Trends for Bedroom Decor

Fall 2023 Color Trends for Bedroom Decor

Ahh, autumn! One of our favorite times of year here at Mellanni. As the air starts to crispen and the leaves begin to change, we can’t help but feel inspired by the fall colors all around.

To help you feel as inspired as we do, we’ve compiled this guide to the top fall color trends of 2023 – let's get in the autumn mindset!

Traditional fall color schemes

One of the things we love about seasons is that they help bring about a sense of change and renewal. As the temperature and environment change around us, we adapt. And that’s what a color refresh is all about.

Fall colors

During autumn, nature provides us with an effortless color palette. As the leaves begin to change and pumpkins grow fat on their vines, we are surrounded by rich, warm colors.

If you close your eyes, we're sure a few fall colors will immediately spring to mind: the golden yellow found in falling leaves, the spicy orange of pumpkin pie, and the dark green of the pines and chocolate brown of the forest.

Here at Mellanni, our style team also draws inspiration from the bold red of fall flowers, earthy wood tones such as beige and sage, plus moody hues such as blue which hint at the winter to come. 

How to use fall colors

When it comes to bedroom decor, designing your space is all about creativity, experimentation, and imagination. That said, there are a few basic design guidelines that can help you make the most of your fall color palette. Let’s take a look. 


In interior design, color scheme, or palette, refers to a logical combination of colors used to decorate a space.

Most designers use different proportions of color to help create balance in a room. The 60-30-10 rule is a great jumping-off point for creating this balance: 60% of the room should include a main or dominant color, 30% a secondary color, and 10% an accent color. 

Fall color palettes can include a variety of combinations of colors. Looking at a color wheel is a great way to get acquainted with the various ways colors can interact with each other to create a scheme.

Monochromatic palettes

A monochromatic color scheme is a palette that utilizes a single color but creates variety by using different shades of that color. A monochromatic fall color palette may include a deep, rich red as the dominant color accented by lighter shades of that same hue.

Analogous palettes 

An analogous color scheme utilizes colors that appear next to each other on the color wheel. Orange, yellow, and green are fantastic analogous color combinations for the autumn months. 

Accent colors 

Accent colors are used to highlight the dominant color of the room. 

It may seem logical that an accent color should be bold, bright, or loud -- and sometimes they are -- but the main purpose is to play off the main color of the room. In a room with a bold dominant color scheme, a neutral accent may be the best choice. Accent colors should either contrast or complement the dominant color.

In a fall bedroom, potential accent colors could be gold, orange, black, beige, or chocolate brown.


Utilizing texture is an important and sometimes underrated aspect of refreshing your space. Working with different textures is another way to create balance in a room or elicit a certain emotional feeling. 

Common textures associated with fall decor are wood, wool, knits, baskets, copper, and twine. Natural materials are a great way to introduce a rustic, "September" feel to any fall bedroom. Furry pillows can be used to add warmth to a space, making for a cozy "pre-winter" environment.


We want our bedroom to feel inviting. This usually requires more than just a bed and a lamp. Rugs, artwork, light fixtures, bedside tables, curtains, etc. are all secondary items that provide both form and function.

When updating your bedroom decor, don’t forget to take advantage of the opportunities these items can provide for introducing fall hues or textures into the room.


When all is said and done, the bed is the main star of the bedroom. Bedding is one of the easiest ways to refresh the look and feel of your room.

Changing out bed sheets, duvet covers, throw blankets, decorative pillows, and bed skirts has an instant effect on bedroom decor. Just don’t forget to invest in linens that are good quality and easy to care for so that you can use them throughout the entire season.  

Fall decorating

A fall color refresh doesn't have to be about updating the entire room. We get it -- for some, investing in several paint colors to create a "fall-themed accent wall" just isn't in the cards this year.

And this is where fall decorating comes in.

Simple items such as scented candles, wreaths, flowers, and even leaves can be added to any space to make it feel like a bedroom ready for autumn.

2023 color trends 

It's been quite a year! Post-pandemic, home decor trends have helped reinvigorate the household as an exciting place to return to after a long day. And this season, it's all about color!

Here is our spotlight on our favorite fall color trends for 2023 

Color #1: Persimmon

Persimmon is a vibrant orange color found in the tasty persimmon fruit. Sometimes referred to as kaki fruit, the persimmon is sweet, juicy, and extra-inviting.

Persimmon is an energetic color. It represents excitement, happiness, joy, and adventure. It's one of my favorite rich fall color options to try this year.

How to use persimmon in your fall bedroom

Persimmon can be used as a dominant, secondary, or accent color in your fall bedroom this season. Start with Mellanni’s Microfiber Set (in persimmon) and build from there.

Persimmon Color pairings 

Here are the ideal colors to pair with your persimmon sheets: 

  • Neutral colors: peach, cream, and mild grey 

  • Contrast colors: deep grey, gold, and dark green 

  • Bright white

Texture pairings 

Persimmon works well with foresty textures, such as natural wood and/or plants. Wicker is another excellent texture to compliment this vibrant, smooth orange. 

If you don’t have one already, consider adding plants to your bedroom space to pair with your persimmon bedsheets. If your bedroom doesn't already include wood furnishings and you're not in the market for new furniture, a well-placed wicker basket is perfect to tie the room together. 

Color #2: Sage

Sage is another color inspired by nature. The color sage mimics the robust, aromatic green herb found in most kitchens. Sage is a greenish-yellow color with hints of grey. 

It is a calming color, usually associated with warmth, nature, and growth. 

How to style sage in your fall bedroom 

Is sage your color this season? Here are some tips and tricks on how to style your sage sheets. 

Color pairings 

Sage is paired best with other natural colors. Here are a few ideas of colors to pair with sage in your bedroom:

  • Light brown 

  • Cream 

  • Forest Green 

  • Yellow  

Texture and pattern pairings 

For a calming effect, pair our Iconic Collection Bed Sheet Set in sage with smooth, cream-colored surfaces, or embrace the autumnal colors with our new sage-colored or rust duvet covers.  Candles are also an excellent addition to a sage fall bedroom.

For a more wooded feel, chocolate brown smooth finished wood fixtures are the way to go. 

Color #3: Purple

While not everyone associates purple with fall shades, the moodiness of purple (being a jewel tone) highlights the autumn season with statement and grace.

Purple is a color that is also found in nature, but very rarely. It is associated with drama, luxury, and unexpectedness. 

How to use purple in your fall bedroom

To make the most of purple in fall color schemes, it’s all about pairing. Start with Mellanni’s Iconic Collection Bed Sheet Set in purple. 

Color pairings 

In your fall bedroom, purple should be paired with other deep jewel tones or with traditional warm hues.

  • Other jewel tones: amethyst, turquoise, emerald, or citrine 

  • Warm fall colors: rust or gold yellow 

Texture pairings 

Jewel tones are best paired with shiny or metallic surfaces. When working with purple, introduce an extra mirror into your bedroom or add furnishings with a shiny metal finish. 

For a textural pairing more in line with traditional fall colors, opt for shimmery or metallic gold items. 

Final thoughts 

Fall 2023 is officially upon us. If there was ever a year to refresh the look and feel of your bedroom, it’s this year. 

Our style enthusiasts here at Mellanni are excited about the different bedding options we have available to keep your space feeling comfortable and fresh. 

No matter which color palette you choose to go with this year, we’ve got you covered:

  • For a crisp, comfortable, easy-to-care-for sheet set, check out our Iconic Collection Microfiber Bed Sheet set in a variety of new colors

  • If texture and breathability are at the top of your priority list, opt for our 100% Flax Linen Sheets  – ideal for fall 

  • Our 100% Organic Cotton 400 Thread Count Bed Sheet Set is the perfect cotton sheet set for feeling cozy and environmentally friendly this autumn.  

Happy autumn!

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