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5 Reasons Why Great Bedding Will Improve Your Guest's Experience

After all the first impressions and settling in, the first thing a guest typically does when he or she stays in your home is find and get accustomed to the bedroom they will be sleeping in.

In addition to providing your guests with different types of bedding (cotton, percale, flannel, microfiber, sateen, etc.), having quality, clean, and fresh bedding is a must if you’re looking to impress and keep your credibility as a premier host.

Providing guests with fresh and clean bedding will immediately improve the sleeping experience. If you’re contemplating using old, used sheets, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are your sheets more than 3 years old? Do they happen to be from your college apartment?
  • Do they have any stains or tears?
  • Do you love sleeping in those comfy sheets? Will you be upset if your guest ruins them?

Did you answer YES to any of those questions? Yes? Ok, let’s get you some new sheets!

guest experience

Some things to keep in mind when looking to improve your guest’s experience…

  1. Cleanliness (it’s all about the first impressions)

When guests walk into their weekend home, they typically mosey around the space looking at and commenting on things they immediately like and don’t like. Let’s use this as an opportunity to get an initial thumbs up! In addition to the kitchen, common spaces, and bathroom, when guests make their way to the bedroom, often times, they jump right on the bed.

A perfectly displayed bed featuring a beautiful duvet set, matching bed sheets, and pillowcases quickly tells the guest that you take sleeping very seriously. Peeling back a duvet cover to see the new, clean, and ready to sleep in bed sheets will be an added feeling of reassurance for your guest.

When it comes to ensuring future usage of the bed sheets, other than repurchasing often, it helps to purchase sheets that are wrinkle free, stain resistant, and fade proof sheets.

  1. Increase quality of sleep

A common complaint amongst restless sleepers is feeling too hot or too cold throughout the night. Even though every guest you’ll experience will sleep differently, you can help dictate that based on the bedding that you provide your guests. For instance, Microfiber bed sheets are silky soft, cozy, and affordably luxurious. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic, which blocks allergens, moisture, and dust mites, while letting your body breathe so they can enjoy great sleep.

Another option is Percale bed sheets. Hotel-grade luxury bedding that incorporate 100% cotton weave that is smooth, crisp, and airy for exceptional comfort (especially for warm sleepers). Percale are the highest standard material that makes for breathable, durable, and fade resistant sheets. Furthermore, Flannel bed sheets are warm, soft, and cozy, which are perfect for fall and winter months and for those to get cold at night. At 170 grams, flannel weight makes for warm, yet breathable nights of sleep.

  1. Style and matching

In terms of improving the overall experience for your guests, different colors, textures, and styles can definitely spice up the feng shui that the room projects to uplift the mood of your guests. With over 20 colors of microfiber bed sheets, Mellanni offers the variation that you’re looking for in order to change the mood of your expected guests. Also, check out this blog to learn more about how you can change the color of sheets to match your personality.

  1. Added Comfort

Depending on the age or quality of your mattress, an easy way to increase the comfort for your guests is to add a mattress pad to the bed. They can protect your mattress, provide cushioning and softness, and keep your sheets from sliding out of place. Ultimately enhancing the overall sleeping experience for your guests.

  1. Bed Protection

It’s likely that your guests won’t notice this bonus, but equipping a mattress protector in order to prevent bed bugs and guest accidents is crucial. These covers are easier to wash than a mattress and will go a long way in saving you from ever having to purchase a mattress due to one of these incidents.


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