National Ice Cream Day!

National Ice Cream Day!

National Ice Cream day is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of July thanks to President Ronald Regan, who in 1984, declared 

ice cream the perfect dessert and snack food and stated that over 90 percent of Americans enjoy it on a regular basis. This proclamation lead to Ice Cream having it's own special day!

Since then, the iconic, delicious, frozen dessert has been celebrated by millions on this special day year after year (and every day in between)!

 national ice cream day

No matter the flavor, cone, cup, ingredients, or size, today is a day that is a simple reminder that we all have something in common and that is the ability to enjoy something that gets our taste buds tingling! 
Grab your kids, significant other, friends, grandparents, or whoever it may be, and find a place to relax and enjoy some ice cream...preferably on some Mellanni bed sheets...because what's a picnic without the comfort that Mellanni provides :)

national ice cream daynational ice cream day

Either you live near a park, lake, ocean, or mountain, picnics provide family oriented fun in the sun, especially when we're looking for easy ways to enjoy Sunday afternoons when we're all getting ready for the next week. 
Just a friendly reminder to those who will be bringing the rug rats to the picnic, Mellanni's Microfiber and Percale bed sheets are perfect for these family outings as they are strong, soft sheets that are wrinklefade, and stain-resistant. Spend more time enjoying the ice cream and less time worrying about cleaning!
One last thing...

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!



Dillon Ceglio

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