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Dorm From Home - How To Create A Study-Friendly Bedroom

COVID-19 has changed the way students experience campus life. This fall semester will look quite different compared to the past. With universities around the country offering remote learning options, many students are choosing to skip the traditional dormitory experience and instead dorm from home. 

Online learning is a great way to stay on track with your degree program. It eliminates the need to take a leave of absence, so you can graduate on time!

If you're choosing to dorm from home, you’ll need to turn your bedroom into a study-friendly space. Mellanni is here to offer some tips on transforming your bedroom into the perfect study space, including picking the right colors for your bedding, choosing the best bed sheets, and keeping your under-the-bed storage hidden from view.

Pick the Right Colors for Your Bedding

Emerald Green Bedding With Pink

Colors matter because they can have an effect on your mood. Remember, your bedroom is now a space where you will be sleeping and studying. So, this needs to be a consideration when choosing the color of your bedding.

Research has shown that shades of blue and green can help with both concentration and relaxation. So, with blue or green bedding, you'll be able to focus on your courses during the day and have a restful sleep at night.

Browse our selection of green tones, including blue hydrangea, emerald, olive, baby blue, spa blue, and spa mint. Don’t forget to coordinate with matching or contrasting pillowcases!

Choose the Right Best Bed Sheets for You

It’s recommended that students get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Sleep occurs in different stages, and while you’re in REM sleep your body is rejuvenating itself and preparing for the next day’s activities. Without the right amount of sleep, especially REM sleep, your body will feel sluggish and you will likely have difficulty retaining new information.  

One way to promote healthy sleeping habits is by using the right bed sheets. When choosing the right sheets for you, it's important to consider material, weave, and weight. Mellanni offers cotton sheets in several weaves and weights, as well as our signature microfiber sheets.

All bed sheets are not created equal. Stay cool this summer with 100% Cotton Jersey Knit Sheets. Jersey knit fabric feels like you're sleeping in your favorite t-shirt, and these light and breathable sheets are the way to go if you’re a hot sleeper. In the winter, bundle up with 100% Organic Flannel Cotton Sheets. Flannel cotton is a heavier fabric but naturally breathable while keeping you warm. These sheets are perfect for cold sleepers.

If you prefer universal bed sheets, look no further than Mellanni’s 1800 Collection. Silky soft microfiber is hypoallergenic, pet-friendly, stain-resistant, and durable. It’s the way to go for all season bedding! With over 100,000 raving reviews our 1800 Collection Sheet Sets are the top-rated sheet sets on Amazon.

Use a Bed Skirt to Create Hidden Storage

Bed Skirt Hidden Storage

Keeping your bedroom nice and tidy is important because it reduces distractions. This will help you smoothly transition into the world of online learning and focus on your studies. Bed skirts are an easy way to utilize the space under your bed by creating storage that is out of sight. 

But don’t just choose any bed skirt. Buy one that’s made with 100% high-quality microfiber and designed with a smart-looking pleat and a 15” tailored drop. Our bed skirt also reduces dust that can accumulate under your bed and cause allergies.

By choosing the right bed sheets, color scheme, and bedding accessories, you will set yourself up for success this fall semester. Take the opportunity to look at education from a different lens.  Who knows- you might even fall in love with remote learning. Check out Mellanni’s full range of bedding products, including 1800 Collection Bed Sheets, Jersey and Flannel Sheet Sets, Pillowcases, Duvets, Coverlets, and more. Also available on Amazon!

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