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Iconic Collection Microfiber Ruffled Bed Skirt

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Color – Gray
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    Product Overview

    Enhance Your Bed's Underbed Storage – Mellanni’s Ruffle Bedskirt stylishly conceals box spring bed frame while hiding items stored under the bed. Prevent dust accumulation, eliminate clutter, and give your bed a more finished look. The 15" dropped ruffle hangs flush to the floor to seamlessly fit most standard mattresses.

    Product Details

    Our Double Brushed Microfiber Ruffled Bed Skirts provide a wide range of tones to complete your bedroom's luxurious look. Utilize your under bed space with this ideal way to hide box springs, bed frames, and bed legs. Crafted with quality double brushed microfiber for hypoallergenic, wrinkle-resistant, fade-resistant, and stain-resistant results. Easily coordinate your bedroom with our selection of colors and find the perfect gift for any occasion.

    Coordinate with Mellanni Iconic Collection bedding to enhance your bedroom decor.


    • Easy Fit, Hypoallergenic, Wrinkle, Fade, and Stain Resistant
    • Great for creating hidden storage and hiding the box springs, bed frame, and bed legs
    • Perfectly complements Mellanni luxury bedding products, including our Bed Sheets, Pillowcases, Duvets, Coverlets, and more
    • Fabulous selection of colors that will coordinate with any room
    • Perfect gift for any occasion

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    Size Information
    • Twin: 75" length x 39" width with 15" skirt drop
    • Twin XL: 80" length x 39" width with 15" skirt drop
    • Full: 75" length x 54" width with 15" skirt drop
    • Queen: 80" length x 60" width with 15" skirt drop
    • King: 78" length x 80" width with 15" skirt drop
    • California King: 84" length x 72" width with 15" skirt drop
    Care instructions

    When washed properly, microfiber bedding can last many washes. Follow these simple tips to maximize the life of your microfiber bedding.


    • Machine wash cold on permanent press or gentle cycle
    • Wash separately with like colors
    • Do not mix with terry/cotton sheets to avoid lint


    • Use a mild detergent
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not use fabric softener - this will pill fibers


    • Tumble dry low, remove promptly
    • Do not iron or dry clean - high heat melts fibers, making them rough

    This product is STANDARD 100 certified by OEKO-TEX: every component of this textiles product—including all thread, buttons, and trims—has been tested to ensure that they are free of chemicals harmful to human health. The assessment process is globally standardized, independently conducted, and updated annually based on new scientific information and regulatory requirements.