Bedding For The Winter Season

How To Layer Your Bedding For The Winter Season

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It’s the new year and winter is here, which means it’s the perfect time to change up the look of your bedroom. When updating your winter bedding, it’s best to think of it in layers, such as mattress protectors and pads, bed sheets, duvet covers, coverlets, pillowcases, pillows, and bed skirts. This will help you stay organized and help you decide how many or few layers are right for you. If you are a cold sleeper you’ll want to layer up and select thicker fabrics; whereas hot sleepers should pair down and select more breathable fabrics. This will help you achieve your ideal sleeping temperature to keep you comfortable all winter long

Stay warm this winter season and let Mellanni help you create the perfect space to snuggle up for the new year, season, or even just because. Mellanni Fine Linens features a huge selection of bedding collections, including cozy 100% cotton flannel and microfiber bed sheet sets, silk pillowcases, duvet cover sets, and more, all available in an array of colors, patterns, and fabric to suit anyone’s style. And this year, we’re launching exciting new collections and products for all around the home.

Mattress Protection & Bed Sheets

@blindseyj2 (Pinterest)

@blindseyj2 (Pinterest)

When we think of bedding, bed sheets are often the first thing to come to mind, but it’s important to protect your mattress from moisture, pests, and more, so it’s a good idea to start with adding a mattress protector from Mellanni. Also, you can enhance the comfort of any mattress with our microplush mattress pad. Now that your mattress is accounted for, it’s time to choose the perfect bed sheets. At Mellanni, you can choose between 100% natural and organic cotton and ultra-soft double-brushed microfiber bed sheets.

We only use 100% natural and organic cotton, and you have the choice of different weaves, including jersey knit and lightweight and heavyweight flannel for the winter, and coming soon just in time for spring, percale and sateen 400 thread count organic cotton bed sheets. Each cotton weave offers a different level of thickness and breathability, with flannel being perfect for cold sleepers during the winter months. In general, sleeping on cotton bed sheets is great because cotton is lightweight, breathable, and whisks moisture away. For a closer look at the features/benefits of each cotton weave, click here! 

Microfiber bed sheets are ideal for all types of sleepers, but are especially suited for hot-sleepers, with the added benefit of being hypoallergenic, stain-resistant, and super easy to care for. Since we use microfiber that’s 90 GSM and lightweight, it’s also a great option for year-round comfort. Plus, with 40+ colors and designs to choose from, it’s super easy to coordinate with the rest of the room.

Once you choose bed sheets, it’s time to decide on how many and what types of additional bedding layers you want to add, again thinking about your sleeping temperature and preferences. Want to learn more about Mellanni’s selection of bed sheets? Continue the discussion by heading to our article Too Hot? Too Cold? - Find Bed Sheets That Feel Just Right!, for a more in-depth read.

Duvet Cover Sets

Mellanni Duvet Cover Set

 Mellanni Duvet Cover Set

The next layer of bedding to choose from is the duvet cover. What is a duvet cover? Imagine a giant pillowcase that goes over your comforter. This makes cleaning simple because you only need to wash the duvet cover. Each duvet cover also features a button closure and internal ties, which means no more broken zippers, and your comforter stays put through the night. 

Our duvet cover sets are available in our famous 1800 collection microfiber, along with new additions coming soon, including faux fur, shaggy, and organic flannel. Faux fur and shaggy duvet covers can be used without a duvet or comforter inserted as a year-round throw blanket, top cover, or with an insert for an extra fluffy layer of warmth during the coldest winter months. We promise you and your furry friend will never want to get out of bed! Plus, Mellanni makes it easy by offering complete duvet cover sets that also include pillowcases, so everything will match perfectly. Customers love to pair our duvet covers and sheet sets with our 100% Mulberry silk pillowcases! Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of sleeping with a silk pillowcase and check out why it’s a Must-Have Item.

Bedspread Coverlet Sets

Mellanni Navy Coverlet Set

Mellanni Navy Coverlet Set + Silk Pillowcases In Various Sizes/Colors

Many of our customers choose to add a coverlet on top of the duvet cover for extra warmth. This also allows you to add dimension by pairing complementary color/patterns, as well as texture to the look of your bed. Using a coverlet can help keep sleepers extra cozy during cold winter nights and pair down by using just the coverlet if the heat is up too high, and you have no control over the thermostat. Some people use them as a decorative element, so they’re perfect for the guest room to let visitors feel as if they are staying at a boutique bed and breakfast.

The pinsonic technique used in manufacturing gives our coverlets a quilted look that will not unravel. They are made to be oversized, so you’ll have no issues covering your bed. With options available in 11+ designs and four sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect style to suit your desired bedroom look.

Check out the image above featuring Mellanni’s navy coverlet. Notice how nicely the coverlet pairs with our silk pillowcases with piping details.

Pillowcases & Shams

NEW Mellanni Silk Pillowcase Colors

NEW Mellanni Silk Pillowcase Colors

Your pillows deserve some special treatment too! Mellanni has a ton of options available, including microfiber, cotton, and 100% Mulberry silk. Just like our bed sheets, the microfiber pillowcases are ultra-soft and great for all-year comfort. If you prefer a heavier fabric, look no further than our 100% natural cotton flannel pillowcases. They will keep your head comfortable and cozy all winter long. 

For those interested in beauty rest our 100% Mulberry silk pillowcases offer a sleek stylish look that helps keep your skin and hair looking and feeling their best. Your hair won’t feel oily or frizzy, and your skin will stay hydrated, which reduces friction that causes creasing during the night. Check back soon for exciting new colors, including peacock blue, light green, ivory & navy, beige, light blue, and lilac.

Mellanni Pillow Shams

Mellanni Pillow Shams

Add a pop of color and depth to the look of any bed by adding a couple of pillow shams. Mellanni offers a collection of microfiber shams featuring a 2” flange and available in ten colors. Plus, if you purchase one of the duvet cover sets, matching shams are included. Most shams are used for decorative purposes and not meant for sleeping on.

Bed Skirts

Mellanni Bed Skirt
Mellanni Bed Skirt
If you have open space under your bed, consider buying a bed skirt. This will help create an organized look and bring the room together. The best part is you can use a bed skirt to create extra hidden storage.

Mellanni bed skirts are made from 100% high-quality microfiber and designed with a smart-looking pleat and a 15” tailored drop. They also help reduce dust that can accumulate under your bed and cause allergies. With nine different available colors, coordinating with the rest of your bedding is a breeze.


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Start the season right by using layers to create the perfect winter bedding set with Mellanni. Shop our microfiber and 100% natural and organic cotton bed sheet sets, coverlet sets, duvet cover sets, and more. All Mellanni products come with a 100% Satisfaction or your Money-Back Guarantee, and all products are backed by our Lifetime Warranty, alongside world-class customer service, so you’re always covered!

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Janice Dana
Janice Dana

I purchased a bedsheet a few months ago and have never slept on sheets that were so soft. I will definitely purchase more sheets.

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