Mellanni Sheet Set - Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding

How To Properly Iron Bed Sheets?

  1. Prepare your iron, ironing board, and surrounding area. Remember, safety first! You don’t want to be running around trying to grab missing items once the iron is scorching hot. 

  2. Iron linens while they are still damp. This helps expedite the wrinkle-removing process. 

  3. Use a starch spray. Starch gives sheets that wonderful crisp, clean feeling. 

  4. Use a high-temperature setting to help remove any stubborn wrinkles. Be sure to double-check linen care instructions as to not ruin the fabric. 

  5. Iron the top sheet by folding lengthwise in half or in thirds. 

  6. Iron the fitted sheet by tucking one corner into the other and then securing it around the edge of the ironing board. 

  7. Iron pillowcases, duvet covers, and other bed accessories. Yes, you can iron your pillowcases too. 

  8. Enjoy freshly ironed sheets! Use them to make the bed or store them in the linen closet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Iron My Sheets? 

No! Many bed linens today are made with wrinkle-resistant fabric to give you that luxury crisp feeling, without having put in the extra effort of reaching for the iron. While some may find ironing relaxing, many of us just don’t have the time to dedicate to this extra step. Mellanni’s Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding is a fantastic example of high-quality bed sheets that are wrinkle-resistant and don’t require ironing. 

What are the benefits of ironing sheets? 

  • Removing wrinkles. If you don’t have wrinkle-resistant sheets, you may find deep creases and wrinkles throughout your sheets. While wrinkles aren’t inherently harmful, who doesn’t love the feeling of getting into a bed with perfectly crisp sheets? Getting rid of those wrinkles and creases helps achieve that hotel-luxury feeling. 

  • Maximizing space. Ironing sheets can help compress them so they fold nicely and can be stored in the closet. If you can barely fit your linens into the linen closet, even after folding them, flatting them out with extra heat could be a helpful solution. 

  • Perfect fit. Ironing linens with starch can help give them more body so they don’t slip off the mattress. Buying deep-pocketed sheets with a bit of stretch, such as Mellanni’s Queen Jersey Sheet Set is another way to combat ill-fitting bed linens so that every night you can sleep in a perfectly made bed. 

Can silk sheets be ironed? 

Yes. Silk can be ironed, but with extreme care. Silk is generally ironed inside out, with a cloth in between the heat source and the fabric to avoid burning the material. It’s recommended that you read the care instructions on your sheets before applying heat. 

Can linen sheets be ironed? 

Yes. Linen can be ironed. Linen is generally considered a relatively easy material to iron. It’s best to read the care instructions for precise recommendations before ironing. 

What equipment do I need for ironing?

The essential equipment required for ironing includes an iron, ironing board, and extra cloth (used for ironing delicate materials). There are a variety of different irons and ironing boards available on the market, ranging from economical to very expensive. Investing in a well-padded ironing board and iron board cover is a good way to prolong the lifespan of your equipment. Spray bottles with water and other linen sprays, such as starch, are also popular items to keep on hand. 

What if I don’t have time for ironing?

We feel you. We may dream of having a crew of cheerful woodland creatures to help us with chores, like Snow White, but that’s not bound to be a reality any time soon! If you don’t have time to iron (or a way to iron), but want the feel of ironed sheets to make the bed, there are a few options. Professional laundry services are available to wash, dry, and iron your sheets. We recommend investing in high-quality, easy to care for, and naturally soft linens from the get-go, such as Mellanni’s Organic Cotton bed set. 

Step-by-step: how to iron bed sheets 

  1. Prepare 

Before you start ironing, prepare your space. Get out your equipment and any other items you may use in the ironing process. Gather your fitted and flat sheets, pillowcases, and anything else you plan on ironing. Be sure to read the care instructions for your linens ahead of time.

Tips & Tricks: 

  • Put an extra-big cloth around the base of your ironing board just in case your sheets accidentally touch the floor. But be careful not to trip! 

  • If you hate ironing or find it generally boring (no judgment!), switch on your favorite podcast or playlist to help pass the time. 

  1. Iron sheets before they are fully dry 

In order to better get out any wrinkles, iron your linens while they are still damp. While you don’t want to try working with soaking wet sheets, slightly damp sheets will prove to produce much faster and better results. Tumble dry your sheets and take them out of the dryer before they are completely dry. 

Tips & Tricks: 

  • Keep a spray bottle with water on hand to help re-dampen sheets as needed. 

  • Utilize the steam setting to keep your sheets moist during the ironing process.

  1. Use starch 

Spraying bed linens with starch prior to ironing will help your sheets feel crisp, without making them over-stiff. It also helps them stay in a wrinkle-fee state for longer. Additionally, starch tends to give bed sheets slightly more body, which is very useful for those sheets that just won’t stop slipping off the mattress. 

Tips & Tricks:

  • Using a scented starch spray or linen spray will give your sheets a nice subtle but fresh scent. 

  1. Use a high temperature 

Setting the iron to a high temperature will help get out any stubborn creases and wrinkles. That said, be sure to read the care instructions of your bed linens to check the exact temperature that should be used. 

Tips & Tricks:

  • Test a small section of the sheet before ironing to make sure the temperature isn’t too high that it will burn the fabric.

  • If your iron has a cotton setting, use the cotton setting for cotton bed sheets.

  1. Fold the top sheet while ironing 

The top sheet, or flat sheet, can be tricky to iron due to its size. The best way to iron a flat sheet is to fold it in half and proceed ironing with the layers together. Ideally a top sheet should be folded lengthwise while ironing to avoid awkward creasing through the center. Start with the corners and hems of the sheet, working your way to the center. 

Tips & Tricks: 

  • If the sheet is still not a manageable size after folding in half, try folding it into thirds, creating additional layers. 

  • In a pinch, or if you’re feeling very frustrated, you can go ahead and fold crosswise and continue accordingly. 

  1. Tuck the fitted sheet while ironing 

A fitted sheet can also be tricky to iron, not only for its size but for the elasticized corners. To iron a fitted sheet, tuck one elastic corner of the sheet into the other.  Slip the pocketed elastic corners around the side of the ironing board to help get a smooth surface to iron on. Start from the corners and work your way inwards, keeping one side tucked around the side of the board as you move it towards you. 

Tips & Tricks:

  • Do not iron directly on the elasticized corners as they could melt. 

  1. Iron the pillowcases

Just as crisp, ironed sheets are a dream to sleep on, freshly ironed pillowcases can make for a luxury experience. Pillowcases are arguably the easiest piece of bed linens to iron due to their smaller size. 

Tips & Tricks:

  • We love nice, fresh pillowcases, but what about our pillows? To get soft, fluffy hotel-style pillows, throw your pillows in the dryer to tumble dry with some tennis balls or wool dryer balls. 

  • Duvet covers and bed skirts can also be ironed. Iron duvet covers inside out, taking care of any embroidery or delicate details. 

  1. Turn off the iron and make the bed

Enjoy your new sheets and the prospect of a well-made bed! If you’re not going to make the bed right away with your freshly ironed sheets, you can fold them and store them safely in the linen closet. Be sure to turn off the iron when you’re finished…we don’t want a hot iron left unattended! 

Tips & Tricks:

  • Once you’re finished, keep your space organized by storing items in their rightful place. 

  • Clean equipment regularly, including your iron. Martha Stewart recommends cleaning your iron up to once a month! 

Common pitfalls when ironing  

  • Unsafe ironing environment. It’s essential that steps have been taken to ensure your ironing environment is safe. Don’t leave your iron unattended. Beware of small children or pets entering your laundry space in the event they knock down or touch a hot iron. Have burn-related first-aid available. 

  • Dirty surface or iron. If your fabric has a stain or is dirty, do not apply heat. This will push the stain further into the material making it harder to remove later. A dirty ironing board or iron could transfer dirt or grime into your linens. Keep your space and equipment clean. 

  • Not following care instructions. Be sure to review the care instructions of your specific items before beginning to iron. Some materials should not be ironed, while others should only be ironed on low or warm settings. 

  • Rushing. Set aside a good chunk of time to do the ironing. Rushing makes having an accident, such as a burn or a fall, more likely to occur. Additionally, rushing while working with hot equipment could lead to burns or rips in your fabric.. 

  • Elastic or embroidery. Do not directly iron over elastic or embroidery. Elastic pieces could melt with heat applied, making it less useful. Embroidery requires a special technique to not squish and ruin the design. 

Mellanni’s Top Sheets 

Here at Mellanni, we understand the importance of having sheets that are comfortable, luxurious, and that help you wake up feeling refreshed. That’s why we have some of the best sheets available on the market, whether you iron them or not! 

Mellanni Organic Cotton Sheets

Why we love them: 

Made with 100% Organic Cotton, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), these sheets are extra hypoallergenic and very easy to care for. 

How to iron: 

These sheets have a sateen weave, which means they mimic the soft, crisp feel you get from hotel sheets -- no extra ironing required. If you must iron them, iron with warm heat only. 

Mellanni Sheet Set - Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding

Why millions of our customers love them: 

Made with double-brushed microfiber, these sheets are soft, breathable, durable, and, above all, luxurious. For all of these reasons and more, they are top rated on Amazon and beloved in households across the country.

How to iron:

These sheets are wrinkle-resistant and don’t require ironing. Applied heat could compromise the soft, silky feel of these high-quality sheets. 

Mellanni Jersey Sheet Set

Why we love them: 

These 100% Jersey Cotton sheets feel just like an extra comfy tee-shirt. Manufactured in an OEKO TEX Certified factory, you know they are also environmentally friendly. 

How to iron:

These sheets come with an extra-deep pocket and elastic-all-around fitted sheet, meaning they will fit perfectly on your mattress without ironing. If you must iron, iron these sheets using medium heat.

Mellanni 100% Organic Cotton Flannel Sheet Set - Heavyweight

Why we love them: 

Flannel sheets are perfect for keeping us warm during the colder months. These 100% Organic GOTS Certified flannel sheets are luxuriously soft, cozy, and are made without any harsh chemicals. 

How to iron:

These comfortable and cozy sheets look fantastic on all beds in the house. If needed, iron these organic cotton sheets using low heat. 

Mellanni 100% Cotton Flannel Sheet Set - Lightweight

Why we love them: 

These classic flannel sheets are lightweight, soft, and breathable. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making them a staple for cooler winter nights, and a perfect fit for every room. 

How to iron:

If needed, these versatile flannel sheets can be ironed with low or warm heat. 


We love freshly ironed linens to help promote a good night’s sleep. Ironing is a multistep process that can help make our linens feel luxurious and expensive.

 Let’s review the  steps:

  1. Prepare. 

  2. Iron sheets while damp. 

  3. Use starch. 

  4. Use a high temperature. 

  5. Fold top sheets. 

  6. Tuck fitted sheets. 

  7. Don’t forget pillowcases. 

  8. Enjoy!  

Is there a way to jump into bed with hotel-luxury crisp, soft sheets without ironing our linens every time? Yes! Mellanni’s wide selection of super soft, high-quality sheets have you covered. 

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