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The Best Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Sleep Friendly

There's no doubt that a great night of sleep results in a great start the next day, but how do you ensure that your bedroom is set up to achieve some of your best nights of consistent sleep?

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A great place to start is by keeping track of inspiration boards and different ideas that you'd like to incorporate in your room.

  • Save clippings that you find in magazines and online (Pinterest mood and inspo boards are very helpful).
  • Research different materials and fabrics that you might enjoy sleeping in.
  • If you stay in a nice hotel room that you enjoyed, take notes and pictures of things that sparked your interests the most.
  • Write out a description of how you want your bedroom to feel at night and during the day.

Selecting the "right" colors

  • Interior designers suggest that although vibrant colors tend to produce excitement, calming hues will produce the best sleep (think of whites, grays, beiges, etc). 
  • Lighter colors also create the illusion that the space is larger than actual, which can alleviate some built up anxiety. 

How to upgrade your bed with the most comfortable additions

Get a Super lux Duvet Set

With secure ties and button closure, this is a luxury duvet cover set, at an extremely affordable price. It comes with not only a duvet cover and two pillowcases, but two extra pillow shams as well! As with all of our 1800 Collection, this soft and durable double-brushed microfiber stays cool while keeping you warm, and is wrinkle, fade, and stain-resistant. 

Add some magic with a plush Mattress Pad

Does your mattress need some love to reach full comfy-ness? Well add a Mellanni Microplush Mattress Pad on top and instantly make your bed a haven for maximum relaxation.

You can't go wrong with comfortable bed sheets 

Win a Free Set of Bedsheets OR Get $5 OFF your next set of sheets!

1800 Microfiber bedsheets are not only affordably luxurious, but they are silky soft, and crazy comfortable. Our sheets let your body breathe to ensure you get a great night of sleep...every night!

Percale Cotton is 100% Cotton Weave that is smooth, crisp and airy for a luxurious feel and exceptional comfort, especially for warm sleepers. These imported percale sheets will make it extremely difficult to get out of bed, be warned!

Flannel Cotton sheets are the perfect bedding for those looking for the classic warm and luxurious sleep that flannel offers. Ideal for winter months, or simply those that get cold at night – wrap up in the softest, most comfortable flannel sheets around.

Managing the Moon and Sun

Incorporating a healthy balance of darkness and brightness is crucial when setting up your bedroom as we want to be able to ensure we get deep sleep throughout the night, while utilizing the energy of the sun during the day!

Check out Mellanni's Blackout Curtains (starting at $14.70) to achieve the bedroom vibes you're looking for!

  • Dark shades or curtains are ideal to Blackout Curtains for your room for a great night of sleep or for a quick cat nap.
  • Strategically placing any electronics that produce light will help with keeping your room dark at the right times.
  • Peel back those curtains during the day to get the warmth and energy of the afternoon sun.

Throw a cherry on top


Wrapped in a natural, 100% cotton fabric, these keep stuffy noses at bay while keeping you comfortable and cool. With high-quality double-hemmed stitching, these pillows are built to last. 

Throw blankets 

Cozy and cuddle up with your partner, child, pet, favorite book, or just a mug of hot cocoa and rest easy knowing that these easy-wash, top-quality throws never shed after you throw them in the wash once! 



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