Does Your Bedding Match Your Personality?

Does Your Bedding Match Your Personality?

The bedroom is the sanctuary and refuge that separates us from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is the space that rely on in order to unwind and relax after a long trip or even just a long day at the office.

Since our beds are the focal point of our kingdom, if you will, our color palettes directly correlate with our choice of bedding. For some the color of bed sheets does not matter, but for others, choosing specific colors to sleep in every night creates an opportunity to showcase our styles and personalities.

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How to Choose the Right Colors?

In most cases, people choose vibrant, bold, and colorful jewel-toned bedding or pure, clean, calm white bedding...but everyone is different!

See the list below to get an idea of what colors are associated with what kinds of personalities:

  • White: Free spirit
  • Black: Exercise resistant when making decisions
  • Pink: Flirty
  • Purple: Intuitive
  • Green: Good problem solver
  • Red: Self confident and enjoys taking risks
  • Brown: Comfortable and secure
  • Yellow: Spontaneous and cheerful
  • Blue: Stable and compassionate

Based on this list, would you say the bed sheets that are currently on your bed, match your personality type?! (Apparently, I'm stable and compassionate, but I think I enjoy taking risks more!)

In case you just looked over at your bed and realized that you're more of a free spirit than flirty, or you're in the mood to be more spontaneous and cheerful for the month of July, Mellanni has all the colors you need to reflect your personality changes!


bedding personalitybedding personalitybedding personality

bedding personalitybedding personalitybedding personality

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Quick Advice On Bedding Trends

Simple and minimalistic furniture and solid-colored bedding are usually safe bets and also provide a unique and uncluttered look. Moreover, if you decide to change up your taste, you can compliment your bedroom with trendy quilts, paintings, posters, and throw pillows that won't force you to buy all new furniture and bedding.

Alternative Options

If you're feeling spontaneous and daring, choose a color from your bedding and apply that color to one of your walls or ceiling. Go a step further and add a plant, match a rug or throw blanket to include some additional pattern or color! 

If you are a solid bedding kind of person, texturize your walls with some patterned or striped wallpaper. Depending on your level of thrill, feel free to install some crown molding, a chair rail or framed molding to create depth and make a room more elegant.

bedding personalitybedding personality

What Color Are You Going With Next?

We want to hear more about your personality! Let us know on social media what colors match your current personality type. If you decided to change your sheets because Brown just isn't cutting it, what color did you choose?

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