Valentine's Day Bedding Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Bedding Gift Guide

Ahh, Valentine’s Day—cupid’s favorite holiday and ours too!

Valentine's Day gifts can take many forms, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to come up with a great gift at affordable prices. Our recommendation? Well-crafted, luxurious, and extra-soft bedding.

Giving the gift of essential bedding set items, such as bed sheets, blankets, and pillowcases, is a great way to show your loved ones that you are thoughtful and practical. Most people don't tend to treat themselves to ultra-luxurious essential household items—they may not even know where to start. That's why we've compiled some of our top Valentine's Day gift ideas.

Step into our Valentine's Day gift guide, complete with some of our top bedding recommendations for the best night's sleep for any loved one in your life.

Silk Pillowcases 

Silk is the epitome of luxury. The use of silk in fabric making has a long, rich history. Created from the filaments of silkworms, to this day, silk is a highly sought-after fine fabric. For this reason, it often comes with a higher price tag. 

Aside from being beautiful and extra-soft, silk fabrics have a lot of health and beauty benefits. 

Silk is a naturally hypoallergenic fabric, meaning it’s an excellent bedding material, especially for those with sensitive skin. Since silk is such a smooth fabric and creates less friction with the skin, it can also help prevent wrinkles.

Silk is also fantastic for your hair. Resting your head on a silk pillowcase can help cut down frizz, which is especially beneficial for those with curly hair.

Our recommendation

Mellanni’s Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is a great gift for anyone in your life with sensitive skin, curly hair, or that is concerned about facial wrinkles.

Our 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcase set comes in a pack of two pillowcases. You can choose various colors to fit any aesthetic or bedroom decor. We have every size available for bed pillows, body pillows, and even throw pillows. 

The other great news? Since pillowcases are made with significantly less fabric than full bedding sets, this gift comes at a more obtainable price tag than purchasing a full silk sheet set.

Velvet Duvet Cover 

If silk is the embodiment of luxury, velvet is the embodiment of glamour. Velvet bedding is soft to the touch and evokes a timeless style that is perfect for the valentine, Galentine, or any tine in your life. 

What is one of the best velvet Valentine's Day gifts? A velvet duvet cover. 

Duvet covers are already a practical gift—a duvet cover is a bedding essential used to protect a person's duvet insert and add a bit of style to their bedroom.

A velvet duvet is a perfect fall, winter, and spring bedding item. The soft silkiness of the fabric is cozy, inviting, and stylish. Anyone interested in design and comfort will be at home with a velvet duvet cover. 

Our recommendation

Mellanni’s Soft Velvet Duvet Cover bedding set comes in three colors: gray, emerald green, and pink. The set comes with matching velvet pillow shams for a complete look. Available for all bed sizes, from twin to California king, this bedding set can be gifted to use in any room in the house. 

The cover and pillowcases feature a button and envelope closure to make them extra easy to use.

Hotel Quality Sheets 

One of the best feelings about staying in a nice hotel is getting into the crisp, perfectly made bed. When you stay in a nice hotel, you know you'll get a great night's sleep.

A great Valentine’s Day gift idea is a bedding set that can help your loved ones get that hotel feel from home.

For exceptional and affordable year-round sheets, opt for a bedding set made from cotton or microfiber. While linen sheets are comfortable in the summer, during the winter, they don't protect us from the cold. Silk sheets, while temperature regulating for every season, usually come with a pretty hefty price tag.

Our recommendation

Mellanni’s 1800 Collection is the answer. The 1800 Collection sheet sets are made from the highest quality double-brushed microfiber. They are wrinkle-resistant, fade-resistant, shrink-resistant, and stain resistant. They are easy to care for, durable, and look great for a long time.

Our collection includes light colors, dark colors, stripes, and various fun patterns. The 1800 Collection is a great Valentine’s Day gift that can be used year-round in the master bedroom, guest room, and even the kid’s room.

They are absolutely the best sheets for those with pets and families or who like to host and boast a simple, elegant decor. 

Lush Faux-fur Throw Blanket 

Throw blankets are a home decor essential. A throw blanket has the potential to tie a room together, provide an accent color or texture to the design of a room, and make a bed or sofa feel more cozy and inviting.

A throw blanket is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift because it provides comfort and practical use while also serving as a cute reminder to the receiver of the person who gave it to them. 

Throw blankets come in various sizes, materials, textures, and colors. 

Our recommendation

For a throw blanket that is soft, extra cozy, and animal friendly, Mellanni’s Faux Fur & Sherpa 2-Sided Throw Blanket is the ultimate gift-giving idea.

We’ve constructed this throw with ultra-soft faux fur, which has the luxurious look and touch of real fur but is cruelty-free. The reverse side of the blanket features plush sherpa, meaning no matter what, the receiver of this gift will feel comfortable, warm, and loved. 

To conclude

We love Valentine’s Day. Constructing quality bedding sets is all about making them with love. We make them with love so you can show your love by gifting long-lasting, well-crafted bedding to your best friend, family, partner, or lover. 

Our Valentine’s Day gift guide includes some of our favorite products that show your loved ones that you are thoughtful, have good taste, and know how to help them revitalize their old mattress. Here's a recap of our recommendations:

  • Our 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is luxury, elegance, and utility. This is the perfect gift for those that love opulence and for those with sensitive skin, curly hair, or that want to protect their face from the friction of pillowcases made from other harsher materials (we’re looking at you, cotton). 

  • For the glam boys and girls that love a classic, timeless design, our Soft Velvet Duvet Cover Set is the perfect gift. Duvet covers are a bedding essential, and you might as well have stylish essentials. 

  • Our 1800 Collection Microfiber Sheet Sets are an excellent choice for the jet setters in your life who love a nice, clean, stately hotel room. They also serve as a good option for families, pet owners, and those that thrive in hosting people—they are elegant and easy to care for. 

  • A throw blanket is one of the most classic and foolproof gift ideas. Our Faux Fur & Sherpa 2-Sided Throw is soft, versatile, and perfect for lounging around and being cozy anywhere in the house.  


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