The Spring Color Refresh Everyone Needs For Their Bedroom

The Spring Color Refresh Everyone Needs For Their Bedroom

Winter is over, so it's time for a new look. Spring is the season of change and can inspire you to transform your bedroom into a new environment. And what's better to start with than your bed?

Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, so let's make it and your bedding look superb!

Mellanni provides excellent bedding even to fit the spring season.

New Season, New Style

Everyone has their own style. But how do you know if you want a new style?

Lucky for you, we can help you answer this question.

Unsure If You Want Change?

If you're unsure whether you want new bedding and sheets, consider some of the many benefits of having high-quality sheets. The Mellanni Iconic Collection Bedsheet Set, for example, has many amazing advantages on top of coming in various lovely spring colors:

  • Temperature Regulation

    • These sheets are cool during hot nights and warm on cold nights, meaning they are great for use all year round

    • They feel fresh and cool to the touch, creating an inviting bed to crawl into after a long day. They are moisture-wicking &breathable.

    • They are ideal for all kinds of sleepers, even those with sensitive skin.

  • Extra Comfort

    • They are made of the highest-quality, double-brushed microfiber, offering luxurious-feeling bedding at an affordable price

    • These sheets have a ‘silky-soft’ feel, making them super comfortable and a great boost to your sleep after daylight savings

  • Proven Reputation

    • The Mellanni Iconic Collection Bedsheet Set has been tried, tested, and named "Buttery Budget Buy” by Good Housekeeping in 2022

    • They are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning that every component of the product has been rigorously tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals so that you and your family can sleep safely

    • This sheet set has over 300,000 reviews on Amazon from satisfied customers

All of this can make these iconic sheets perfect for you and your room!

Create The Bedroom of Your Dreams 

What kind of space do you want your bedroom to be?

Your bed can significantly influence your bedroom’s aura, so if you don't like the mood created by your bed sheet colors, there's always an opportunity for change. Why not do this with some of Mellanni's finest sheets?

What’s The Purpose Of A Makeover?

A makeover can make your room stand out more, feel bright, and help you keep up with the latest trends...Different tones, textures, and aesthetics can create a cool and original feel to your bedroom and bedding with the right makeover.

Keep Things Fresh!

Tired of seeing the same old boring rooms with plain white sheets? Springing for a makeover can keep your sheets fresh and cool, and ensure that you’re sleeping in the bedding of your choosing and liking.

If you are ready to change things up, our Iconic Collection has some of the best colors for channeling a spring aesthetic. Read on for our tips on how to incorporate them.

Common Aesthetics & Colors

Although there are many colors to choose from, this spring bedding color guide was created to help you choose. Here are some examples of the most popular colors that can be used on their own or as inspiration for bed sheet color combinations to best bring nature indoors.


For a relaxing state of mind, opt for lavender. Lavender emits a peaceful tone that can create a serene space in your bedroom. It's the best color for your bed sheets if you want to be spend time in a tranquil mood. The hue is great as it can remind you of the fresh flowers that the color is based on.

Baby Blue

This light color blue can enhance any gray or other neutral when put in the right pair. As opposed to dark blue sheets, baby blue shade can make your sheets feel fresh and warm, effectively decorating the space. This differs from winter blue with its brighter shades as it's more subdued. The color also creates a calm effect, which makes them one of the best color sheets to opt for. Your bedding can create this calm feeling just by being on your bed!

Blush Pink

This light pink is the best color to have as part of a seasonal bedding set. Its light shade can create the perfect tone for a cozy and soft aesthetic. These warm, light sheets are a staple bedding element for a fun and loving environment.


Spring is all about the rebirth of nature after the previous cold winter months. The end of winter is the end of one season and the beginning of a new one, filled with nature and wildlife. Sage is a wonderful green hue that is a great choice for sheets if you want them to go with many different types of rooms. It can add dimension with its dark green tone and can even hide stains. Also, sage green is a perfect pair to the season as its tones are just as lush green as the plant life outside.


The spring sun is always a bright and warm yellow hue, so match your bed to brighten up your room. Also, yellow sheets are reminiscent of sand on a beach, conjuring images of the warm weather that is to come in the following seasons. This can produce a more energetic mood, so if you want to sleep better and feel happier and more energetic, seeing these brightly-colored bed sheets when waking up can help dramatically! Mellanni’s Iconic Collection Sheet Set in yellow is a perfect choice to opt for if you want to feel joyful and fun the second you wake up.


Our Other Sheet Sets That Are Perfect For Spring

If the Iconic Collection Sheet Set doesn't do it for you, there are plenty of other bed sheets that Mellanni provides.

If you are looking for other soft and comfortable bedding options to get the best possible sleep, look no further than the following sheet sets:

Organic Cotton Bed Sheet Set

This 100% organic cotton bedding set can be purchased as a regular flat sheet or even as printed sheets. They can come in a multitude of shades, including grey sheets. The fabric is specially dyed, so the color sheets stay bright.

The deep pocket design can fit up to 16-inch mattresses, giving them a perfectly snug fit.

These sheets are ideal for cold nights as they provide warmth with natural breathability to maximize your comfort while sleeping.

The double-brushed cotton finish on both sides allows for the sheets to be extremely breathable and gives an ultra-soft feel that lulls you to sleep in comfort. 

100% Flax Linen Bed Sheet Set

The Flax Linen Bedding comes in a variety of colors such as white, gray, and cream. The grey sheets, off white sheets, and white sheets are all versatile options for a monochrome palette and go very well with any bedding. They also have a rustic texture for a ‘shabby chic’ look. 

If your household includes pets or kids, there’s no need to fear – these bed sheets are easy to spot clean and are machine washable. Additionally, these lightweight and breathable sheets become softer with every wash.

These sheets regulate their temperature based on what season it is, so they can be used year-round. However, they are especially ideal for hot sleepers or warmer seasons such as spring.

Final Thoughts

  • With winter gone and spring finally here, it’s a great time to refresh your bedroom for a good night's sleep with the Iconic Collection Sheet Set.

  • There are many colors and shades to choose from in addition to white sheets, including but not limited to gray, brown, beige, and ivory.

  • If the Iconic Collection doesn't suit you, try our Flax Linen Bed Sheet Set and Organic Cotton Bed Sheet Set.

From our family at Mellanni, we hope you have the perfect spring bedding refresh!

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