4 Ways to Make Your Home More Cozy

4 Ways to Make Your Home More Cozy

We all need to feel comfortable in the place we call home. Nothing feels more personal than our little nest, whether in the city or the countryside, a lovely house or a studio apartment.

It’s our place on earth, where we feel safe and happy, and that is why it's important to pay attention to how we decorate and organize our special place.

Having a cozy home is essential to our well-being, and in this endeavor, having a couple of chairs inside four walls will not do. Fortunately, there are various ways in which you can bring light and comfort to your home.

In this blog, we’ll be pointing out some directions that will help you transform your house and make it cozier than ever.

You’ll be glad to know that with proper guidance it doesn’t take much to make a home homier. You probably already have most of the things you need, the missing key is a design that’ll make it work.

So, let’s take a look at four key aspects you should take into consideration.


Lighting is an essential element when it comes to improving a room’s ambiance. Appropriate lighting is extremely important to achieve a cozy atmosphere.

So, how do we assess the current situation? Take a look at the following rules to make some adjustments.

The number of light sources in each room

If you only have one, and it’s placed in the ceiling, you are taking the wrong approach. Ideally, you should aim at having multiple sources, placed in different locations around the room.

Lamps of various designs allow you to illuminate your room at different angles and positions, you can use this effect to create special spaces in every room. 

Lighting design

Another advantage of having multiple sources of illumination is that it allows for special focus on specific areas of the room. You might want to bring special attention to some wall art or a snuggly couch.

The angles and intensity of illumination help to create specific atmospheres, get creative with it.

Lighting temperature

Are you using cold or warm bulbs? If you are using cold-temperature light bulbs, you are on the wrong path.

You should try going as warm as possible, it completely changes the atmosphere in any room. There is nothing more unnerving than white lighting when you need to unwind.

The light bulb temperature makes quite a difference regarding the color of the light. When it is the cold temperature you get a white light that’s common to find in offices and hospitals.

The yellow tones of the warm bulbs are what you need to cozy up your place. It makes a huge difference.

Dim the lights

This is another great option when it comes to playing with the lighting in a particular room. Soft light creates an atmosphere that invites relaxation. 

You can either install some warm-toned led lights that include this feature, or you can carefully place a handkerchief or blanket over a lamp to dim it naturally.

Have some candlelight

Another way to naturally achieve dimmer lights is through candles, and if you buy scented candles you also add an extra layer of scent to make any room more pleasant.

Candles are great at creating an aura of mystery and romance, so be sure to give it a try for a special someone.

Lighting devices

Another element that’s worth adding to your lighting collection and adds to the aura of your house is lighting devices. They come in different designs and add both to the lighting and decor of your house.

You can always get lamps in different styles, but take a look at the following option to level up.

String lights are a great way to improve the coziness of your home, they come in a lot of different styles and themes.

Imagine a string of fireflies surrounding your favorite armoire, or on the headboard of your bed. 

You can also go for a more refined style in the shape of globe lights and a lot of different designs, they are a fun way to improve the light in any room.

Plants and flowers

Adding plants and flowers to your home is a great way to liven up the place while keeping it cozy. Plants are living things, so they bring a lot of life to their surroundings.

Nothing sparks more joy than a carefully planned inside garden surrounded by wooden furniture. 

Dealing with plants

You can buy plants in different stores, and they are as diverse as mother nature allows, so don’t be shy about increasing your collection!

Just notice that different plants have different needs, so ask your provider about how much sun and water will keep them thriving and place them accordingly.

Don’t despair if you find yourself in trouble, gardening is a skill, and as you learn about them you get to enjoy the process while turning your room into a botanical pleasure. 


Another benefit that comes with plants is you get to accessorize them by providing different vessels. You can choose from a large collection of planters, baskets, and pots in different colors and designs to make your garden look as magical as possible.

Be sure to use your space well, combining different vessels with furniture can have amazing results.

Fresh flowers

Flowers are beautiful, they instantly freshen up any room you put them in. Buy a bouquet and place them in a vase, or separate them into multiple ones to distribute around the house.

Just be sure to trim the stems and change the water regularly in order to keep them alive as much as possible.

Faux greenery

Faux greenery is a great alternative if you don’t feel inclined to take care of your plants. Nowadays you can find a lot of different options, and if you don’t mind paying an extra buck, realistic faux greenery is amazing in both quality and realism.

Rugs and textiles

No matter the quality of your hardwood floors, you can always improve them by adding comfortable layers of fabric. Rugs and other textiles are amazing at transforming any hard flooring into a wonderful place to nest. 

You can get a big rug to cover the whole room or buy an assortment of smaller ones to place carefully around the area. Play with the different designs to bring up the decor of the room. 

But don't just stop at your room or living room, all areas of your house can be improved by using rugs.

Even if you already have carpets, combining the two you can achieve amazing results.

Rugging up the kitchen and bathroom 

Rugs are also a great commodity to have in your kitchen and bathroom. Persian rugs seem to be getting a lot of attention when it comes to decorating this important area of your home.

However, if you don't feel like this is your style, it is still advisable to get a plushy bath mat for your bathroom floor.

No one likes to get out of a hot shower to find their feet in an unpleasantly cold tile. Treat your soles (and soul) to a bath mat that keeps your toes happy while you towel up.

Rugs through the seasons 

Another advantage of rugs is that they allow for seasonal adjustments. It's great to have multiple layers during winter!

Combinations of different styles make for wonderful cozy environments. Use a fiber rug with a Persian or Moroccan rug on top for instant warmth and style.

When the hotter seasons come by, you can peel off the layers and keep them locked until the snowy season makes a comeback.

Cozy textures 

Textural objects are a great way to cozy up your home. Tact is a very powerful sense for humans and we have a natural impulse for touch.

Filling a room with textured objects is an invitation for your hands and body.

When we say texture, we mean the surface quality of any given object. Depending on the texture, an object can feel soft and inviting or cold. There are textures that just feel cozier than others.

Let's take a look at some ways to play with textures in your home to make it more cozy feeling!

Pillows and throw blankets

Throw pillows and soft blankets are amazing because they are very easy to move around and therefore adaptable.

You can have them around the living room or you can place them in a cute woven basket to use as you see fit, to make it cozier or feel instantly warm.

Take a look at Mellanni’s Throw Pillow Insert Sets. They are crafted with a premium cotton blend and with reinforced stitching, which prevents the pillow from tearing or losing any filling. They are full and fluffy, and they come in different sizes. Available in packs of two and four, making them a great choice to swiftly cozying up your living room. 

Give floor pillows a try

Why not give your chairs a rest and try some good old-fashioned floor pillows?

They are very popular in Asian culture, and combined with blankets and rugs they create an amazing ambiance for gatherings. 

Window treatments

Skip on using blinds or sheers, curtains are the way to go for a cozier look. Curtains come in very diverse textures and styles, so you have a lot of possibilities if you want to get creative with them.

It is an amazing way to bring up even more shine to your windows and it also helps in keeping the room at the ideal temperature.

Soft textiles

Use soft and plushy textiles like velvet, faux fur or linen. You can use them as blankets to snuggle on the couch or as covers for furniture.

Using mantelpieces is also a great option to keep in mind. A well-placed mantelpiece will bring extra attention to your dining table while also adding to the room.

You can use the same logic for other pieces of furniture as well. Maybe a mantelpiece is too large for a coffee table, but you can get creative and use blankets, quilts or a throw.

Take a look at Mellanni’s Faux Fur & Sherpa 2-Sided Throw Blanket. This blanket is amazingly versatile and has two special features depending on the chosen side. You can go with the classic sherpa for a touch of coziness, or get the luxurious side of the Faux Fur. A must-have for a cozier home!

Mixing materials

Take it up a notch by combining different materials like wood, leather and ceramics. These materials have very interesting textures, combining these with rugs or blankets makes for an interesting experience.

Don't be shy about trying new things, you might discover something invaluable.


Yes, you can use lively stories as a way of saying texture to your home. A bookshelf can make any room feel more magical and cozy. You can also choose a good place to stack them if you'd rather not use any shelves.

Not a big reader? Not a problem, you can find cheap books in different stores, be mindful of garage sales in your area to increase your collection.

Pay attention to the covers and try to mix different books to create patterns. You might find books are worth for something more than reading.

To conclude

We’ve gone over a few elements you can use to transform your place and make it as cozy as possible.

Lighting and textures can go a long way, but don’t be afraid to get creative and add that special, personal touch that will make it yours. 

After all, your home is yours and you need to make it your own in order to feel safe and comfortable. Your guests will surely appreciate it too!

We hope that this blog has been helpful in providing useful and practical tips to get the coziness of your dreams!

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