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How to Make a Bed in a Proper Way?

  1. Prepare your bedding items. This generally includes a bed skirt, mattress pad, fitted sheet, top sheet, duvet, pillows, and any extra blankets you may place on the bed. Make sure your duvet is covered and your pillows include pillowcases. 

  2. Begin with the bed skirt and mattress pad. The bed skirt goes between your mattress and boxspring. Mattress pads should be placed securely on top of your mattress. 

  3. Secure your fitted or bottom sheet over the corners of your mattress, moving from one corner to the next until the mattress is covered. Take notice that the elastic corners fit snuggly! Having properly sized sheets is essential for this step. 

  4. If you use a top sheet or flat sheet, spread it upside-down over the fitted sheet and tuck it under each corner at the foot of the mattress. Tuck the entire bottom width of the hanging sheet, as well as up along the sides of the bed. For the best results, use hospital corners. 

  5. Place your duvet over the bed, ensuring it hangs evenly off the edges of the mattress. Fold-down the top of the duvet along with the top sheet for show. 

  6. Arrange your sleeping and decorative pillows between the headboard and the top section of your duvet.

  7. Smooth any wrinkles and add an extra blanket at the bottom of the bed for warmth or a pop of color.


Do I Need to Make My Bed?

One of the secrets to a good night’s sleep is a comfortable sleeping environment.

Making the bed helps ensure that your bedding stays in place so you can sleep through the night without getting tangled in loose sheets or finding that your feet pop out and get chilly. 

Making the bed is also a great way to start your day, allowing you to accomplish a task first thing in the morning.

Additionally, making the bed means that your sleeping space looks neat and clean, bringing balance and peace to your bedroom and household. 

Is There a Proper Way to Make the Bed?

While there are some widely agreed-upon conventions, some bed-making techniques come down to personal preference.

For example, if you prefer snuggling into a tightly made bed at night, you may want to make your bed by tucking the duvet under the mattress along with the top sheet. If you prefer a looser fit, it's not necessary to tuck your duvet.

If you want to recreate the look and feel of a hotel-style bed, try using hospital corners to tuck the top sheet. That said, if a slightly more relaxed fit works for you, tucking the corners of the sheet with any method will also work just fine. 

What Are Hospital Corners? 

Hospital corners refer to a specific method of tucking your top or flat sheets under the mattress. This method makes your bed look extra-crisp and neat. It’s the method hotel’s generally use to make the bed. 

Here are the steps to creating hospital corners on your bed at home:

  • Start by tucking your top sheet or flat sheet under the width of the bed at the foot of your mattress. 

  • Grab the loose part of the sheet on the length side of the corner and lift at a 45-degree angle.

  • Hold this piece on top of the bed (it should form a triangle shape) and then tuck the excess material under the mattress securely. 

  • Pull the remaining triangle shape down and tuck. 

How Do I Make a Bed with a Footboard?

Making a bed with a footboard is the same as making a bed without a footboard. 

You may need to come up with some creative maneuvers to navigate tucking sheets, especially around corners of the bed. It may also help to lift the mattress slightly to accommodate the tighter space.

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Make a Bed

Prepare your bedding items 

Before you set out to make the bed, you should collect all of the necessary bedding items you plan to place on the bed.

While it's common to add or remove specific items depending on your needs, let’s take a look at the common bedding pieces required to make your bed.

Bed skirt 

A bed skirt is also known as a dust ruffle or valence. The bed skirt goes under the mattress and covers the box spring. The main purpose of bed skirts is to hide the box springs under the mattress, but they are also used for decorative purposes.

Bed skirts come in a variety of colors. Some bed skirts are “full-stye”, meaning they have ruffles on all four sides of the fabric. Others are only three-sided, as most people aren’t able to see the bedskirt at the head of the bed. 

Mattress pad

A mattress pad may also be referred to as a mattress topper or underpad. Mattress pads are secured above the mattress and under the fitted sheet to make your bed feel more comfortable. 

Mattress pads can sometimes double as mattress protectors, helping to keep dust, dust mites, dirt, or spills from soiling your mattress. That said, not all mattress protectors function as mattress pads. 

Fitted sheet

The fitted sheet, also referred to as the bottom sheet, is the sheet that goes between you and your mattress. 

When purchasing sheets, it's highly important to get the correct size sheets for your mattress. If you aren't sure of your mattress size, measure ahead of time.

Top sheet

The top sheet, also known as the flat sheet, is the sheet that goes between you and your duvet.

Some sleepers do not find that top or flat sheets are necessary, as the duvet cover acts as a sufficient barrier between your body and the duvet insert. 

At the end of the day, whether to use a top or flat sheet underneath the duvet cover usually comes down to personal preference.

Duvet & duvet cover

A duvet is a type of comforter that is usually stuffed with a down or down alternative filling. Some use the words “duvet” and “comforter” interchangeably.

A duvet almost always requires a separate cover referred to as a duvet cover, which is easy to take on and off for washing or for changing bedroom decorum. 

Pillows & pillowcases

Pillows come in all shapes and sizes, from standard pillows to body pillows, Euro pillows, and other decorative options.

The number of pillows used to make a bed can depend on bed size, personal preference, and whether decorative pillows are included. Most people opt for two sleeping pillows per person.

Decorative pillows, such as throw pillows or Euro pillows, are used as adornments.  For a twin bed, one Euro pillow is generally a good rule of thumb, for a double or queen bed opt for two, and for a king bed go with three.

Pillows should be covered with removable pillowcases to protect the pillow and make washing easier. This includes pillows that are just for show, which are usually fitted with pillowcases known as decorative shams or Euro shams.

Throw blanket

An extra blanket, or a throw blanket, is sometimes added to the foot of the bed for extra warmth.

These blankets can also elevate the decorum of the entire bedroom by adding a pop of color or tying the room together.

Tips & Tricks 

  • The quality and material of your bedding will affect how comfortable you are while you are sleeping. Invest in high-quality and comfortable bedding, taking into consideration the season and if you tend to run hot or cold during the night. For example, hot sleepers should opt for bedding choices that are breathable, such as cotton sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers. Cold sleepers may prefer microfiber or flannel bedding options.

  • Clean your sheets regularly. Most people wash their sheets at least once a week. Keeping your bed clean promotes healthy sleep and good hygiene.

Start Making the Bed, First by Placing the Bed Skirt and Mattress Pad 

The bed skirt is the first item you'll need to place while making the bed. To add your bed skirt, you’ll need to remove the mattress from the frame or box spring.

Once you’ve removed the mattress, place the bed skirt accordingly. If you have a three-sided bed skirt, orient the fabric so that the side without the ruffles is facing the headboard. 

Return the mattress to the frame. Place your mattress topper on top, making sure it’s aligned correctly and that it’s properly secured.

Tips & Tricks 

  • Look for mattress pads with all-around elastic (for example, Mellanni’s excellent microplush mattress pad to ensure it fits perfectly on your mattress without moving around during the night. If your mattress pad does not have elastic, you will need to purchase a non-slip pad to keep it in place. 

  • Invest in a mattress protector. Some mattress toppers may also protect your mattress, but if you don’t use a mattress pad or aren’t sure if your mattress pad is also a protector, consider investing in a separate mattress protector.

Secure the Fitted Sheet to the Mattress

Orient your fitted sheet so that the corners match. Starting with the head of the bed, pull the elastic corners of the sheet snuggly over the respective corners of your mattress. 

If you have a thick headboard or footboard, you may need to lift your mattress slightly to get the sheet to fit correctly.

Make sure that each elastic corner is properly pulled over all four corners to avoid slippage during the night.

Tips & Tricks 

  • Be sure to purchase the correct size sheets. Sheets that are too big or too small for the size of your mattress may slip off during the night, making it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. 

  • Opt for fitted sheets with deep pockets. This is especially useful if you have a thicker or fluffier mattress pad, which adds volume to your bed. If you notice that your fitted sheets tend to slip during the night, take a look at Mellanni’s stretchy and comfy Jersey-knit sheet set, which comes with an elastic-all-around fitted sheet that stays put. 

Place Your Top Sheet

Not everyone agrees a top or flat sheet is necessary to use in a perfectly made bed. That said, it’s still common for many sleepers to make the bed using a top sheet. 

After the fitted sheet is secure on your mattress, spread the top sheet upside down across the top of the bed.

Why upside down? Later on, when you fold down the top sheet and duvet at the head of the bed, the full color or design of the top sheet will be clearly visible.  

Tips & Tricks 

  • If you’d like a clean, neat look, use hospital corners to tuck the sheet into the mattress.

Place Duvet Over the Bed 

Lay your duvet or comforter over the top of your entire mattress, making sure the loose edges are distributed an equal amount around all sides of the mattress.

At the top edge of the bed, near the # down so that the underside of the top sheet can be seen laying on top of the duvet.

Smooth as needed.

Tips & Tricks 

  • Be sure to use a removable duvet cover, which protects your duvet from sweat, dirt, accidents, and spills.

  • Look for a duvet cover that comes with a matching set of shams to get that perfect cohesive look. Mellanni's hotel-quality duvet cover set, for example, comes with a beautiful, clean-looking duvet cover with dark grey embroidery and matching detail pillow shams.

Arrange Sleeping Pillows and Decorative Shams

Once you've situated your sheets and duvet cover, it's time to add your pillows! Depending on your bed size and preferences, most people sleep with one or two standard pillows per person.

Arrange sleeping pillows first, placing them between the headboard and the folded duvet/top sheet. 

If you like to keep decorative pillows on your perfectly made bed, add them accordingly, making sure to fluff them in between sleeping sessions.

Tips & Tricks 

  • Invest in the right pillows for you. If you are pregnant or experience pain while you sleep, consider investing in a body pillow case

  • Since the pillowcase is where you lay your head at night, you want to have a pillowcase that is comfortable and easy to take care of. Most sheet sets come with matching pillowcases, but for extra pillows or those with sensitive skin, it's worth having an extra set. We recommend silk pillowcases, which do wonders for the skin and hair and are more affordable than buying a full silk sheet set.

Smooth Any Wrinkles & Add Blankets 

You're almost there! The last step is adding those finishing touches.

Use your hands to smooth any obvious wrinkles, adjust or tuck any excess fabric hanging along the side of the mattress, and arrange any extra blankets, such as a throw blanket, at the bottom of the bed.

Throw blankets are usually folded and laid either parallel or diagonally across the foot of the bed, depending on preferences

Tips & Tricks 

  • Look for snuggly throw blankets that can also wrap around your shoulders when you’re reading or hanging out in bed. We love our faux-fur sherpa throw blanket just for this reason!

  • Throw blankets provide the perfect opportunity to add a splash of color to the room, especially if you prefer to opt for sheets in neutral colors such as white, black, or cream-colored.

Mellanni’s Recommendations

Here are some of our top bedding choices for a perfectly made bed. 


Mellanni Organic Cotton Sheets

Quick stats:

  • Long-staple, hypoallergenic, and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton sheets

  • 400 thread count, sateen weave

  • Deep pocket design with all-around elastic

  • Comes in a variety of colors

Mellanni Queen Sheet Set - Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding

Quick stats:

  • Made with hypoallergenic microfiber fabric

  • Wrinkle, fade, and stain-resistant

  • Super soft, comfortable, and perfect for the crisp, hotel look

  • Easy to care for

Jersey Knit 100% Cotton 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set

Quick stats:

  • Made with 100% OEKO TEX Certified Cotton

  • Deep pockets with all-around elastic

  • Incredibly soft, comfortable, and stretchy

  • Easy to care for


Mellanni’s Premium Bed Pillow 

Quick stats:

  • Set of 2 pillows

  • Made with a breathable, moisture-wicking cotton-blend shell

  • Stuffed with 100% virgin-grade polyester fiber, a down alternative

  • Firm, yet fluffy with a quick rebound

  • Made in an Oeko-Tex certified factory

Mellanni’s Premium Body Pillow 

Quick stats:

  • 54” long

  • Stuffed with 100% virgin-grade polyester, a down alternative

  • Breathable, moisture-wicking cotton-blend shell

  • Machine washable

  • No-shift construction


Mellanni’s Silk Pillowcase

Quick stats:

  • Made with 100% natural mulberry 19 momme silk

  • High-quality, breathable, and hypoallergenic

  • Perfect solution for curly hair or sensitive skin

  • Machine washable

  • Comes in a wide variety of colors

Mattress pad

Microplush Mattress Pad

Quick stats:

  • Quilted and overstuffed for maximum comfort

  • Deep fit pockets and all-around elastic

  • 100% hypoallergenic and easy to care for

  • Fits mattresses 16" deep

  • Protects mattress from dirt, dust, and dust mites

Duvet covers

Hotel Quality Duvet Cover Set

Quick stats:

  • Includes 1 duvet cover and 2 pillow shams

  • Made with extra soft, double-brushed microfiber fabric

  • Hotel grey color base, with elegant dark gray embroidery

  • Duvet cover secured with high-quality buttons and ties

  • Easy to care for, fade, stain, and wrinkle resistant


Faux Fur & Sherpa 2-Sided Throw Blanket

Quick stats:

  • Made with 100% faux fur and sherpa

  • Double-sided design for versatility

  • Fade, stain, shrink and shed resistant

  • Easy to care for, machine washable

  • Extra soft and cozy


For some, making the bed every morning may be an integral part of our morning routine. For others, it may feel like a necessary chore that we complete to maintain a healthy and neat sleeping environment.

There are many benefits to making a bed, including better sleep, the perpetuation of productive habits, and simply having a nice, clean, comfy bed to crawl into after a long day. 

But how to make a bed perfectly? Here’s a recap of the 7 steps on how to make a bed, courtesy of Mellanni's team of sleep experts:

  1. Prepare bedding items first, paying special attention to material and quality

  2. Start with the bed skirt and mattress topper 

  3. Secure fitted or bottom sheet to the mattress, making sure to tuck securely on all four corners

  4. Add top or flat sheet and tuck accordingly at the foot of the bed and along the sides

  5. Place duvet and fold down near the head of the bed

  6. Add pillows 

  7. Smooth and finish with a throw blanket

Are you looking for the perfect linens for mastering bed making? We’ve got you covered! 

  • For the best quality, breathable organic bed sheets, check out our superb organic cotton bed set

  • Aiming for that crisp, clean, perfectly made hotel-quality bed? Opt for our luxury 1800 sheet set.  

  • For the best fit and that comfy t-shirt feel, go with our jersey-knit 100% cotton sheet set

  • Finding the perfect pillow is just as important as finding the perfect sheets. That’s why we’ve recently launched our super soft, yet perfectly firm bed pillow to complement your perfectly made bed. 

  • If you’re a pregnant mother, struggling with joint pain, or simply like to have something extra to squeeze, we’ve got the perfect body pillow just for you.

  • Want to give your skin and hair a little extra love while you sleep? Our silk pillowcases are here to help. 

  • For an extra comfy sleeping experience that’ll leave you feeling like you’ve just slept on a cloud, check out our favorite microplush mattress pad.

  • Our hotel collection duvet cover is the ideal match for our 1800 luxury sheet set, especially if you are going for that hotel feel.

  • We recommend our super-soft faux-fur throw for all seasons to add comfort and contrast to your well-made bed. 

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