Deep Pocket Sheets

What are Extra Deep Pocket Sheets?

While deep pocket sheets or extra deep sheets aren’t exactly what you’d call a new bedding market trend, they haven’t always been available. 

As mattress manufacturers continue to innovate and create new experiences to improve how we sleep, the bedding industry needs to adapt. But, what are deep pocket sheets, do you need deep pocket sheets, and how do you buy them so that they fit properly?

Mattress types

There are so many mattress types available for purchase that the standard fitted bed sheet comes up short in many homes. Some mattresses, already extra deep, are made with quilted pillow tops for year-round use. Some people choose to lay a mattress softener or bed protector on top of their mattress too.  

Thicker mattresses, a pillow top, or other bed accessories and sleep products that add to the thickness of your mattress can make it impossible to use a standard fitted bedsheet. Hence, the need for a deep pocket sheet or an extra deep pocket sheet. How do you get the right sheets and avoid asking for a full refund?

How deep is a deep pocket sheet?

It’s important to note that mattress and bed sheet sizes are always subject to change. Industry manufacturers are constantly finding better ways to improve the quality of our sleep. Having said that, as a general rule, deep pocket sheets are available in sizes that range between 13 and 17 inches deep. 

Sizes available vary depending on the manufacturer and not all manufacturers deliver all deep pocket or extra deep bed sheet sizes to all locations, so you might find that some depth ranges aren’t available for delivery or purchase in your local area.

What are the differences between standard sheets and deep pocket sheets?

Just to be clear, the flat sheet, or bottom sheet, is different from the fitted sheet. Deep pocket sheets are deep fitted sheets. The flat sheet comes without elasticated pockets that grab onto the corners of your mattress.

Aside from the fact that they’re designed for the perfect fit for year round use on thicker mattresses, the deep pocket sheet set isn’t all that different from the standard bed sheet set. These bed sheets are made using a variety of materials, including bamboo, cotton, and microfiber. Deep pockets sheets come in a range of bed sizes - single, twin, queen, California king - and colors, just as you would expect from any kind of bed sheet set.

There’s rarely any difference between sheet sets sold by the same brand or made available in the same model. While the depth of the deep pocket sheet will be greater, the fabric used and the quality of the craftsmanship will be the same. Mellanni stocks both standard sheets and deep pocket bed sheets in a full range of sizes, colors, and fabrics. 

Quality sleep and less hassle

Put quite simply, a super thick mattress needs a deep pocket sheet or extra deep sheet. If you try to use a standard bed sheet set on a thick mattress, your sleeping environment will be compromised. Deep pocket sheets have the extra sheet material needed to fully grab under the corners of your mattress and stay put all night long, no matter how much you move around in your sleep.

The deep pocket sheet set also means you spend less time making your bed in the morning because it's much easier to put the bottom sheet on the mattress and it tends to stay in place during the night. Less hassle and less bed-making mean more time for you to do other things. Get the right sheets. Buy sheets with care.

Deep pockets look good

If you’re house proud and you care about how things look, then deep pocket sheets will be important to you visually. A deep mattress dressed in a standard sheet just looks messy. When sheets are too long, too short, too big, or too small - when there’s excess material - it affects the overall appearance of your bedroom. A deep pocket sheet set on a thick mattress is a neat solution, attractive to the eye.


Bedtime should be all about comfort, from start to finish. The better fitted your sheets, the better you sleep. It’s that simple. Having to constantly rearrange your beautiful sheets when you wake and when you’re trying to relax can ruin the entire bedtime experience. Choosing the right sized bed sheet set is key.

Deep pocket sheets protect your deep mattress

Mattresses aren’t cheap. Deep mattresses with added extras, designed to give you the quality sleep you deserve, are logically more expensive than most. So, when you’ve made the decision to invest in a really great deep mattress, you need to do what you can to take care of it and get the best use out of it for years to come.

A well-fitted deep pocket sheet set doesn’t just keep you comfortable at night. It also protects your valuable mattress from the damage that can be caused by sweat, make-up, late-night snack spills, skin particles, and other human-related dangers. 

If your bed sheet comes loose at night, while you're sleeping, and you end up on top of your mattress, there’s nothing to protect it. When this happens regularly, thick mattresses suffer.

How do you measure deep pocket sheets?

Which size sheet do you need? Aside from knowing whether your mattress is a single, twin, queen, or king, the single most important measurement when buying a deep pocket sheet is the depth. 

  • Grab a tape measure or a yardstick and record the measurement from the bottom of your mattress to the straightedge (the top).  

  • Crouch down so that you are at eye level with the top of your mattress and try to see whether your mattress appears to be higher in the middle than it is at the sides.

  • This quick check is important because some mattresses - pillow top mattresses, as an example - aren’t the same in height (or depth) in the middle of the mattress as they are along the edge.

  • If you see a difference in height, it’s best to add an inch or two to the initial depth measurement you took in step one. 

  • For a more accurate measurement, you can ask someone to hold a yardstick horizontally from the center-most point of your bed and out to one of the edges. Measure from the bottom of the mattress to this object and note down the exact depth of your mattress with confidence.

How to buy the right deep pocket sheet for your mattress

If you know the depth, width, and length of your mattress, you have all the information you need to be able to find the right deep pocket sheet for your bed. Even if your depth measurement isn’t 100% accurate, and you’ve added an inch or two for good measure, you’ll have enough data to start searching for the best deep pocket sheet for you.

The only snag is that not all sheet manufacturers label their sheets in the same way. Not all manufacturers make it clear when their sheets are deep pocket models and when they’re not. But not to worry, as there are things you can do:

  • It’s fair to assume that most standard bed sheets fit mattresses that are up to 12 inches thick.

  • Most deep pocket sheets will fit mattresses that go up to 18 inches in depth.

  • If your mattress is higher than 18 inches, you can opt for the extra deep pocket solution. More on that sheet a little later in this blog.

Some brands are more helpful to the consumer than others and they label their fitted sheets with mattress depths, so be on the lookout for this kind of useful information. If a sheet is labeled with a mattress depth of 18 inches, for example, then that sheet is designed to fit any mattress with a height of 18 inches or less. 

What is pocket depth?

Some manufacturers label their fitted sheets with what is known in the industry as pocket depth. It’s a measurement of the pockets on the corners of a sheet to help the consumer determine which sheet will best fit his or her mattress. Pocket depth is calculated by measuring from the top of the mattress all the way down to the elastic edge on any of the mattress corners. 

  • Use a tape measure or yardstick to measure the depth of your mattress.

  • Add two inches to the measurement you record.

  • Note that measurement down as your mattress’ pocket depth and use that measurement when searching for sheet sizes that are labeled with a pocket depth.

  • Adding two inches to your initial measurement ensures that the pockets will be deep enough to really hook under each mattress corner. 

Be careful with extra padding

The great thing about bedding is that there are loads of little comfortable extras available to improve the quality of our sleep in so many ways. We can buy a pillow top mattress or an extra thick mattress that comes with special built-in padding - including euro tops or tight tops - and we can also make use of a mattress topper, mattress softeners, memory foam toppers, extra padding, and the like. The box spring bed can sometimes affect sheet size too. 

The greater the mattress height, the deeper the pockets should be on your bed sheet. Be sure to add all the layers of your bedding on your bed before calculating the depth of your mattress. If you’re not careful with extra padding and mattress toppers, you might end up with a bed sheet that just doesn’t quite fit.   


Deep pocket fitted sheets tend to be available in the same variety of fabrics as standard sheets. Organic cotton, Egyptian cotton, sateen, microfiber, bamboo, and jersey knit, are just some of the fabric options for people looking to invest in a quality set of deep pocket sheets. The Mellanni Organic Cotton bed sheet set is a quality option to try.


Deep pocket sheets are also available in a wide range of colors, just like most sheets. Solid colors, patterns, and prints to combine with a full variety of interior designs decisions. Whether your home is country cottage inspired, minimalist, or vibrant, the breadth of options available should make it easy and fun to find the perfect deep pocket sheet set to match your bedroom décor. 

If you happen to love using dark-colored sheets, then the Mellanni Queen Sheet Set - Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding is a good option to try. 


As well as being able to choose the size of the pocket on your deep pocket sheet, you can also select the sheet size you need to match the bed size in your home. If you need a fitted sheet for a single, twin, queen, or Californian king bed, the variety of sheet sizes on the market helps to make your search an easy one. Again, it’s important to have a sheet that matches the exact size of your bed to ensure you enjoy the most comfortable sleep possible, night after night.

Do deep pocket sheets cost more than regular sheets?

In general, the size of the pocket on your fitted sheet won’t affect the price you pay. Even though more fabric is used to make a queen deep pocket sheet, compared to a queen standard pocket sheet, the difference is minimal. However, there will always be a difference in price between a single deep pocket sheet and a king deep pocket sheet, as the amount of fabric used here is notable. 

In a similar way, you can expect to pay more for a higher thread count or a higher quality fabric. For example, a microfiber deep pocket sheet will no doubt be available at a more affordable price than a luxury organic cotton deep pocket sheet. Fabric type is highly relevant whether you’re buying a deep pocket or a standard pocket sheet. The Jersey Knit 100% Cotton 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set is a mid-range option available in a range of colors and sizes. 

How do you wash deep pocket sheets?

When it comes to washing your deep pocket sheets, the same advice applies as with standard pocket sheets. What’s most important with regards to a safe and effective wash, relates to the fabric. Different materials require different levels of care. If your deep pocket sheets are microfiber, then the washing care will be different to bamboo sheets or to silk. 

It’s important to read the manufacturer’s label to check that your sheet is machine washable, or can be placed in the dryer. You might need to wash your sheets in cold water or send them to the dry cleaners if you need to remove a particularly stubborn stain or you want to take extra care of your bedding. 

So, what about extra deep pocket sheets?

What happens if your mattress depth is greater than most? What happens if its depth is greater than 15 inches and the deep pocket sheet sets on the market just aren’t deep enough? The good news here is that you can extend your search to extra deep pocket sheets.

  • Most standard pocket sheets guarantee a proper fit for mattresses up to 12 inches.

  • Most deep pocket sheets are made to cover mattresses up to 22 inches.

  • Extra deep pocket sheets are used to dress mattresses that are thicker than 22 inches.

Also, be aware that while some manufacturers state “extra deep pocket” on their packaging materials, the sheets inside might not fit mattresses as thick as 22 inches. Measurements differ from one brand to the next and it’s best to make a purchase with concrete information about sheet size in hand. 

If you’re ever in doubt, it’s always a good idea to buy sheets on the larger size. If the fitted sheet you purchase is a little too large for your mattress, you’ll be able to stretch the corners over and under the mattress further to compensate. What you won’t be able to work with is a sheet that comes up short.

Final thoughts on the best deep pocket sheets

It doesn’t take very long to measure your mattress height and research the size of the sheets you need to buy. A little bit of thought and preparation goes a long way to guarantee a good night’s sleep. If you need an extra deep pocket sheet, then buy it. It will be worth the effort. 

We believe that bedding is a long-term investment. You want to buy the right fitted sheet that will fit properly and guarantee year-round use. You deserve true comfort throughout the night. So, to summarize, choosing the color and fabric of your fitted sheet is only half the story. Buy sheets that are best suited for your mattress. Deep pocket sheets and extra deep pocket sheets make sleep special. 

  • If you enjoy the sensation of luxury fabric on your skin, you could try the Mellanni Organic Cotton bedding set. It’s available in full, queen, king, California king, twin, or twin XL sizes.

  • If having lots of options when it comes to color is important to you, then the Mellanni Queen Sheet Set - Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding is a good option to try. It’s available as a full, queen, king, California king, split king, twin, twin XL.

  • The Jersey Knit 100% Cotton 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set is a mid-range bedding set that’s smooth to the touch. It’s available as a full, queen, king, or twin.

If you’ve got any questions about deep pocket sheets that haven’t been answered in this blog, feel free to reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to help orient you further in your search for the perfect sheet.

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