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1800 Collection Microfiber Sheet Set (3 Pieces)

Luxury 3 Piece Bed Sheet Set of 1 Fitted Sheet and 2 Pillowcases

The legendary Mellanni Fine Linens 1800 Collection. Our World-Famous Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheets, available in a wide range of beautiful dark tones, can now be yours at our lowest prices ever! You'll be able to feel the Mellanni difference! Silky soft, crazy comfortable, and affordably luxurious. 

We understand that your time is important, and that's why these exceptionally strong and soft sheets are wrinkle, fade, and stain-resistant; so you can spend more time on the important parts of life. 

This hypoallergenic microfiber bedding also keep stuffy noses at bay by blocking unwanted allergens, moisture, and dust mites. Let your body breathe so that you can get a great sleep! 

And don't forget, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. This bedding set, as with all Mellanni products, comes with our Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee - the industry's most customer-friendly no questions asked, no hassle, money-back warranty.

Size, Color GTIN
Twin, Gray 00701722982406
Twin, Royal Blue 00701722982413
Twin, Black 00703546080283
Twin, Blue Hydrangea 00603803801982
Twin, Brown 00701722982475
Twin, Burgundy 00701722982499
Twin, Emerald Green 00603803802002
Twin, Gold 00701722982468
Twin, Mocha 00701722982420
Twin, Olive Green 00701722982437
Twin, Purple 00701722982482
Twin, Imperial Blue 00704256954499
Twin, Tan 00704256954444
Twin, Persimmon 00603803802026
Twin XL, Gray 00704256954949
Twin XL, Royal Blue 00704256954956
Twin XL, Black 00757440895627
Twin XL, Blue Hydrangea 00603803802064
Twin XL, Brown 00704256955014
Twin XL, Burgundy 00704256955038
Twin XL, Emerald Green 00603803802088
Twin XL, Gold 00704256955007
Twin XL, Mocha 00704256954963
Twin XL, Olive Green 00704256954970
Twin XL, Purple 00704256955021
Twin XL, Imperial Blue 00757440895658
Twin XL, Tan 00757440895641
Twin XL, Persimmon 00603803802101
Full, Gray 00701722982758
Full, Royal Blue 00701722982536
Full, Black 00703546080306
Full, Blue Hydrangea 00603803802149
Full, Brown 00701722982598
Full, Burgundy 00701722982611
Full, Emerald Green 00603803802163
Full, Gold 00701722982581
Full, Mocha 00701722982543
Full, Olive Green 00701722982550
Full, Purple 00701722982604
Full, Imperial Blue 00704256954505
Full, Tan 00704256954451
Full, Persimmon 00603803802187
Queen, Gray 00701722982178
Queen, Royal Blue 00701722982185
Queen, Black 00703546080320
Queen, Blue Hydrangea 00603803802224
Queen, Brown 00701722982246
Queen, Burgundy 00701722982260
Queen, Emerald Green 00603803802248
Queen, Gold 00701722982239
Queen, Mocha 00701722982192
Queen, Olive Green 00701722982208
Queen, Purple 00701722982253
Queen, Imperial Blue 00704256954512
Queen, Tan 00704256954468
Queen, Persimmon 00603803802262
King, Gray 00701722982291
King, Royal Blue 00701722982307
King, Black 00703546080344
King, Blue Hydrangea 00603803802309
King, Brown 00701722982369
King, Burgundy 00701722982383
King, Emerald Green 00603803802323
King, Gold 00701722982352
King, Mocha 00701722982314
King, Olive Green 00701722982321
King, Purple 00701722982376
King, Imperial Blue 00704256954529
King, Tan 00704256954475
King, Persimmon 00603803802347
Cal King, Gray 00701722982642
Cal King, Royal Blue 00701722982659
Cal King, Black 00703546080368
Cal King, Blue Hydrangea 00603803802385
Cal King, Brown 00701722982710
Cal King, Burgundy 00701722982741
Cal King, Emerald Green 00603803802408
Cal King, Gold 00701722982703
Cal King, Mocha 00701722982666
Cal King, Olive Green 00701722982673
Cal King, Purple 00701722982734
Cal King, Imperial Blue 00704256954536
Cal King, Tan 00704256954482
Cal King, Persimmon 00603803802422
Split King, Gray 00818162021753
Split King, Royal Blue 00818162021760
Split King, Black 00818162021869
Split King, Blue Hydrangea 00818162021920
Split King, Brown 00818162021821
Split King, Burgundy 00818162021845
Split King, Emerald Green 00818162021944
Split King, Gold 00818162021814
Split King, Mocha 00818162021777
Split King, Olive Green 00818162021784
Split King, Purple 00818162021838
Split King, Imperial Blue 00818162021890
Split King, Tan 00818162021883

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