Clearing Your Skin While You Sleep: Tips & Tricks

Clearing Your Skin While You Sleep: Tips & Tricks

Clearing Your Skin While You Sleep: Tips & Tricks

Skincare routines are quite popular in modern times. Different brands promote treatments, creams, and ointments you can apply to your skin and face to keep it healthy and clean.

Sometimes, these treatments involve spending a lot of time and money on them, and it turns into a regimen that demands a lot of sacrifices for your schedule and wallet.

But did you know there are ways to care for your skin that demand little to no effort? There are actual steps you can take to take care of your skin while you sleep, without activating the stress hormone.

In this blog, we’ll go through some tips and tricks you can use to keep healthy skin without any other effort aside from sleeping. We’ll explain how healthy sleeping habits can have a positive impact on your skin and how to put them into practice to achieve a good night's sleep.

Beauty sleep

We are pretty sure you’ve heard someone comment on their beauty sleep before, and there is a good reason why the phrase is so popular, and it's not just to prevent dark circles on your eyes.

Sleeping is associated with many positive effects on your overall health and well-being, and skincare is one of them.  

While you sleep, skin cells regenerate faster than during the day. This happens because while sleeping, blood flow to the skin intensifies and the skin goes through a process of rebuilding collagen and repairing damage from UV exposure. 

People that don’t get the necessary hours of sleep per night are at risk of aging faster and at having poor skin repair. They are also less inclined to be satisfied with the quality of their skin.

So, if you feel like taking care of your skin, get your beauty sleep on–go for at least seven to nine hours to avoid sleep deprivation.

The beauty potion

Another trick you should consider regarding skincare is to drink as much beauty potion as possible. 

Don’t worry, the potion is accessible enough, it’s no other liquid than water! Proper hydration benefits your skin, and drinking enough water throughout the day is key for your health.

You might ask, what does hydration have to do with treating my skin while I sleep? While we sleep, we dehydrate by natural causes and unless you are a somnambulist with a water addiction, you won’t be reaching for a glass until you wake up.

Dehydration leads to dry skin, which can lead to skin care complications. Take care to hydrate properly during the day and before going to bed to keep your skin hydrated.

It would also be a good idea to keep a glass of water near your bed, so if you wake up in the middle of the night you can go for a sip.

The importance of hygiene

Hygiene is a key factor in skincare, and there are two main factors to consider. The first factor is how you treat and wash your skin; the second is how you care for the hygiene of your bedding.

Skin hygiene

There is no need to get fancy with creams or ointments, helpful as they may be. Keeping proper hygiene can be quite helpful when it comes to skincare. 

As the day goes by, we accumulate a lot of dirt on the skin, especially those parts that are uncovered for most of the day, like our face. Going to bed with a dirty face is a bad idea. 

Dirty skin can be hazardous to healthy skincare and can lead to rashes, infections, inflammation, and acne. 

You don't need any special night cream. Some water and a gentle cleanser to remove dirt, and body oils should be enough to keep your skiing fresh and healthy.

Another point to take into consideration is makeup. Makeup is an amazing way to add an extra layer of beauty while you go out but can be quite detrimental to the skin, especially if you leave it on while you sleep. Always take care to remove your makeup before going to bed.

Bedding hygiene

As important as it is to wash your face, washing your bedding is fundamental to keeping healthy skin. Dirt, bacteria, and body oils accumulate in your sheets and pillowcases over time, and your skin is in direct contact with that buildup. 

Sleeping on dirty bedding is a terrible practice for the skin and can lead to rashes and allergies.

You should take care to wash bed sheets and pillowcases at least once a week to reduce the dangers and to keep your skin with a healthy glow.

Sleeping position

You’ll be surprised to find out that your sleeping position may also impact the health of your skin.

We spend on average eight hours sleeping in our bed, and that means that depending on your sleeping position, those are eight potential hours where you are pressing your face on your pillow. 

Sleeping on rough material can irritate your skin. Extended compression of your face against a pillow can also lead to wrinkles.

Most people sleep on their sides, and some on their stomachs. Both positions can harm skincare, especially if you don’t shift as you sleep.

The safest position to promote healthy skin is to sleep on your back, with your face pointing upwards to avoid compression.

If you can’t avoid sleeping on your side it would be better to choose a sensitive skin-friendly pillowcase.

Bedding material and quality

Another aspect we can’t overlook is the quality of your bedding and the materials you choose to sleep with. 

Quality bedding can be a great help to achieve a comfortable, peaceful, and sound sleep, with all the benefits that entails—including for your skin. 

Some materials are better and safer for your skin. This happens because some materials like silk or satin have properties that benefit skin care.

At Mellanni, we take pride in offering a wide variety of bedding articles you can use to improve the quality of your sleep and your skincare, through high-quality sheet sets and pillowcases that will take care of your sleep and skin. 

The first item we would recommend to keep your skin healthy and clean is our Mulberry Silk Pillowcase. It’s made with the highest quality mulberry silk, so you know it is heavenly smooth. The silk is incredible at retaining moisture through the night, treating your skin with a gentle caress while also preventing frizzy hair. 

When it comes to sheet sets, one set that is great for comfort and care is our 100% Flax Linen Bed Sheet Set. This set is famously breathable and will keep your body at an ideal temperature thanks to the natural linen’s ability to wick away moisture throughout the night. An ideal companion for your skin!

If you are the kind of person that prefers cotton, check out our 100% Organic Flannel Cotton Sheet Set. This set is made with 100% organic cotton, making it as soft as possible. It is also a breathable set that will keep you warm on cold nights.

For a sheet set that gets softer with every wash and feels like sleeping in your favorite t-shirt, give our Jersey Knit 100% Cotton 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set a chance. This set is breathable, soft, and cozy, to treat your skin to the wonders it deserves.

To conclude

Skincare is quite important for the general health of your skin. While there are multiple treatments and routines you can implement to promote healthy glowing skin, there are also some simple ways in which you can take care of it.

Follow these simple tips and tricks to make the most out of your skincare while you sleep, and don’t forget to check on the following products, they’ll surely aid you in keeping healthy sleeping habits for a good night's rest and beautiful, healthy skin:

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