're quite aware, January pretty much flew by faster than anyone expected, which means Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. For those who are feeling like time is of the essence, we went ahead and created quick guide to make sure your Valentine's Day is a special one! Check out some of the ways we think you can truly sweep your partner off their feet this year.

Soft To The Touch

First impressions are everything (even if your partner has been around for previous Valentine's Days) so choosing the right bedding for this special day is a crucial part of your overall bedroom personality. Usually Sateen sheets are perfect for your bed because of how comfy and sexy they can be, but if they are a little too costly, microfiber sheets can easily impress! At an affordable price, they can offer that soft to the touch feel and a great level of comfort. You won't want to forget to choose romantic colors such as white, lavender, pink, and burgundy.

Go Above And Beyond For Comfort

Figuring out if your mattress is comfy or not is pretty subjective as everyone's level of comfort differs, but if you have an inkling of an idea that your mattress is not very comfortable, you might be best off adding a layer with a mattress topper (considering mattresses are not cheap). An easy upgrade without breaking the bank, mattress toppers provide that extra touch that would be greatly appreciated by your partner! Now that you have your mattress set up and your super comfy sateen sheets to snuggle in, now you'll want to drape that super lux duvet on top to make your bed pop!

Don't Forget The Essentials 

Layering your bed is a great way to show comfort before wrapping yourself and your partner up in it all, but if you're looking to really win some brownie points, you won't want to forget some of the main essentials. Fluffy pillows and throw blankets are a great additions to your bed or Valentine's Day set up (watching movies on the sofa might be your move). 

Set The Mood With Candles

Now that we got soft to the touch and the comfiness figured out, it's important not to forget about all the romantic smells that you'll use to fill the room. Setting the mood with lighting is paramount when trying sweeping your partner off their feet so make sure to use soft, indirect light. A good way to incorporate soft light and smell is by using scented candles that can really bring out the romantic ambience that you're striving for.
Pro Tip: make sure to use a candle with a sweet scent that is not too overwhelming.

The Cherry On Top

You can't have a successful Valentine's Day without the champagne, chocolates, and roses! If you really want to sweep your partner off their feet, don't be afraid to get creative with the way you use these items. If you're starting with a hot bath, make sure to throw some rose pedals and bubbles in the water, and have a glass of champagne and chocolate waiting. You can also add some rose pedals to your bed and create some chocolate hearts to add some flare to your newly made bed.
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