Cozy Up Your Bedding For Fall & Winter

Cozy Up Your Bedding For Fall & Winter

Is there anything that beats cozying up during the cold months of fall and winter? Considering your bed is your kingdom, it is the one room of the house that you won't want to miss out on decorating for the season! In order to increase the warmth of your room and accomplish this comfortable, cozy, incredibly inviting look, you don't need to necessarily make drastic changes to your bedroom, but instead just focus on your bedding. Mellanni Fine Linens has the bedding options you need to keep you warm and comfy when the winter weather comes roaring in.


If you live in a region that actually experiences different seasons, it's essential to have both winter and summer bedding. The crisp, breathable sheets that you look forward to feeling during the warm summer months can feel quite unpleasant during during the frigid months, so take advantage of some flannel sheets to keep you warm instead.
If you don't typically have a quilt on your bed, now is the time to add one. And nothing says warm and cozy like a down blanket. Use a duvet cover to keep warm during fall and winter.


If you're looking to create a warm feeling in your room, an easy way to accomplish it is by spicing up your color selection. If you like the color blue, then you like your room and bed clean and tidy, but also harmonic, reflecting your warm-heartedness. However, if you don't necessarily want to change your bedding, you can alternatively add some warm colored throw pillows and blankets against light colors to add to your toasty feel. If strong tones aren’t your style or you prefer neutrals, swap out your white pillows dark gray, black, or sometimes white.


Although sleek, crisp, and clean sheets are frequently used during the summer months, they tend to be a bit cold during the winter months, which makes it difficult to get warm. Add some heat by using different textures to get the warm feel you're looking for. Nothing screams toasty like a thick duvet cover, mattress topper, and a lot of pillows!


Cold weather calls for multiple layers, so it makes sense that layering instantly adds warmth to the room. Piles of pillows are incredibly enticing, especially when placed on top of several layers of blankets and a quilt. Add a throw blanket on top of it all for a bed that will make you sleep well despite any weather.


Sometimes solid colors can be a bit cold, so incorporate a mix of patterns into your bedding. Use an eclectic mix of patterns for an at-home feel, but keep with the same color scheme to create a cohesive look. Utilize the layering technique as you add your patterns, so that your sheets, pillows and blankets all have a different yet unified look and feel.

How Do You Prepare For The Cold Weather?


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