Making Your Bed More Comfortable

Making Your Bed More Comfortable

Nothing is worse for a good night’s sleep than an uncomfortable mattress. An unpleasant mattress can have a huge impact on the quality of your life. It can lead to soreness and cognitive impairment due to insufficient sleep.

At Mellanni, we understand how making your bed more comfortable will ultimately benefit your life. We are here to help you out.

In this blog, we’ll be going over a couple of tips that you can use to turn your bed into your greatest ally in the pursuit of that deep, better night's sleep. Let’s get right into it!

Choosing the right mattress for a cozy bed

When it comes to upgrading your bed, you really can’t overlook how important the mattress is. The right mattress can make all the difference.

There is no one mattress that fits every sleeper. Your favorite sleeping position and your weight are two factors that can influence your choice when looking for the right mattress to help you fall asleep.

Firmness is the name of the game, and mattresses usually go from plush to firm. Plush mattresses are better fitted for side sleepers and people that are on the lighter side. Firm mattresses are advisable for back or stomach sleepers with a lofty body weight. 

You can also get a mattress that lies in the middle of that spectrum. It all comes down to personal characteristics and preferences, but you’ll surely note the difference it has on your sleeping quality. So take notice before buying a new mattress.

Don’t forget to pair your mattress with a quality sheet set. Check out our 1800 Collection Microfiber Sheet Set for a set that is soft as silk and luxurious like no other. 

Get some help with a mattress topper or some mattress pads

As we stated previously, how plush or soft your mattress is can have a huge impact on your sleep. A great way to aid in achieving the perfect equilibrium for you is by getting a mattress topper or a mattress pad.

Both options are made with the intention of adding extra layers that you place above your mattress. Pads tend to be a little thinner than toppers, and are usually made with lighter materials like feathers or wool. Toppers tend to be made with denser materials like memory foam or latex and are thicker than pads.

Another way to help you make a cozy bed is by getting a quality duvet, and none surpasses our 100% Organic Cotton Flannel Duvet Cover Set. This duvet cover is guaranteed to keep you warm as a heated blanket, and it enhances the elegance of your bed.

Rotating the mattress

Mattresses tend to lose some of their shape through use and time. Once a mattress starts losing its form, it can lead to poor sleep because it affects your position and posture by not providing enough support.

A great tactic to avoid or fix this issue is rotating or flipping your mattress. The ideal recommendation is that you change the position of your mattress every six months. This way, you can take advantage of the other side of the mattress and after half a year you can flip it back.

You should always check with your manufacturer if the mattress you are getting can be flipped, because not all mattresses are made the same. Latex/foam mattresses have different needs. Innerspring mattresses are ideal for this tactic, but you shouldn't flip a memory foam mattress.

Consider a body pillow

A mattress is the most fundamental part of creating the most comfortable  bed, but that doesn’t mean it has to be alone in this endeavor. Pillows add great support and comfort to your sleeping experience, and a body pillow can greatly enhance that experience. Take a look at our pillow catalog to get the best options in the market.

Body pillows were made popular by pregnancy, since pregnant women need extra support while carrying their little bundles of joy. The same benefits that apply to pregnant mothers apply to any sleeper that wants extra support while snoozing.

Body pillows are long pillows that are designed to provide an extra base to solidify your position in every posture you see fit. They can help improve sleep quality, and can be quite helpful to prevent sleep apnea as well!

Don’t lose the opportunity to get the best option on the market. Mellanni’s Premium Body Pillow is made to provide comfort in any sleeping position and it’s guaranteed to give you the support you need.

Go for quality

The quality of your sleep can be greatly affected by the quality of your bedding. A great bed is not just made by combining mattresses, pillows, sheets, and a bed frame but by the quality of all those elements combined.

A sheet set can make a lot of difference. Getting a set with a high thread count is always advisable, and there are a lot of materials to choose from that can adapt to your needs. 

Cotton, bamboo, linen, microfiber and flannel sheets are all made with great fabrics.  Depending on your needs, you might find that some of them are better suited than others.

When it comes to quality, you can’t do better than our 100% Flax Linen Bed Sheet Set. This set is ideal for hot sleepers due to its famous breathability. It will keep you fresh and snuggly in bed. 

Keep everything clean

Lastly, and we cannot stress this enough, keep your bedding supplies clean. A clean bed is essential for a good night's sleep. 

Sweat and dust tend to accumulate on our bedding supplies as we sleep, and when we don’t take proper care of sheet hygiene, it can lead to the appearance of dust mites, allergies and skin rashes. None of that is helpful for good sleep quality and dirty bedding has no place in a comfortable bed.

Luckily, this can easily be avoided by maintaining a washing schedule once a week. This will keep your sheets clean and will make you the happiest sleeper in the most comfortable bed.

For a duvet cover that is strikingly luxurious while still being easy to care for, take a look at our Faux Fur Duvet Cover Set. Its style is a great fit for any bedding.

To conclude

A comfortable bed can make all the difference for a good night's sleep. We hope this blog has helped you realize how you can optimize your bed for extra comfort.

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