Homemade Halloween Costumes

Trick Or Treat Your House Is Neat!

Easy Last-Minute DIY Halloween House Decor

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s a tricky time for busy moms and dads: the family has to decorate the house, buy costumes, and take care of treats for the little guest monsters.

Well, Mellanni is here to help - let’s get wild with creating some easy to do yet pretty decorations on a dime: just use some of your old Mellanni Sheets, pillowcases, or duvet covers to create a stunning, yet savvy look!

Entry Door Ghosts

will only need some white sheets and balls or balloons for the heads. And don’t forget to add cartoon eyes and maybe a screaming mouth, if you are in a creepy mood.

Entry Door Ghosts

Abandoned House

effect is so easy to create! You can achieve this by covering all the furniture with white sheets. If you plan to really impress, you might want to dirty them, add some spiders, and some dust.

Jar Mummies

All you’ll need for creating small mummies out of jars, cups or even furniture is a white or beige sheet. Cut it into stripes or rip it for the more bandage-like edge. For a more “dirty” look, you can dye the stripes with tea, coffee, or paint.

Jar Mummies DIY


Sweet Little Spookies

to add to the mix. Just wrap some lollipops with smaller pieces of white sheets or pillowcases and boom your home is filled with friendly and really sweet ghosts. 

Sweet Little Spookies

If you got creative with your costume or house decoration using any of Mellanni's products - post about it on Facebook or Instagram, use #mellanni and tag Mellanni Fine Linens to get a chance to win $50 gift card to our website​.​


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