4 Reasons Every Room Needs a Gorgeous Throw Blanket

4 Reasons Every Room Needs a Gorgeous Throw Blanket

4 Reasons Every Room Needs a Gorgeous Throw Blanket

When you think of a throw blanket, you may not consider it a home essential. You may see it as nothing more than an accessory or maybe just a simple Christmas gift often received from your in-laws.

Here at Mellanni, we see throw blankets as so much more. We assert they are a must-have for hosts, homemakers, or interior design enthusiasts alike. With one bedding item, you are exposed to endless possibilities.

But what exactly is a throw blanket? How does it differ from other blankets? We answer your burning questions and explore the 4 reasons you need a throw blanket this year.

What is a throw blanket?

A throw blanket is a small, portable blanket used to adorn a bed, couch, or chair. 

Throw blankets serve a decorative and practical function. They can be made from a wide range of materials, such as natural fabrics like wool or cotton or synthetic fabrics like fleece or faux fur. 

Sometimes throw blankets are made with a combination of materials. You can find them in various colors, textures, and construction techniques. 

In terms of size, throw blankets are usually big enough to roughly cover an adult human. The exact size varies from blanket to blanket, but the average measurement is around 50 inches x 60 inches. 

What is the difference between a throw blanket and a regular blanket? 

A regular bed blanket is usually large in size (enough to cover a bed) and heavier in weight, while a throw is usually smaller and lighter.

There are several types of bed blankets, including, but not limited to, duvets, comforters, quilts, and coverlets. These types of blankets are usually large and on the thicker side, with the purpose to keep you warm as you sleep in your bed at night. They tend to be bulky and difficult to maneuver, so they are not often removed from the bedroom.

Bed blankets may be changed out as the seasons change. During the cold season, for example, you may opt for a heavy-duty duvet to stay warm. During the warmer season, however, you may swap your duvet for a lighter blanket like a quilt or coverlet.

A throw blanket is a bedding item in itself, serving the purpose of casual comfort and enhancing home decor. A throw is easy to maneuver and can be moved from room to room to help keep people cozy as they lounge on the couch or bed. 

Throw blankets can be used for year-round warmth and decoration. Since they are naturally lightweight, they can just as easily be used in the winter to wrap yourself up next to the fireplace as they can in summer as soft, comforting protection from a cool evening breeze.

4 great reasons to add a throw blanket to your collection

  1. Style

Throw blankets are a designer's dream piece of bedding. They can be used in almost any space: folded over the foot of the bed, draped on the side couch, on full display hanging on the back of a chair, or tenderly placed on a porch rocking chair, bench, or swing.

Since a throw blanket can be found in such a wide variety of colors, textures, patterns, and sizes, it acts as the perfect item to bring coherence, drama, or a touch of style to any room. 

Need a little pop of color to draw in the eye? Need some texture for a more dynamic interior design? A throw is the most affordable, most versatile option. It doesn't take up a lot of physical space but can be used for great visual impact. Throws are easy to manipulate and move around, making them an exceptionally easy design element to work with. 

  1. Warmth 

A throw blanket is much more than just a decorative item. After all, it is a type of blanket, and therefore one of its primary functions is to keep you warm.

Having extra blankets available means that you, your family, and your friends can easily regulate their temperature while spending time lounging in the living space, chatting on the porch, or reading before bed. Throws are perfect because they are easy to drape around your body for extra warmth.

As someone that always runs a little bit on the cold side, this author deeply appreciates a seating area with an easy-to-reach throw. Staying warm indoors can be a year-round struggle, whether it's from the cold weather or the blasting AC.

  1. Cover & protection 

Anyone who is a parent (or a pet parent) knows the pain of seeing a stain form on a difficult-to-wash, once-pristine upholstery. To this day, stains from many moons pasts may still remain, a permanent reminder of why a couch cover is a good investment even if it ruins your living room decor.

A throw blanket can also double as a way to hide a stain from guests or anyone you’re trying to impress while adding protection to your furniture from pet hair or future spills and stains. Throw blankets are generally much easier to clean than a couch cushions. 

And let's be honest, it's not always our pets or little ones that do the spilling. We all have an Aunt Kathy that uses way too exaggerated gestures when drinking red wine on our white couch. An elegant throw precisely placed over the sofa can be a real hero when Aunt Kathy comes around. 

  1. Comfort 

Throw blankets can physically help us regulate our body temperature, but more than that, they are cozy, comforting, and inviting. Having a cozy space to hang out with your family or invite your friends is one of the small joys of being able to furnish your own home. 

Adding a throw blanket to a space instantly makes it feel more inviting. Most throw blankets are soft to the touch, invoking the feeling of warmth and comfort. Throws made from materials like wool, fleece, faux fur, or even extra-soft cotton are perfect for creating a relaxing space.

Even if you, your family, or your guests aren’t feeling physically chilly enough to wrap up in a throw blanket, its presence alone can be cheerful and reassuring. For most of us, interior design also includes an element of allowing a space to feel livable. Give yourself, your friends, and your family a place where they feel like they can let their guard down.

Bottom line

Throw blankets are more than just a "throw" away bedding item (see what we did there). They are utile, versatile, stylish, and an essential part of creating a cozy home. With all that in mind, we set out to create the perfect throw for you and your home:

  • Our Faux Fur & Sherpa 2-Sided Throw Blanket is lush, elegant, soft, and comforting. Talk about a sumptuous blanket! Few fabrics are as cozy as sherpa, and even fewer are as stylish as faux fur—this blanket is the epitome of form and function. It's easy to care for, as well as fade, stain, shrink, and shed resistant. It's truly perfect for any situation which calls for a throw. 


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