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Get Your Guest Room Ready - Create a Cozy Space for Your Visitors

It’s that time of year again! When family and friends come together to celebrate the holiday season. Who doesn’t love having the grandparents spending the night after enjoying Thanksgiving dinner?

Now is the perfect time to get that extra bedroom all set up for overnight guests. At Mellanni, we make it easy to find everything you need to get your guest room holiday-season ready.

Not sure what to include in your guest room? No worries; we’re here to provide you with great tips and advice for creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere for friends and family to enjoy when they stay over.

There are a couple of key things to keep in mind when creating the perfect guest room. There’s no need to over-complicate things. Keep the bedding clean and fresh and use simple decor.


 Mellanni Bedding

Keep the bedding clean and fresh by using breathable bed sheets that won’t overheat at night. No one enjoys sweating in the middle of the night, but no one wants to shiver all night either. If you live in a colder climate, consider choosing flannel cotton sheets that offer a heavier weave to keep your guests cozy all night. Mellanni was awarded Best Flannel Sheets of 2020 by and they are offered in 100% organic cotton.

If you prefer bed sheets that are more versatile, look no further than our internet-famous 1800 Collection Double-Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheets. Microfiber sheets offer the best in comfort, with fabric that is “double-brushed” for an ultra-soft yet sturdy feel. They are great for both hot and cold sleepers, so you’ll be set to host any type of guest. Plus, they were awarded the prestigious Amazon Choice Badge for best microfiber sheets and are the #1 best-seller on Amazon.


Still unsure what sheets to purchase? Click here to find bed sheets that feel just right!


Don’t forget about the pillows!

Many people like to sleep with at least two pillows, so add a few to the bed for your guests to choose from. Check out our Microfiber Pillows, which conveniently come in a two-pack. Having the right type and number of pillows will help your guests sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed. Consider buying Mellanni’s 100% Mulberry silk pillowcases for a smooth, elegant feel that offers skincare properties and helps prevent hair frizz and sweat. We also carry ultra-soft microfiber and cotton pillowcases.

To add an extra layer of comfort and protection to the mattress, consider our Microplush Quilted Mattress Pad or a mattress protector. With comfy quilted squares, our mattress pad acts as a pillow for your whole body providing cozy support all night. Finally, Mellanni’s mattress protectors provide an extra-soft Cotton Terry layer that’s waterproof and resistant to dust mites and allergens. 

Microplush Quilted Mattress Pad

See what others are saying about Mellanni bedding…

@mellanni_fine_linens (Instagram) have made these quarantine months just a little bit more cozy with their hypoallergenic brushed microfiber sheets! They are so good, we even got some for our other beds in the house! - @thesouthernpeony (Instagram)

We got a new mattress and then found the comfiest mattress pad and sheet set ever @mellanni_fine_linens (Instagram)... It’s so thick, plush and incredibly soft! - @simplyminedesigns (Instagram)

 Bedroom Decor

Mellanni Bedding

Keep your guest room decor simple. Don’t overload the space with bright colors or clutter. If you’re painting the walls, use lighter colors such as blue or green to help promote relaxation. Try to keep the space neat and clean. The holidays can be stressful, so be sure to create a place for your guests to feel at ease.

Easily change up the decor by adding pillow shams to the bed. Pillow shams are not just decorative but comfortable too because they are made out of our signature double-brushed microfiber. Featuring a 2-inch flange, our pillow shams are the perfect decorative touch to any bedroom.

Another way to change up the look of any bedroom is with our 5-piece Microfiber Duvet Cover Set. Our duvet covers are made from buttery-soft microfiber and are available in 15 different colors and prints. Their oversized fit can cover mattresses up to 21-inches deep. Once your guests leave, simply remove the cover from your comforter or duvet and throw it in the washing machine -- it’s super easy!

I added an incredibly soft duvet cover and sheets from @mellanni_fine_linens (Instagram). They seriously feel like butter and are hotel quality. - @hellomrshubbard (Instagram)

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Not hosting this holiday season? Bring the perfect gift when visiting friends and family. Choose from our giftable silk pillowcases, microfiber and cotton bed sheet sets, extra soft jersey and flannel sheet sets, coverlet sets, duvet cover sets, and more. All Mellanni products come with a 100% Satisfaction or your Money-Back Guarantee, and all products are backed by our Lifetime Warranty, so you’re always covered!

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