Camping in Comfort

Camping in Comfort

How To Bring Your Bedroom To Your Next Camping Excursion

The days of "roughing it" are behind us. No longer do you need to sleep on the cold, hard ground in order to enjoy the sensual smells and sights that the indigenous world (or the local rural area) has to offer!

We have created a quick list of essential bedroom items that all of you wanna-be campers who love the comfort of your bedroom too much can bring with you on your summer camping excursion. 

Camping with Mellanni Fine Linens Essentials

Bed Sheets

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After a long day on your feet, there's no better feeling than lying down on crisp, refreshing, Mellanni bed sheets! Our sheets are perfect to bring with you on a camping trip as they are extremely durable, high quality, and a perfect fit to any sized air mattress (yes, you read that correctly -- read on).

Soft, yet breathable Mellanni bed sheets are a great item to include in your camping tent as the cool breeze sweeps through as the sun sets in the distance. 

Comforters & Bed Spreads

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Light up the camp fire, roast some s'mores, and wrap yourself up in our premium goose down alternative comforter while you get lost in the starry night!

If you're driving up to your campsite, a comforter is a must! Whether you're by the ocean, deep in a forest, or out in the middle of a meadow, the nights get chilly even during the summer nights. There's no better feeling than being cozy, so do yourself a favor and surround yourself with one of Mellanni's silky soft, luxurious, bed spreads. 


Easily one of the most underrated items that can elevate your camping experience is the luxury of having a comfortable pillow to lie your head on after you wind down for the evening. Blow up pillows typically do not compare to the comfort levels that a plush gel-fiber pillow provides, so if you are planning on driving up to your camp ground, we definitely suggest bringing your Mellanni soft support, down alternative, pillow with you to ensure you get the best sleep under the starry night.

Snuggle Buddy

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Are you planning your excursion with a loved one? If so, then you already know that a sleeping bag isn't the most convenient bedding for your adventurous night!

Not only does Mellanni provide fresh, crisp, bed sheets that will enhance your warm summer night, but if you really want to feel home away from home, you'll want to be equipped with some of the most comfortable throw blankets we have to offer. We can guarantee that you will have one of the coziest camping experiences in the kingdom!

Ground Protection
Let's be honest, sleeping on the ground is not comfortable, especially when you decide to go camping for the glamorous reasons (sights, sounds, and feelings). Often times, camping excursions can be as efficient as driving up in your car and setting up camp. If this is the case, we strongly suggest bringing an air mattress with you. Sleep great, while also enjoying being outdoorsy! If you're looking into purchasing a mattress for your next camping trip, click here.
The Obvious Essentials You Don't Want To Forget
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Camping tent
S'mores (crackers, chocolate, and marsh mellows)
Fire wood
Cooking instruments

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