Best Faux Fur Blankets

Best Faux Fur Blankets

Faux fur throws are here to stay. Here's what you need to know. 

Animal fur blankets, throws, and coats were once a symbol of status, opulence, luxury, and wealth. In today's world, however, information about the fur industry and awareness of animal cruelty has caused fashion and interior designers alike to move away from fur.

That's where faux fur takes the spotlight. The versatile material has proven to be a durable, affordable, and a highly successful replacement for real animal pelts and products around the globe.

Right now, faux fur is as popular as ever. Is it just a trend, or is it here to stay? And how exactly do you incorporate a faux-fur piece tastefully into home decor? Let's take a look!

What is faux fur?

Faux fur is made from synthetic materials. It is usually a blend of polyester and acrylic fibers, some is made entirely from one or the other.

Rising in popularity throughout the 1960s and 70s, faux fur has gained widespread use as an alternative to animal fur.

Faux fur generally mimics the properties of real fur in terms of both appearance and warmth, although it can also be found in a variety of weights, textures, and colors.

Due to the manufacturing process and the attributes of the synthetic materials used to make faux-fur, it is usually more affordable, durable, and easier to care for than the "real" thing.

Reasons to choose faux fur over real fur

There are a variety of fantastic reasons to choose faux fur over real fur, each as convincing as the last. Here are a few of the many benefits of opting for a synthetic fur alternative.


Fur used in home and fashion products is usually sourced from animals that were raised and killed solely for the purpose of creating the piece. On top of that, it can take anywhere from 15 to 300 of each animal to create a fur item, depending on the fur item and type of animal being used. 

While faux fur manufacturing still has room for improvement in terms of sustainability, a good reason many are choosing faux fur over real fur comes down to the health, wellness, and quality of life of the animals involved in the production of fur products.

Many synthetic fur products expertly mimic the look and feel of real animal fur, making faux fur a fantastic option for recreating the luxury of real fur in a cruelty-free way. 

Easier to care for 

Products made from real animal fur are notoriously difficult to care for.

These items are not machine washable and usually require special dry cleaning. Some dry cleaners aren't even properly equipt to care for fur. It also requires special storage and needs to be handled with extreme care, especially over time.

Synthetic fur products, on the other hand, are usually machine washable. They can be stored normally and can last for years and years without special care.

Opting for faux fur saves a lot of time and money when it comes to caring. Plus, items can be enjoyed without stress, as the potential of accidentally ruining an expensive piece due to poor care is drastically reduced. 

More affordable 

Aside from the cost of upkeeping fur products, the price of a real animal fur piece can run into thousands of dollars.

Fur was, and in some circles, still is considered an extreme luxury item. And it is incredibly soft and warm, so who could blame someone for wanting to revel in such luxury. High-end luxury items, however, usually come with a high price tag.

Over the years, faux fur materials have been expanded and refined.

Today, many of the synthetic options readily available on the market are incredibly realistic looking and are even softer and warmer than traditional fur.

These fur alternatives still ooze luxury and comfort, but at a lower price, more attainable price. Another great reason to choose faux fur!


Real animal fur products are usually limited in terms of texture and color by what is naturally found in the animal kingdom.

Faux-fur fabrics, on the other hand, can be treated with a variety of dyes and other processes, meaning the range of color and variety is tenfold.

Opting for synthetic fur alternatives means opting for more options!

Faux fur in the home 

Furs have a long history of use in human sleeping environments. While they were originally used for warmth and function, over time they came to represent status and were obtained for their high-end design value as much as for their practical use.

When synthetic furs took over the fashion scene, they also took over the home and interior design world. Today, you may find synthetic fur fibers adorning a pillow or on the rug.

That said, the most popular of all of the faux-fur products you may find in home decor is the faux-fur throw.

What is a throw?

Most people, this author included, use the terms "throw", "blanket", and "throw blanket" interchangeably.

In some cases, throws -- or throw blankets -- are used to specifically refer to smaller, more portable blankets that are used in the living room or study.

Most of the time, both blankets and throw blankets alike are used practically for creating warmth. In some cases, however, they can be used simply for decorative or design purposes.

The faux-fur throw blanket

Faux-fur throw blankets, like many of their real animal fur predecessors, are a mainstay of practicality, usefulness, and luxury status in the home and interior design. Here are a few great reasons to add a faux-fur throw blanket to your collection today.

  1. Warmth. During winter, extra blankets are essential. When the temperature starts to drop, most of us enjoy the added embrace of a super-soft, extra warm fabric to help keep us feeling cozy. Faux-fur throw blankets are the perfect addition to the bedroom, living room, porch, and even kitchen to help us stay warm.

  2. Decor. The appearance and texture of faux fur can add a much-needed lift to any space. Faux-fur throws are ripe with the opportunity when it comes to elevating the design of a room.

  3. Luxury. Faux-fur throw blankets may be more accessible and affordable than their fur counterparts, but that doesn't make them any less luxurious. Their soft, plush fabric and interesting textures add an elegant and opulent touch to any situation.

How to add a faux-fur blanket or throw to the decor of your room

The addition of a faux-fur blanket or throw can make a huge difference in the appearance and feel of a room. Whether the goal is to elevate the room subtly or boldly, there are a lot of options to work with.

Adding a touch of warmth to a room 

To add a delicate touch of warmth to a space, opt for a faux-fur throw or blanket in the same color palette as the rest of the space.

This is a great option for minimalist or monochromatic designs, which tout simplicity, clean lines, and a stripped-back look and feel. Adding a faux-fur throw in the same palette as the rest of the room can maintain the integrity of this design choice while adding a subtle, but inviting warmth to the space. 

Activating a room

Sometimes, the perfect blanket or throw can take the role of the main character a space. In this case, opt for a faux-fur blanket that provides contrast to the rest of the items in the room. 

An example of this would be a solid white or black faux-fur throw blanket amid a colorful space or, on the other side of the spectrum, a bright colorful throw in a space of mostly neutral tones. The texture of the faux fur can also provide contrast. Plush faux fur with long, thick pile may contrast well in spaces with minimal, stately linens. 

Making a room more inviting 

When creating, organizing, and executing the design of a room, it’s common to focus on visual cues, themes, and home decor trends of the moment. This can sometimes lead to an important aspect of furniture and interior design being overlooked -- practical use. 

Most of the time, we want our guests to feel welcome to sit down on furniture, relax, and feel at home in our space. A faux-fur throw blanket is the perfect item to add to a living room set-up to help our meticulously designed spaces feel homey and inviting. To make a space extra inviting, opt for a super plush faux-fur blanket -- the extra softness can entice people to sit down, relax, and put their feet up.

Keeping us warm

Faux-fur blankets are not reserved for design and decoration only. They are incredibly practical and provide additional warmth and comfort, especially on those extra chilly days. 

Add a faux-fur blanket to the porch bench or breakfast nooks to ensure family members and guests have a little something extra to snuggle up with, even on the coldest winter days. 

The best faux-fur blankets for your space

Small, or large? Black or white? Dual-sided or single-sided? When searching for the best faux-fur blankets, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. The best option for someone else may not be the best option for you. Let's dive into what should be considered when picking out the ultimate faux-fur throw this season.


Faux-fur throws come in a variety of different sizes, from very small (to mimic a traditional animal pelt) to large enough to cover a king-size bed. 

The best size is going to come down to how you plan to use the piece. Pieces that are meant for practical use should definitely aim to cover an entire human person. Accent items, on the other hand, which may solely be used for decoration can be sized accordingly to the space they will be used.

Large throws and blankets 

If the throw you seek is needed to provide warmth and comfort, your best options are standard, oversized, queen, and king sizes. These options are perfect to cover the bed or for wrapping around the body.

Accent throws

If you're looking for an accent piece, the best size depends on your space and the effect you are going for design-wise.

An oversized throw, for example, could very well work as an accent piece, especially if the goal is to incorporate a subtle, but neutral design into a space.

A mini throw in vibrant color, on the other hand, could provide the perfect burst of color draped over the back of an armchair without overwhelming the senses.


One of the reasons animal pieces have the reputation of being luxurious is due to their soft, opulent textures. Luckily, these days, our friendly synthetic alternatives can be equally lush.

Faux-fur fabrics are often made to mimic the various textures of real animal fur, although these days some simply opt for ultimate softness and comfort.

The best texture for a faux-fur throw is often going to come down to decor or touch preferences.

Plush and pile 

Plush fabrics are usually characterized by their slightly shaggy, but incredibly soft appearance. Plushness is usually synonymous with ultra-comfort.

Pile is the technique used in synthetic fur making. Long pile faux-fur, specifically, often mimics the appearance of animals with longer "hair".

If you're looking for a dynamic accent piece to add texture to your space, look for pieces with longer pile. For something softer and more comforting, think plush.


Since faux fur is meant to mimic animal fur, faux-fur blankets are often found in neutral colors such as gray, brown, white, and black. They may have small variations in color, similar to real animal fur. 

Since faux fur is easier to work with than natural fur, you’ll also find a variety of bold, vibrant colors, such as green, blue, red, or purple. 

For a faux-fur throw are natural colors better than vibrant colors? Definitely not! 

A natural, typical "animal" color throw is a good option if you’re looking for a subtle, more understated design, while a bold color is perfect for drawing attention to the piece. 


Not all faux-fur blankets weigh the same. Depending on the size and thickness of the material, you may find lightweight options (perfect for traveling) or heavier options (good for harsher, colder winters). 

A weighted blanket can have some great health benefits, especially for those who suffer from anxiety.

Due to the comforting feeling of faux fur, opting for a weighted blanket may be a good option if you’re looking for some extra anxiety relief, while a lighter blanket is a better bet for traveling or more versatile uses.


Luckily, most faux-fur blankets are much easier to care for than animal fur. That said, it’s important to check the washing instructions when choosing the best throw for your space. 

Accent pieces may not require frequent washing, however, if it's practicality you're aiming for, your throw or blanket is going to be at risk for accidents and spills. For blankets that will be used often, opt for a machine-washable option. 

Mellanni’s Luxury Faux-Fur Throw Blanket 

Here at Mellanni, we are excited about the launch of our brand new, perfectly designed faux-fur blanket.

Here's what we're looking forward to

Super-soft and incredibly versatile 

Our dual-sided blanket is made with a plush faux-fur side and cozy sherpa side, both providing a super soft-to-the-touch, warm, and comforting experience. It's perfect for keeping warm on cold nights or snuggling up with a coffee and a good book.

Cruelty-free and easy to care for

No animals were harmed in the making of these blankets! Additionally, the %100 synthetic fur alternative is easy to care for -- simply machine wash cold and tumble dry. As a bonus, it’s also shed, fade, stain, and shrink resistant. 

Form, meet function 

Measuring 50” x 60”, our faux-fur blanket is perfect for the bed, couch, chair, bench, or breakfast nook. The size makes it perfect for keeping those toes warm, while the dual-sided design makes it a perfect fit for any decor. 


We pride ourselves on using the best materials with the highest level of craftsmanship. As with all of our products, our faux-fur blanket comes with the Mellanni Lifetime Guarantee. That means if you’re not 100% happy with it, you can return it at any time -- no questions asked. 

Final thoughts 

Animal fur products were once the coveted symbol of luxury, wealth, and status. Until the 1960s, pieces that contained “real” fur were not only trendy but were considered a staple in the closet and homes of many Americans. 

In the 21st century, this sentiment could not be further from the truth. Animal products are out! Synthetic alternatives have taken their rightful place as a replacement in terms of both purpose and popularity. 

In the home, it may seem that the faux-fur blanket is more on-trend than ever before. That said, in truth, faux-fur blankets are simply a staple.

Mellanni has you covered with our brand new luxurious faux-fur blanket. 

  • Dual-sided for extra versatility and design potential 

  • Durable and machine washable 

  • The perfect size for the bed, the couch, your favorite armchair, or loveseat

  • Keeps you warm, looks great, and feels great 








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