The Best Cozy Winter Bedroom Ideas for Every Aesthetic

The Best Cozy Winter Bedroom Ideas for Every Aesthetic

The Best Cozy Winter Bedroom Ideas for Every Aesthetic

Bedroom design preferences can vary wildly from person to person—one person’s vibrant, creative bedroom aesthetic may be read as cluttered or ugly by someone with a completely different aesthetic. Some people prefer a simple, stately decor, while others prefer a maximalist, lush sleeping environment. 

That said, making your bedroom cozy and warm through the winter is a universal desire. No matter what your design taste, a cozy bedroom is a wintertime essential. 

Mellanni has everything you need for a warm, inviting bedroom this winter. Whether you have a minimalist, bohemian, or classic aesthetic (or anything in between), here is our guide to making a cozier bedroom for every aesthetic!

What’s your design aesthetic? 

The first step to creating a cozy bedroom that matches your particular aesthetic is to define your aesthetic. 

How do you discover your home decor design aesthetic? There are a few steps. 

Look at what you have  

First, take stock of items you already have in your bedroom. Look at the colors you already gravitate towards. Think about the bedding, furniture, and accessories you have that bring joy. Make a list of words that describe these items (clean, classic, bold, etc.). 

Get inspired 

After reviewing what you already have in your collection, think about the type of home decor scheme that inspires you. This can be interior designs you’ve seen on Pinterest, in magazines, in celebrity homes, or the homes of your friends or family. Write down the words that come to mind when you think about the designs you admire. 


Finally, look at the two lists and notice the similarities. That’s your bedroom design aesthetic! Keep this aesthetic in mind when shopping for new bedding or accent pieces, especially this winter, as you add items to make an extra cozy bedroom. 

If you’ve followed these steps and still can’t seem to pin down your aesthetic, don’t worry—the internet can help. There are a variety of online quizzes you can take. Just remember that most online quizzes are made for fun, so use the results as a guide and not a set-in-stone rule to follow. 

Common design aesthetics 

Maybe you’ve heard the terms “cottagecore,” “dark academia,” or “barbiecore” thrown around the interior design sphere recently. You're not alone if you feel out of the loop about what these labels entail. They are ways of describing microtrend aesthetics. 

Microtrends can be incredibly inspirational, although, as with most trendy movements, they don’t always stay relevant for long. Most pop niche aesthetics are simply updates or twists of enduring design styles.  

Let’s look at classic design aesthetics to help you get some bedroom ideas for the cold winter months.


Due to a series of popular lifestyle gurus, the minimalist aesthetic has transcended the design sphere and become a lifestyle choice. 

Minimalist philosophy is about having less, utilizing only the bare essentials, and maximizing efficiency. With clean lines, monochromatic color palettes, and an emphasis on open, uncluttered layouts, the design principles behind the minimalist aesthetic follow suit.


The coastal design aesthetic is about channeling the calm, cool sensation of being at the seaside. 

Coastal designs contain a color palette of light colors such as sandy neutrals, airy greens, and soft blues (think: calm ocean vibes, a light breeze, and a single cloud resting innocently in the sky). Textures tend to be more natural and may include linen, rope, wood, and wicker. 


The cottage aesthetic is the foundation of the microtrend of “cottagecore,” which, similar to minimalism, has become something of a way of life as much as a design aesthetic. 

Cottage-style designs are all about being warm, rustic, and inviting. The cottage aesthetic is marked by a natural color palette sprinkled with soft, comfortable pastels, simple floral and checkered prints, and thrifty elements that give the feeling of a thoroughly lived-in home. 


Bohemian decor is based on the unconventional lifestyle of bohemianism. The aesthetic is based on creativity, vibrancy, and uniqueness.

Bohemian designs usually incorporate a variety of warm and exciting hues, accent colors, and interesting patterns. There tend to be few rules regarding bohemian style, with spaces that feature a multitude of layering textures, colors, and types of decorative forms. 


The country aesthetic is all about living a simple life tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Country designs favor bright colors and soft pastels, material elements such as wood, brick, and stone (think: exposed beams and a brick fireplace), and sturdy, handmade, or secondhand pieces. 

Your aesthetic: back to the basics 

Once you’ve nailed down your aesthetic and feel comfortable with your particular taste, it’s time to put your preferences into the design of your bedroom. 

The most important thing to remember is this: no matter your preferred aesthetic, your first focus should be on the basics. Start with relatively neutral items and then add unique items or flare with accent pieces that fit your style. 

Let’s take a look at the basics. 

Sheet sets

Being comfortable is one of the most critical factors for a good night’s sleep, but that doesn’t mean you must sacrifice design. Choose high-quality sheets made with the material that suits your sleeping style, the time of year, and design preferences.

Cotton sheets are a classic. Cotton is a versatile fabric that can be used year-round. Cotton sheets are generally very breathable, perfect for hot sleepers, and if they are good quality, they are often soft and cozy—perfect for winter. 

Microfiber is an excellent choice for cooler sleepers as the fabric tends to trap body heat. In terms of aesthetics, microfiber sheets generally produce a crisp, clean look: perfect for minimalist aesthetics. 

Flannel sheets are a winter staple and perfect for those with a country, cottage, or bohemian style. Flannel sheets are extra cozy and excellent for cold sleepers. 


Aside from being incredibly functional, the duvet also provides an excellent opportunity for expressing your aesthetic. Duvet covers come in various colors and patterns, allowing designers and DYI bedroom stylists to play with different color and texture combinations.

As with sheets, the fabric of the duvet cover should be chosen with care. You’ll find duvet covers in many of the same materials as sheets, with cotton and microfiber being two of the most popular cover materials. 

Pillows + pillowcases 

Pillows are an essential item on your bed. Most beds are adorned with at least two pillows minimum. 

Many sheet sets come with pillowcases included. If you’re opting for a cleaner aesthetic, work with the pillowcases that come with your sheets to create a monochromatic base. Consider buying separate pillowcases in contrasting or analogous colors for more creative, colorful aesthetics to make a fun base with vibrant colors.

Accent pieces 

When it comes to interior design, accent pieces are where your creativity can start flowing. Accent pieces are also an excellent place to begin when enhancing the coziness of your bedroom for winter. 

Once you know your aesthetic, it’s easy to find extra cozy accent pieces to fit into your bedroom design. 

Throw pillows

Throw pillows often include unique pillowcases with unconventional textures or design patterns. In the winter, throw pillows made from soft, warm materials such as faux fur, velvet, plush, or knits are perfect for making your space feel cozy and inviting. 

Throw blankets

Throw blankets produce the same effect, as well as being functional. For an extra cozy bedroom feeling, opt for knit throws, sherpa, faux fur, or microplush. Mellanni’s Faux Fur & Sherpa 2-Sided Throw Blanket is the perfect winter accessory and can fit almost any aesthetic, whether it be minimalist, country, cottage, or bohemian. 

Quilts and coverlets

A patchwork quilt is a common element in country and cottage decor aesthetics, but a quilt or coverlet can also be incorporated into other aesthetics—for example, a solid, neutral-colored coverlet can easily fit into a minimalist aesthetic.

Bed frame

Whether you have a four-poster bed frame, a metal frame, a wooden block frame, or something else, adorning your bed frame offers an excellent opportunity to make a cozy bedroom vibe.

Depending on how these cozy bedroom ideas fit into your chosen aesthetic, you could try an upholstered headboard, hanging fairy lights, or placing seasonal decorations on your bed frame to add warmth to your space.

Other bedroom pieces

The design of your bedroom, of course, extends to more than just your bed. When it comes to specific design aesthetics and maintaining a cozy bedroom during winter, making choices about what kind of furniture, accessories, and decorations to use is also vital. 

Here are some cozy bedroom ideas that extend past your bed frame:

  • Wall colors are an essential part of interior design. Dark walls can create a moody, romantic effect, perfect for bohemian or darker minimalist aesthetics. Dark walls can create a cozy bedroom effect when paired with soft, cozy textures like velvet. Light walls, on the other hand, can create an effect of natural light, which is ideal for winter.
  • Curtains take up a lot of design real estate in your bedroom. Light-colored curtains can help a space feel more light, even as the days get shorter and shorter. This is also an excellent option for making a small bedroom feel larger and will match any aesthetic which favors lighter color palettes.
  • Lamps and ceiling lights are likely to be hyper-specific to your design aesthetic, however, choosing light bulbs that either invoke the feeling of warmth or the sense of space and light can instantly create a more cozy bedroom.
  • Rugs can immediately tie a room together and, during the winter, act as a soft, warm place for your feet. A fluffy rug made from faux fur, puffed cotton, or sherpa can make a cozy bedroom in a snap.
  • Seasonal decor such as wreaths, fairy lights, holly, or candles are great for making a cozy space from just small details.

Final thoughts

A cozy bedroom is a great place to take refuge from the cold. While there are plenty of bedroom ideas to get that ultimate cozy feeling in every aesthetic, the most important thing is building from a solid foundation of basics. Here at Mellanni, we can help:

  • Check out our various sheet sets in a wide arrange of fabrics and textures to suit your every need and design ideal.
  • Our coverlets are the perfect way to stay warm in style.
  • Duvet covers offer the perfect opportunity to highlight your design skills while protecting your duvet insert and keeping you feeling warm and fresh through the night.
  • Our Faux Fur & Sherpa 2-Sided Throw Blanket is stylish and warm: perfect for an ultra cozy bedroom.
  • Don't forget the perfect pillows! Stay comfortable with this essential basic no matter the season, no matter the aesthetic.

From our family at Mellanni, we hope you stay cozy this winter!

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