9 Guest Bedroom Ideas for 2023

9 Guest Bedroom Ideas for 2023

Remember that the guest bedroom isn’t a storage room or the ironing room or a space for other purposes, with a weight lifting bench in the middle. It needs to be a clear and tidy sleeping space; a cozy retreat with enough room for your guest to move around in without bumping into furniture that shouldn't be there. The ideal guest bedroom furniture provides everything he or she needs to hand: a bedside table, a table lamp, and maybe a chair or shoe rack to keep personal items organized. 

If you’re going to create a guest bedroom, then make sure you do it right. We’ve narrowed down some of our best ideas and put together a top nine list of guest bedroom ideas, designed to make your guests feel comfortable, so that they won’t want to leave.

1. First Stop: Pillows and Pillowcases

Rest and relaxation are important for recovering energy, maintaining high spirits, and even taking care of posture, which is why every guest bedroom should be a cozy place brimming with extra pillows. 


If we investigate a little, the history of the pillow is an interesting one and goes back thousands of years. While having always been related to comfort and decorating, the development and innovation of materials and technologies has turned pillows into advanced accessories with specific uses and shapes to choose from.


Style Abounds

Although there are various pillows and pillowcase options currently on the market, there are some designs that we believe to be particularly useful for guest bedrooms and that promote a good night’s sleep. For example, throw pillows and throw pillow inserts are great for adding instant comfort and style to any guest bed.


A Guest Bed Extra

If you’re looking to offer something particularly luxurious, the mulberry silk pillowcase is the ideal touch of chic for guests who want to sleep comfortably and who care about their hair and skin.


Reading Accessories

As its definition indicates, some pillows are carefully shaped to support the lower back and promote an improved posture for nighttime reading. If you know that your guests are avid readers, then prepare for their arrival and do everything possible to keep them free from neck and back pulls. There are many reading pillows on the market to choose from, varying in texture and design, making it easy to find one that adapts to your guest bedroom decorating ideas. 


Baby Pillows

Cozy nursing cushions are one of the most innovative pillow models on the market, revolutionizing the way in which mothers breastfeed their little ones. They provide comfort when feeding the baby, by encompassing the mother's waist and supporting her arms so she doesn’t get tired mid-feed. 


The Mellanni body pillow is ideal for both pregnant and breastfeeding guests, Get bonus points by investing in a pillow of this nature.


2. Your Guest Room Decorating Style

Any interior designer would recommend simple decoration for a guest bedroom. Neutral tones, with spots of color that add warmth to the environment, work best. 


Busy bedding, bright colors, and bold patterns always pose a risk in a guest bedroom because it’s hard to make everyone feel at home amid paint color and decor overflowing with character. Having said that, you can have fun with color when it comes to seasonal decoration. You might want to try warm browns and creams during winter and then fresh greens and whites when summer comes along. 


Keep Guest Room Walls Neutral 

Without a shade of doubt, white or off-white tones are the most appropriate for guest bedroom walls. They guarantee serenity. They keep the environment bright and luminous. They make it easy for guests to fall into a deep, relaxing sleep at night. 


Experiment and Personalize 

When it comes to textiles, it’s much easier and safer to let loose and have a little fun in your guest room. It’s a good idea to have several bedding options available and to use them as a way of personalizing the bedroom a little. With a variety of bedding to choose from, you can mix and match items depending on who’s coming to stay, experimenting with the style of sheets, duvets, throws, cushions, curtains, and pillows. 

3. Flat Sheets, Fitted Sheets & Bedskirts

There’s an important bedding myth to demolish when it comes to bed sheets, because the quality of a bedsheet isn’t necessarily linked to thread count. What’s more, more threads doesn’t necessarily mean softer sheets or more durable sheets. Guests want a comfortable bedroom.


Thread Count

For example, a 300-thread-count sheet made from high-quality cotton might actually be more comfortable than a 600-thread-count bed sheet made from fiber. What we’re saying is that material choice is probably more important than thread count when it comes to bed sheet comfort. It’s also a good idea to choose bed sheets made from highly resistant, anti-allergic, and easy-to-wash material, particularly for a guest bedroom. 


Guest Room Bed Sheet Materials

So, what’s the ideal bed sheet material for your guest bedroom? There’s no perfect answer to this question. It’s a question of personal taste, in the most part, mixed with the type of guest you expect to receive.


  • Egyptian cotton is a very high quality bed sheet material. It’s always usually one of the most expensive, because its fibers are extra-long which translates into one of the most sumptuous and durable sheets on the market.

  • Linen is an ideal choice for warm climates, as it keeps you fairly cool after dark.

  • Microfiber tends to be the most affordable material on the market, but it’s also one of the most durable. A super advantage offered by the microfiber sheet is that it’s wrinkle-resistant. A great example is the 1800 bed sheet set; a low maintenance, wrinkle-resistant bed sheet set that helps you to maintain a crisp-looking guest bedroom all year round. 

Why Invest in a Guest Room Bedskirt?

If you’re trying to design a super chic guest bedroom, but the bed base is old and shabby, or you have a number of items stored under the bed that you’d like to hide from view, then we definitely recommend you spend some extra cash on a Mellanni ruffle bedskirt.


The beauty of this particular bedskirt is that it turns your bed into an elegant focal point of luxury and comfort, while keeping unsightly bed frames and underbed storage out of sight. It’s made from the highest quality, pre-washed microfiber, and the 30” drop skirt is long enough to cover the highest bed frames.

4. Special Ideas for Guests with Little Ones

What about when guests with children come to stay? How do you prepare the guest bedroom for these special moments? 


A Starry Ceiling for your Guest Room

The first unique touch would be to create a guest bedroom designed to help motivate children to fall to sleep quickly and quietly. One super fun option is a magical idea. Try placing glow-in-the-dark stars or small lights on the ceiling. Apart from being a super easy idea to implement, a starry ceiling can help children to drive away nighttime fears and to fall into the deepest of sleeps.


A Children’s Library Space

It’s no news that children love to listen to a story before bed. Just the mere action of laying down together with a good book is enough to bring about a series of deep yawns. Have fun deciding which books to leave in the room and where to display them for easy reach. Choose a variety of books for the space that will inspire teens, pre-teens, kids, toddlers, and babies. 


A Mattress Protector in the Guest Room

Whenever staying in someone else’s home with young children, there’s always the worry that some kind of accident might occur in the bedroom, from wetting the bed to spilling a cup of nighttime water and everything else in between. Relieve your guests of this concern by equipping the guest room with one or more of the various mattress protectors that Mellanni has to offer. It’s a must have!


5. A Guest Room with Adaptable Furniture

Today's homes have fewer rooms and are built smaller. Sometimes, our homes are so small that we’re unable to offer guests a separate room to stay in, but this doesn’t have to stop us from receiving overnight visitors. We just need to think smart and invest in some adaptable furniture items.


Folding Beds 

Folding beds for guests, as an alternative to sofa beds, are becoming more and more common in many homes, offering the opportunity to take advantage of the floor space in the most efficient way possible. In some cases, the folding bed, and other adaptable furniture items, allow guests to stay even when there isn’t a spare room dedicated to visitors.


Similar to the sofa bed, the folding bed occupies 80% less space compared to traditional beds. They come in different formats - vertical, horizontal or double bunks, which are great for multiple guests in a small bedroom - and are sometimes accompanied by a study table, a dresser, or a storage cabinet.


They’re ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and any other room where you can create spacious environments and take care of your guests without sacrificing comfort.

The Pouf Bed

As another alternative to the sofa bed, the pouf bed allows us to take advantage of any space since its dimensions are very small. Its unique design offers plenty of comfort and a great sense of modern style. When used in conjunction with a folding bed, the pouf bed can be the perfect item of furniture to sit on or leave things on during the night.

Folding Beds with Guest Room Extras

Many folding beds available on the market come with cool storage spaces and practical study tables. A small desk can be super useful in a guest bedroom, particularly if you want to receive family members and/or friends who need to study or work on a special project during their stay. Clever storage is also a benefit, because when people come to visit they never come empty-handed. 


6. Guest Room Winter Comforts

When the temperature drops, you’ll want to create a warmer bedroom environment and you’ll need quick and easy ways to do this.

Increase the Natural Fabrics

Think thick-knit blankets, high-quality cotton, soft linens, and wool. Dress your guest’s bed in an inviting combination of these textiles to create a truly cozy space without having to make any drastic changes to decor. We have various duvet covers on offer at Mellanni, designed to really keep guests warm, particularly cold sleepers, during the chilly months, without compromising on style. A fluffy rug or a faux fur throw for added coziness are two more fun ideas for bedrooms during the cold season.

Warmer Room Lighting

Increase the number of lighting options in your guest bedroom, to provide adequate lighting at different times of day and night, and to compensate for the lack of natural daylight we experience during autumn and winter months. Add LEDs, spot lights on the chest of drawers or chiffonier, and decorative or ambient lighting with adjustable switches on the bedside table.


Get More Wood

Wood is one of the best natural materials to use when decorating warm environments. Hang a mirror, add a chair or small bedside table, or spend some money on a wood door. Avoid varnished pieces and instead invest in items that show off original wood grains. Toasty warm!

7. Decorating with Flowers, Candles and Aromas

When guests arrive, they will love seeing fresh flowers that decorate, candles that create intimacy, and aromas that send them into the dreamiest of sleeps. Mikado sticks, aromatic candles, perfumes for bed linens, or aromatherapy diffusers. Brighten, illuminate, and stimulate their senses to match the season and encourage a general sense of wellbeing.

8. What about The Guest Bathroom?

Whether shared bathrooms or private ones, small touches in this space can have a real impact on how guests feel during their stay. When it comes to the bathroom, guests should feel like they’re staying in a small hotel. 


Forgetful Guests

It’s more than likely that your visitors forget to bring something, so always be sure to have helpful toiletries on hand. Shower gel, shampoo, soap, and a toothbrush and toothpaste are a good place to start.


Create a Special Corner

Have fun and be bold with a message board, photos, postcards, a cool poster, or even a world map so your guests can point to destinations they think are right for you. People tend to be more thoughtful in this space. So why not give them something fun and creative to think about!


As Cozy as a Hotel

We know that your house is not a hotel, but why not give it your best shot? Leave nothing to chance and make things easy for your guests, anticipating their needs with the amenities of a five-star establishment. In particular, you should pay careful attention to your guest towels. 


Towels should be soft and fluffy to the touch. You should ideally offer several in different sizes that form part of the same towel set. You can choose to hang them on towel rails, on a towel radiator, fold them in a drawer, or place them in plain view in baskets or boxes, folded to perfection. Creating the perfect visitor experience in this space takes time, patience, and loving care. 


9. Be Creative & Generous with Storage Space

Creating a space for visitors to hang clothes and leave shoes is always appreciated. Living out of a suitcase, even for a couple of days, is very uncomfortable. You don’t need an interior designer to create something special. You just need a little inspiration.

Instead of a nightstand…

Invest in a dresser or a chest of drawers. They take up the same amount of room space, but they offer a lot more storage space for your guests. 

Instead of a wardrobe…

Try a simple metal clothes rack, either free-standing or attached to the guest room wall. Add a few helpful hangers and maybe even paint it to blend in with the decor, thus reducing the feeling of an overcrowded wall space in an instant.


Final Room Thoughts

In summary, guests need a room or space that makes them feel comfortable and looked after. Most guests also like to have a certain amount of independence, so treating them to a few special luxuries is never a bad idea. Let’s review…



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