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1800 Collection Microfiber Sheet Set (Light Colors)

Luxury 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set of 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Flat Sheet, and 2 Pillowcases
*Twin/Twin XL Sizes are 3 Piece Luxury Sets of 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Flat Sheet, and 1 Pillowcase
*Split King Size is 5 Piece Luxury Set of 2 Fitted Sheets, 1 Flat Sheet, and 2 Pillowcases

The legendary Mellanni Fine Linens 1800 Collection. Our World-Famous Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheets, available in a wide range of clean and fun light tones, can now be yours at our lowest prices ever! You'll be able to feel the Mellanni difference! Silky soft, crazy comfortable, and affordably luxurious. 

We understand that your time is important, and that's why these exceptionally strong and soft sheets are wrinkle, fade, and stain-resistant; so you can spend more time on the important parts of life. 

This hypoallergenic microfiber bedding also keeps stuffy noses at bay by blocking unwanted allergens, moisture, and dust mites. Let your body breathe so that you can get a great sleep! 

And don't forget, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. This bedding set, as with all Mellanni products, comes with our Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee - the industry's most customer-friendly no questions asked, no hassle, money-back warranty.

  • Deep Pocket design to fit up to 16" mattress
  • Fitted sheet has elastic all around so your sheet will always stay put
  • Made of the highest quality double brushed microfiber for a silky soft feel and extra comfort, yet durable
  • Easy to care for - fade, stain, shrink and wrinkle resistant.
  • Mellanni bed sheets stay fresh; cool during hot nights and warm in cold nights - leaving you and your family rested and ready for a new day
  • Fabulous selection of colors and prints will match the decor of any room in your house
  • Perfect gift for any occasion - Christmas, New Year, Mother's & Father's Days, St. Valentine's Day.
Size, Color GTIN
Twin, White 00701722982147
Twin, Light Gray 00701722983083
Twin, Beige 00701722982390
Twin, Baby Blue 00701722982444
Twin, Coral 00603803801999
Twin, Lavender 00703546080290
Twin, Hot Pink 00603803802019
Twin, Pink 00603803802033
Twin, Violet 00701722982451
Twin, Yellow 00603803802057
Twin, Spa Blue 00818162027137
Twin, Spa Mint 00603803802040
Twin, Red 00818162027120
Twin, Yellow 00818162027144
Twin XL, White 00704256954925
Twin XL, Light Gray 00704256955045
Twin XL, Beige 00704256954932
Twin XL, Baby Blue 00704256954987
Twin XL, Coral 00603803802071
Twin XL, Lavender 00757440895634
Twin XL, Hot Pink 00603803802095
Twin XL, Pink 00603803802118
Twin XL, Violet 00704256954994
Twin XL, Yellow 00603803802132
Twin XL, Spa Blue 00818162027168
Twin XL, Spa Mint 00603803802125
Twin XL, Red 00818162027151
Twin XL, Yellow 00818162027175
Full, White 00701722982505
Full, Light Gray 00701722983090
Full, Beige 00701722982512
Full, Baby Blue 00701722982567
Full, Coral 00603803802156
Full, Lavender 00703546080313
Full, Hot Pink 00603803802170
Full, Pink 00603803802194
Full, Violet 00701722982574
Full, Yellow 00603803802217
Full, Spa Blue 00818162027199
Full, Spa Mint 00603803802200
Full, Red 00818162027182
Full, Yellow 00818162027205
Queen, White 00701722982154
Queen, Light Gray 00701722983045
Queen, Beige 00701722982161
Queen, Baby Blue 00701722982215
Queen, Coral 00603803802231
Queen, Lavender 00703546080337
Queen, Hot Pink 00603803802255
Queen, Pink 00603803802279
Queen, Violet 00701722982222
Queen, Yellow 00603803802293
Queen, Spa Blue 00818162027229
Queen, Spa Mint 00603803802286
Queen, Red 00818162027212
Queen, Yellow 00818162027236
King, White 00701722982277
King, Light Gray 00701722983069
King, Beige 00701722982284
King, Baby Blue 00701722982338
King, Coral 00603803802316
King, Lavender 00703546080351
King, Hot Pink 00603803802330
King, Pink 00603803802354
King, Violet 00701722982345
King, Yellow 00603803802378
King, Spa Blue 00818162027281
King, Spa Mint 00603803802361
King, Red 00818162027274
King, Yellow 00818162027298
Cal King, White 00701722982628
Cal King, Light Gray 00701722983076
Cal King, Beige 00701722982635
Cal King, Baby Blue 00701722982680
Cal King, Coral 00603803802392
Cal King, Lavender 00703546080375
Cal King, Hot Pink 00603803802415
Cal King, Pink 00603803802439
Cal King, Violet 00701722982697
Cal King, Yellow 00603803802453
Cal King, Spa Blue 00603803802453
Cal King, Spa Mint 00603803802446
Cal King, Red 00818162027304
Cal King, Yellow 00818162027328
Split King, White 00818162021739
Split King, Light Gray 00818162021852
Split King, Beige 00818162021746
Split King, Baby Blue 00818162021791
Split King, Coral 00818162021937
Split King, Lavender 00818162021876
Split King, Hot Pink 00818162021951
Split King, Pink 00818162021975
Split King, Violet 00818162021807
Split King, Yellow 00818162021999
Split King, Spa Blue 00818162027311
Split King, Red 00818162027243
Split King, Yellow 00818162027267

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