Housewarming Gift Guide

An Inspirational Housewarming Gift Guide

How do you find the perfect housewarming gift? It’s not an easy task, by any means, but the best housewarming gifts, the most thoughtful housewarming gifts, are those that help to turn a new abode into a snuggly, loving home. So, what better gift for a new homeowner throwing a housewarming party than a luxury treat for the bedroom?

We all love to have somewhere cozy and comfortable to sleep at night, so there’s little doubt that bedding is just the thing for a close friend who has recently moved. The tricky part in choosing a great housewarming gift relates to taste and home decor. 

Details to consider

Do great gifts need to be pet friendly? Do you go for fun, vibrant colors or pastels? Satin sheets or cotton? Will a fluffy duvet or a soft fleece throw match better with the interior design of the new house?

Whatever you choose, you want it to be something that inspires fun and celebration, encouraging your friend or family member to reach for that bottle opener and raise a glass to a well deserved and momentous occasion.

A thoughtful housewarming gift to de-stress

When a friend or family member moves to a new house, bedding is one of the best housewarming gifts - if not the best - because moving homes is stressful. They’ll be busy unpacking for a while, but when they are finally installed, most people need and deserve a period of total relaxation. 

 Bedding, unlike a coffee table or other furniture items, is also the ideal gift for new homeowners moving into smaller spaces. You cannot go wrong with bedding as a housewarming gift for new homeowners. 

 Even when needing housewarming gifts for someone moving into a new space, such as a college dorm, bedding makes sense. Here are five more reasons why bedding is a great gift.

1. Bedding is fun and original 

You’d have to be very unlucky to treat someone to bedding as a housewarming gift, only to discover that they already have that exact same bed sheet and pillowcase set at home. Bedding is an original housewarming gift, filled with individuality and brimming with personalization. 

 So many gifts can end up being kitschy, trendy, and impersonal. Thanks to the incredible rate at which technology develops, high-tech gadgets run the risk of becoming out-of-date in record time. Ornaments and vases aren’t gifts that everyone can enjoy. In a similar way, treating someone to a rug or other furniture item that would be displayed is risky. 

 Bedding is personal, attractive, and highly practical at the same time. While we don’t always expect luxury cotton sheets, when we receive them we’re always surprised and delighted by the idea of a great night’s sleep. Change up potentially boring or disastrous ideas for premium sheets and watch as the lucky new homeowners reach for the bottle opener in celebration.

2. Variety abounds

On a similar note, bedding comes in many styles, colors, and fabrics, even appealing to those with a green thumb. Variety is important. 

 It’s highly unlikely that friends receive the same bedding gift twice, which is a handy factor to bear in mind when attending a housewarming party. But it’s also nice to know that you have room to select the perfect gift for all your friends, whatever their tastes and whatever their housekeeping needs. 

3. Premium bedding lasts 

If you decide to go with bedding as a housewarming present, it’s worth noting that quality bedding pays off. Premium sheets and pillowcases can last years, standing the test of time through wash after wash, without needing special care and attention in between. If you want to give loved ones a present that will stay with them for many years to come, bedding is a truly excellent choice. 

 Make sure to check the thread count of the sheets you buy (more on thread count later on in this blog) and be careful about the type of fabric you choose. Both factors have a considerable effect on the life span of the sheets you choose to give as presents. 

 Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s always necessary to buy the most expensive sheets on the market. There are many quality bed sheet sets that won’t break the bank. It’s also worth noting that there are lots of premium bed sheets available made from microfiber. 

 There’s a false understanding that microfiber sheets aren’t as good an investment as cotton and other fabrics. This simply isn’t true. Some microfiber sheets are extremely high quality and can accompany your loved ones in their new homes for years.

4. Friends and family use bedding everyday

We use bedding every single day. Everyone needs bed sheets and we all need to sleep well. So, why buy a gift that might only be used now and then? Be the person to give the gift that stands the test of time. 

 Treat loved ones to something they will use every day, so that when they’re snuggling down at night or when they’re waking up in the morning, the last and first thing they see is what you chose for their new house.

5. Premium bedding improves sleep quality and makes us feel good

The average person spends one-third of their life sleeping. If we reach 80 years of age, that means that around 26 years - or 9490 days - or 227,000 hours - of our lives are given over to sleep. So, if we don’t sleep well, we will suffer. It’s one of the reasons why premium bedding is such a great gift to offer. 

 When sheets aren’t the right color, or the fabric isn’t to our liking, or they’re destroyed quickly through machine wash cycles, our sleep is affected and, therefore, so is our wellbeing. Giving your loved ones gorgeous sheets to slip into every single night is exactly what they need to stay rested, relaxed, and healthy.

How do you choose the best housewarming gifts?

Choosing a gift isn’t easy. We’re not always sure what’s best for the person we’re buying for and we don’t always know what they already have. 

 Without asking them directly and ruining the surprise for their new home, there are a few tips that can help you find the best housewarming gifts faster. These tips are outlined below.

1. Thread count

Thread count is a number used to describe the threads per square inch of any given fabric. The higher the thread count, the greater the quality of the sheet and the better it feels against your skin. A new home is always deserving of bedroom luxuries.

2. Cotton bed sheets

Cotton is a natural fiber. As such, cotton bedding tends to be softer and more breathable than other synthetic options. It’s also a fabric that can be washed often and at high temperatures. The Mellanni Organic Cotton Sheets set is available in a range of sizes and colors to suit tastes and match the decor of a new house. 

3. Microfiber sheet set

The ​​Mellanni Queen Sheet Set - Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding is a microfiber sheet set that keeps you cool in the winter and warm in the summer. It’s a great gift for a new homeowner whatever the season and a good housewarming gift option to consider if you’re looking for a more economical option. 

4. Percale

Why not treat the lucky new homeowners to a set of percale bed sheets? Percale is a closely woven – 180 or more thread count – plain weave. Sometimes it’s made from cotton, but it can also be made using polyester or poly-blend fibers. 

 The great news for new homeowners is that percale sheets have a high thread count, which means they wash well and last longer.

5. Color

Inject fun and life into your special gift through color. Whether opting for solid, vibrant colors, or soothing pastels and neutrals, do so with confidence. Bedspreads, throws, and cushions are gifts that can really make a bedroom come into its own.

6. Pillows, pillow cases, and other ideas

A Mulberry silk pillowcase can be a really snazzy gift to celebrate a new address. Mellanni’s premium Bed Pillow set is an ideal option for a young couple embarking on a joint adventure in a new house. These pillows are fluffy, yet firm, and generously filled with 100% virgin-grade polyester fiber.

 If you don’t feel very inspired by bedding ideas, a luxuriously soft, ultra-absorbent, and low-maintenance, cotton towel set, might seem more suitable. Mellanni’s 6 Pc Towel Set, made from 100% Terry Cotton, includes two washcloths, two hand towels, and two bath towels. The long-loop pile is highly absorbent for efficient washing and the durable terry weave stays vibrant and intact after every use.

Traditional housewarming gifts for a new homeowner

Some people might argue that the best gifts are kitchen and bathroom-related, as they tend to be fun and low maintenance. The rice cooker is a traditional housewarming gift for a new kitchen. 

Other favorite housewarming gifts include the classic cheese board, ice tongs, a bathroom cleaner, a premium set of new pots and pans, flatware, water rings, a glass cutting board, a wooden cutting board, or a cast iron pan for heavy duty cooking. 

Other ideas include an always pan, dishwasher safe reusable bottles, a variety pack of aromatic bar soaps, pot holders, a funky hot cup for relaxing breakfasts, or a selection of swish-looking dish towels. 

Alternative ideas

Alternative housewarming gift ideas might include a gift box of essential oils, boy smells, girly scents, a gift box of hand soap, a bottle opener, a coffee maker, or perhaps that super classic cast iron grill. But bedding is just so personal and designed to make new homeowners feel relaxed and rejuvenated, that it’s hard to trump.

Get creative!

When you choose to go with bedding as a housewarming gift, you don’t have to stick to the standard bed sheet and pillowcase set. Get creative! Bed linen and innovative bed accessories abound and are compatible with various price points, so be sure to look around and choose a bedding present that your friend or family member will really love. 

If you need some support and a little extra inspiration, we’ve outlined six ideas below that might help to springboard ideas.

1. A super soft throw blanket

Texture is everything at home, which is one of the main reasons why the throw blanket is such a great housewarming gift. These special blankets tend to be made from high quality, luxury materials, including cashmere, silk, and fuzzy yarns. 

 More affordable variations, made from synthetic materials, are also available, which means that you don’t have to break the bank when choosing to treat a friend to these kinds of housewarming gifts. 

The huge variety of throw blankets on offer makes it easy to find the perfect gift for a new space. A modern throw, a bohemian chic, a black and white tone, or a vibrant print. You can also choose to personalize a throw by printing something special: a superhero, a special phrase, the face of a favorite writer, or an inspiring work of art. 

If you’re looking for a present to give during the holiday season, you could even choose to go for a festive design. Take the opportunity to go that one extra step with gift ideas that make the greatest impact.

It’s also worth remembering that throw blankets aren’t just a great addition to the bedroom. Throw blankets can be used in any space in the home and offer great comfort. Some throws are designed to be stain-resistant, water-resistant, and machine washable. Think about the type of person and type of new home you’re buying for and try to find a throw that really fits. 

2. Weighted blankets

There’s a science and an art to giving. It’s not just about what looks good and feels right, but what’s actually going to be useful or make a significant impact to the life of the person you’re buying for. It’s never really about how much you spend, but more about finding housewarming gifts that makes all the difference for a long time to come.

The weighted blanket is a truly great housewarming gift, because it significantly helps to improve sleep in a number of ways. Anyone who suffers from insomnia or disrupted sleep will benefit from the weight of a weighted blanket, offering a heightened sense of security and comfort.  

These blankets can also be really useful for people who suffer from aches and pains. The added weight helps to calm those troubles during the night, promoting an improved sleep quality long term. 

3. An aromatherapy pillow spray

While there’s no science to confirm that pillow sprays are effective in helping people to sleep better, it’s impossible to deny the calming effects to be enjoyed from certain aromatic herbs and botanical extracts, many of which are present in the vast array of pillow sprays on the market. 

An aromatherapy pillow spray, or pillow spray set, makes for a really thoughtful gift --one which you can add to a bed sheet set, as a complementary extra, or one that works as a stand alone option for anyone who really enjoys the magical power of scents and oils. 

4. An oversized luxury pillow for a new homeowner

There’s something ever so indulgent about an oversized luxury pillow. Ordinary head pillows just don’t generate the same impact or offer the same kind of support throughout the night. New homeowners really enjoy the added comfort these special pillows afford. 

The great thing about these super large, extra-long pillows, is the variety available. Aside from color and pattern, oversized pillows are available in a range of materials too. 

These include ultra-soft microfiber and shredded memory foam. Pillow covers come in a range of fabrics, including bamboo, quilted, satin, and cool jersey.

5. A pair of snuggly bed socks

To sleep well, we need to feel warm and snug. If our feet get too cold at night, our sleep might be interrupted. Nobody wants that. 

With that in mind, why not treat your friend to a pair of super snug bed socks? Thick, woolen, in a range of colors, the standard bed sock makes for an excellent present on its own or the perfect complement to a luxury bed sheet set. 

6. A luxury duvet

If you need the perfect housewarming gift for the winter months, then why not go for a luxury duvet? Most duvet types fall into four main categories. 

These are feather and down duvets, wool duvets, silk duvets, and synthetic duvets. As a rule of thumb, duvets are usually available to match all bed sizes, going from a single duvet size all the way up to king. 

Keep in mind that some duvets can be more problematic for allergy sufferers than others, so it’s a good idea to find out if the person you’re buying for is sensitive to dust or dust mites, as an example, before you make your purchase. 

Let’s take a deeper look at each of the four types of duvets in turn.

Feather and down duvets

The most common type of duvet is, without a doubt, the feather and down duvet. They’re warm, snuggly, and they feel luxurious to the touch. The key to choosing the right kind of feather and down duvet lies in knowing the feather-to-down ratio.  

If your feather to down ratio is heavier on the down, it will be lighter in weight. If there are more feathers than down in the duvet you choose, it’ll be a denser and heavier product and much more suited to a winter bedding environment.

Wool duvets

Wool duvets are perfect housewarming gifts for those who suffer from allergies. Wool is, by nature, the ideal filling choice for an anti-allergy present. 

Wool duvets are also chunkier and heavier than feather and down duvets. They retain air really well, which is why they keep you super warm and snug in winter, but cool and fresh during the summer months. 

Most wool duvets tend to be sustainable and are made from recycled materials. If you’re buying housewarming gifts for someone passionate about the planet, this might be a great option.

Silk duvets

If you want to go all out on the luxury element of your housewarming gifts, then opt for a silk duvet. There’s little more indulgent than a silk duvet. 

They tend to be breathable, durable, and noticeably hypoallergenic - although perhaps not as much as wool duvets - and they feel wonderful on the skin. Silk duvets are pure pleasure.

Synthetic duvets

If you need to watch your budget, the synthetic duvet is a really good option. Synthetic duvets tend to be less expensive than the other duvet types previously mentioned. They replicate the quality of feather and down duvets, but they’re stuffed with synthetic fillings, including microfiber and hollow fiber. 

Another great quality of the synthetic duvet is that it tends to be machine washable, so you don’t always have to pay out for a cleaning at the dry cleaners. 

Final thoughts before you wrap

Before you whip out the credit card and make that all-important purchase, bear the following in mind…

  • Home calls are so much more personal when welcoming someone into a new home, but if you have to send your gift through the post, be sure to leave a clear return address stamp on the package, just in case. Things can get lost when on their way to a new address. Our premium Bed Pillow set is a great option when posting your gift, as it doesn’t require a large package. 

  • A house blessed with luxury bedding will always be a happy home. Variety in terms of size and color won’t be a problem with the Mellanni Organic Cotton bed sheet set or the Mellanni Queen Sheet Set - Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding.

  • A new house and a new homeowner are always deserving of an original gift that will last forever. The silk pillowcase range at Mellanni is a novel idea. 

  • If you prefer to go for a more classic gift, we recommend opting for either the Mellanni 6 Pc Towel Set, made from 100% Terry Cotton, or the Mellanni Stainless Steel Flatware range to help spruce up the kitchen environment.

Ready to make some housewarming gift decisions?

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