26 Quick and Inexpensive Ideas to Upgrade your Child's Bedroom

26 Quick and Inexpensive Ideas to Upgrade your Child's Bedroom

One thing is for certain: there’s no shortage of great ideas and room design inspiration to help you upgrade your child’s bedroom. We began with 15 quick and inexpensive ideas to upgrade your child's bedroom and within very little time arrived at 26!


You don’t need an interior designer to create the ideal boy’s bedroom. You don’t need to follow the room design rules of the leading digital publisher. You don't need to break the bank to turn your daughter’s bedroom into her dream space. 


You just need to have fun with a color scheme, choose furniture to match your kid’s energy and personality, and find the perfect balance between play and rest to encourage a blissful night’s sleep. 


What’s more, you can do all this while creating a cohesive space that works alongside the other dynamics and design of your house. You just need to give things a little thought and make the time to make a few decisions, narrow down the options, and create a space that works as your child grows. And it should be a whole lot of fun too!


We All Need Help When It Comes to Children’s Bedrooms 

Small rooms and small spaces to deal with? Don't worry! No storage space and toys that seem to come from nowhere? Don't worry! With careful furniture ideas and an eye on the designs of other future brands, we're here to lead you toward the ideal kid's room. Think of us as your trusted partners.


To help you create the perfect new bedroom for your little one (or even your growing teen), without spending all the money you have in your account, we’ve made a list of 26 quick and inexpensive kids bedroom ideas for you to whizz through. 

Storage in the Room

Add Personality with a Clutter Curtain in the Room

What’s a clutter curtain? It’s simply a curtain that you add to your child’s room to hide all the clutter and toys from view. You can turn a busy and untidy room into a serene paradise in an instant every night just pulling the curtain across. The transition from a fun-filled day to a peaceful sleep is easy.


You can try adding a curtain rail to the top of a bookcase, shelving, or open cupboard. You can also hang your clutter curtain from the ceiling. What’s most exciting about the clutter curtain is that you can personalize it. You can have fun with color, patterns, or even choose a fabric with prints of your child’s favorite cartoon character. 

Toy Storage Under the Bed

One of the great things about storing toys under your child’s bed is that they’re easily accessible. This is important when thinking about small kids' room ideas. If you’re working on a tight budget, you can invest in a few storage boxes and decorate them with your child’s favorite stickers. 


If you’ve got a little more cash to spend on your small kids bedroom, try a storage drawer on wheels, or something of a similar nature.

Make a Personalized Toy Chest

If there isn’t enough room under the bed, you can bring order to your child’s bedroom with a personalized chest. One way to do this is by buying a wooden chest and decorating it with paint, stickers, or fun-looking contact paper. 


A chest to store toys and knick knacks is ideal for small kids’ bedroom.. A chest to store books or bed linens is perfect for when they grow up. 

Turn Walls into Handy Extra Storage Spaces in the Room

If your kid’s bedroom lacks storage, consider getting clever with the wall space. You could hang a series of storage cube structures, create a fun wall by installing a number of shelves, or build the extra storage section from floor to ceiling, incorporating shelves, cubes, and hanging rails. Vertical storage space frees up the play area and will give your child’s room an instant lift. 

Put Peg Rails Above the Bed in the Room

Do you spend your time looking at that space over your child’s bed thinking… what a waste? Instead of using this dead area for posters or to position wall art, hang up a peg rail and do something fun and productive with jackets, scarves, hats, dressing gowns and the like. 


If your child can never find his or her things before heading off to school, an over-the-bed peg rail might just solve that problem.

Play With Color

Throw Down a Colorful Rug in the Room

If you want an instant refresh and you don’t want to deal with painting and decorating disruption, just grab a colorful rug and place it in a central position. You get lots of color and new patterns in an instant, as well as giving your child somewhere neat to play and relax. Rugs are also great for softening acoustics. If your child’s bedroom is upstairs, a thick rug will help to reduce the sound of kiddy footsteps below. 

Have Fun with an Accent Color in the Room

Add an accent color to the space by painting a piece of existing furniture in a bold new tone, or covering the bed in a striking new duvet. You can also try adding colorful pillowcases and cushion covers to the mix. 


When it comes to color, the list is endless. If you wantwant an instant and inexpensive kid’s bedroom makeover, add a dash of color to a blank canvas and let your imagination fly.

Blend Floor Colors with Wall Decor Colors

A really great decor tip for upgrading a small kid’s bedroom is to blend floor colors with the colors on the walls. The blend of tones from ceiling to floor creates the feeling of a much larger space. When the color scheme is light and airy, the feeling is amplified even further. 


Naturally, you can mix and match with floorboard, tiling, carpet, wallpaper, and paint, but it’s a good idea to choose surface materials that can be easily washed and don’t wear out easily. 

Create Space

Assess the Shape of the Room

When upgrading your boy’s bedroom or your little girl’s bedroom, it’s a good idea to begin by assessing the shape of the room and how best you can take advantage of the space. 


Alcoves can be used to create built-in storage, slanting eaves can be used to create low-height cupboard space, and exposed beams can provide the inspiration necessary to hang rails or pegs and reduce the need for an imposing wardrobe, just to name a few ideas. 

Make the Most of High Ceilings in the Room

High ceilings offer lots of opportunity to decorate and to have fun on a whole other level. A string of colorful fairy lights that draw the eyes upward can stimulate young children and draw attention away from the clutter on the floor.

Cool light fixtures, hanging plants, an indoor swing, or a bunk bed or are a few more ideas that spring to mind when upgrading the space in a high-ceiling kid’s bedroom.

Build a Space Savvy Window Seat in the Room

Kids' rooms need places to hide or snuggle up in, so why not create a cozy bedtime reading area in a compact window seat. Beneath the window in your child’s bedroom, build a small bed-like structure and dress it with a comfy mattress and fun cushion covers. What’s more, if the seat is long enough, it can double up as a place for friends to sleep on when they stay over for the night. 

Pop a Pull-Out Desk From Under a Raised Bed in the Room

Another great idea when you want to instantly upgrade a tiny bedroom is to raise the bed and install a small, practical, pull-out desk that your child can pull out from under the bed at will. Not only do you save space, but you encourage your child to keep their small desk super tidy too. Otherwise, it becomes impossible to slide under and store. 

Create More Floor Space with a High Sleeper

On a similar note, if you raise your child’s bed and install a small ladder for them to be able to get in and out of bed at night, you free up a huge amount of floor space. The den-like space that a high bed creates in a child’s bedroom is an area full of fun and imagination. 


You could also turn this space into a cool tent, an extra reading zone, or a space for your kids to lay out their train set. Have fun with this space and decorate the area together.

Swap Bookshelves for Floating Shelves in the Room

Most kids’ bedrooms are too small for a traditional bookshelf, but that doesn’t mean that kids can’t have a place to store books. Swap the bookshelf for a series of floating shelves that cover just a small section of the wall space, and give your little one all the room he or she needs to build their book collection in style. 


Just make sure that the floating shelves or picture ledges you invest in are strong enough to be able to hold the weight load you imagine you’ll be storing. 

Multi-Functional Furniture Choices

When your kid’s room is a small room, or when your children need to share a bedroom space, it’s always a good idea to go for furniture that serves more than one purpose, such as a chair that converts into a bed or a desk that is, at the same time, a wardrobe. The more multi-functional your furniture is, the more space you free up for play, relax, and pleasure. 

Have Fun With Bedding in Your Kid's Room

Refresh the Bedsheets

So, what can you explore beyond furniture, storage, and toys? Never underestimate the excitement of a change of bedsheets. New colors and new patterns translate to a whole new bedroom in your kid’s eyes. 


The 1800 Bed Sheet Set from Mellanni is a great option for bedroom makeovers, because these sheets are low-maintenance and durable. The set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases made from double-brushed microfiber material to help kids stay cool during hot nights and warm in the winter. 


Another option to try is Mellanni’s Jersey Sheet Set, made from a beautifully soft and naturally breathable material. Both options are available in a range of colors. You can find more deals on bedding and bedding accessories via the Mellanni website.

Invest in a Toddler Pillow

If you’re considering a bed sheet upgrade, then it makes sense to review pillows at the same time. Mellanni’s Toddler Pillow is a great pillow choice for young children, because it’s made with a cotton blend shell and comes with a bonus envelope closure pillowcase. 


This unique pillow for small children is specially made to improve your child's comfort while sleeping, napping, and relaxing. The breathable design helps little ones rest better thanks to the just-right filling for proper neck and back alignment. What’s more, it’s small enough to double up as an extra supportive travel pillow.


Find the Perfect Mattress Cover for your Kid’s Room

All parents know how difficult it is to keep things clean with children in the house. If you’re spending a fair amount of money to upgrade your child’s bedroom, then you’ll want to make sure that the changes you make can stand the test of time. For this reason, it makes sense to explore more deals on waterproof accessories, like the 100% Waterproof Mattress Cover from Mellanni. 


This premium mattress pad will protect your child’s mattress against all liquids – everything from food and beverages to perspiration and body fluids. The water-resistant TPU barrier provides 100% wetness and stain protection, while the brushed microfiber layer allows air to pass through for added comfort. It’s an ideal addition to a toddler’s bedroom. 

Inspire Activity

Create a Magnetic Wall in Your Kids’ Room

When you upgrade your kids’ bedroom, make changes that will inspire them to play or be active. For example, you could turn one on the walls into a fun magnetic wall or a large chalkboard using chalkboard paint. 


Your kiddies can stick magnets, draw, move elements around, and use their own spaces to learn words or practice writing and drawing. It’s easy to get hold of a roll of magnetic whiteboard covering or blackboard covering these days. Keep them inspired!

Make a Reading Corner in Your Kids’ Room with Floor Cushions

If you throw enough comfy cushions onto the floor in one of the corners, a natural space that invites young kids to lay down and read will appear. Decorate the area with posters related to their favorite stories, leave a pile of books close by, and install a cozy floor lamp for nighttime reading - make this a space for you to enjoy together as each day comes to a close.

Focus your Kids’ Room on Play

You could get ultra-creative and win the mom or dad prize of the year by installing an indoor swing or ball pit in your child’s bedroom. Another option for a funhouse bedroom is a whimsical bed frame in the shape of a pirate’s ship or racing car. 


You could also go all out on a small space for a rock-climbing wall, a bed canopy, a bunk bed slide, or a ceiling-suspended cargo net. Make this bedroom upgrade all about the fun and you’ll have your children entertained for all day long. 


Invest in the Little Touches

Use Wallpaper to Create A Feature Wall in your Kids’ Room

You don’t have to put wallpaper on every single wall from floor to ceiling. The investment doesn’t have to be that great to spruce up your child’s space. Pick a wall as the focal point, cover it with wallpaper, and turn it into a statement piece. Kids love to choose the wallpaper that will dress their personal space, so be sure to include them in the design decisions from the start. 

Wallpaper, Wall Decals, or Wall Stickers for your Kids’ Bedroom?

Paint isn’t the only option when you want to inject new life into your walls. There are a number of other options available on the market that are usually easier, cheaper, and just as stunning as the effect created from the perfect paint. 


You can mix and match the paint on your walls with wallpaper, you can use wallpaper to create a feature wall, or you can wallpaper from the middle up or the middle down, all around the space. And if you’re not a fan of wallpaper, you can add new life to your child’s bedroom by decorating with wall decals or wall stickers.

Buy New Room Curtains

It sounds so simple, but it makes such an instant difference. New curtains will instantly lift a tired room and give your child the change of scene they’re looking for. You can opt to buy readymade curtains or invest in the personalized approach and choose the material to have a curtain supplier make them for you. Play with color, texture, and fabric. Have fun in your kids’ bedroom. Be bold. 

Display Art in Your Kids’ Bedroom

No doubt, your kids have a variety of drawings, paintings and sketches just waiting to be displayed. Use the opportunity to convert their bedroom into a small space with an art gallery. Displaying their works will fill them with pride, add instant life to the space, and make their bedroom a truly personalized area. 


And remember… not all paintings need to be hung on the wall. You can try hanging from small room pegs, from display hangers, and even from the ceiling on lengths of string. 

Turn The Room Into a Night Starry

If there’s one thing that most kids love, it’s the starry night sky. There are a number of creative options for bringing the cosmos into the bedroom, including electric-powered star lights, sticky stars that glow in the dark, and even bedding and curtains that make use of beautiful star patterns. Just have fun!

Final Thoughts

In summary, there are loads of creative things you can do with your little one’s bedroom and the makeover you create today can last him or her for a number of years.. And if you want to keep the upgrade nice and simple, here’s a quick reminder of bedding and bedding accessories that can make all the difference…


  • If you’re a fan of low-maintenance, durable bed sheets, then the 1800 Bed Sheet Set from Mellanni is a great option. 

  • If you’re more interested in buying a beautifully soft bed sheet, then the Jersey Sheet Set, made from naturally breathable material is a great purchase for you. 

  • Mellanni’s Toddler Pillow is a great bedroom accessory for young children, because it’s made with a cotton blend shell and comes with a bonus envelope closure pillowcase. 

  • If you want to invest in a waterproof protection for your child’s mattress, then the 100% Waterproof Mattress Cover from Mellanni is the ideal choice.


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