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Tips and Tricks To Keep Sheets Smelling Fresh

There's nothing quite like falling asleep in a bed of lavender. For those of us that don't live in the south of France, this might seem more like a fantasy than reality. Making sure you have clean sheets to climb into every night is simple if you follow some easy steps to protect your bedding during washing, storing, and using. With these tips and tricks, you can enjoy that crisp clean feeling and have a restful night of sleep to wake up energized.

Washing Tips to Freshen Sheets

Clean your washing machine

Getting the freshest possible bed sheets starts with your washer and dryer. Although it might seem like your washer is clean it could have mold and other bacteria inside. Always keep the lid open when you aren't using the washer to allow air circulation and prevent it from getting musty. Skip filling the washer with clothes and run the machine with distilled water and white vinegar to deep clean every nook and cranny. This will help rinse out any built-up dirt or mold. 


Take out the dryer lint

Your dryer could also be the culprit if your linens are smelling less than fresh. Wipe the inside with a dry cloth to avoid residue and lint getting stuck on the walls that will end up on your sheets. It's important to also remove the lint filter and clean it with water and liquid detergent. Let the filter dry completely before replacing it. 


Wash on a schedule

How often do you need to clean your sheets? Some might think that you need to wash your sheets weekly but experts say that that's not necessary. Changing them every other week is good enough to maintain your bed with freshly laundered sheets. It's always a good idea to have a few sets of fresh clean sheets so that you're always prepared for a surprise guest. Nothing makes a guest feel more special than slipping into the Mellanni Queen Sheet Set - Hotel Luxury 1800 Bedding made with the highest quality double brushed microfiber that's designed for year-round temperature control. 


Choose the right detergent

Use a good-quality laundry detergent that will be gentle on the fibers of your bedding and leave a relaxing smell for a good night's sleep. There are many different laundry detergent options on the market so try out a few to find the scent you like best. Another way to boost freshness is to use scented crystals along with your detergent to give sheets an extra burst of fragrance, 


Act fast

Washing days are crucial for keeping your sheets fresh. When you hear the washing machine turn off, take out the clean sheets right away to dry. Putting the wet sheets out to line dry or in the dryer as soon as possible is important so that they don't start to smell. If you´ve ever forgotten to take the sheets out, you know what it's like to come home to a wet and wrinkled mess. 


Line dry your laundry

The line dry method ensures clean smelling sheets, naturally. The sunshine does wonders for killing bacteria and leaving your bedding extra clean. The line drying method can save you money by using less energy even if it takes a few hours to achieve completely dry bedding. If you live in a sunny, dry climate, take your sheets outside next time to dry. You can dry your sheets inside with a clothes horse if you don't have outdoor space available. 


Use dryer sheets 

This laundry aide will infuse your linens and towels with a relaxing scent. There are a wide variety of products on the market but you can also make your own. DIY dryer sheets can be personalized with just the right balance of scents when you add an essential oil. This method also helps to avoid residue in your machine that gets left behind when using the chemical alternatives. Make a positive impact on the environment and save money when you use natural products. Keep reading to learn how to make yours.


Try tennis balls

It may seem like an urban housekeeping legend but tennis balls really do work to soften fabrics. Toss a few balls into the dryer and you´ll be surprised just how soft they are when they come out without the use of a fabric softener. Use low heat so that the rubber in the tennis ball doesn't burn. Spray the balls with essential oils and you won't feel like you´ve missed out on the clean feeling of chemical fabric softeners. 


Remove stains naturally

Do you love to have your cup of coffee in bed? If you're prone to spilling, getting rid of stains quickly is key to keeping your linens smelling fresh. Cover the stain with drops of vinegar or any liquid detergent and let it sit for twenty minutes. Next, rub the area with a microfiber cloth and warm water to rinse out the rest. 


Storage for fresh smelling bed sheets

Wash bedsheets before storing

Just like your clothes, it's always a good idea to clean your sheets before storing them away to be used. When you open up your linen closet you'll be able to quickly grab some freshly laundered sheets for your bed and not have to do the old ¨smell test¨ to see if they are clean. 


Store them dry

Make sure your bedding is bone dry before storing them. Wait until they are completely dry to prevent odors from trapped moisture. The same tip works for towels and other household linens. 


Let them breathe

Your storage space should have good ventilation. A stuffy space restricts airflow and can cause a bad odor to develop over time. Cotton bags and closets are good places to store sheets while plastic containers trap the air inside and don´t breathe very well. 

Fold or Stuff?

Raise your hand if you've ever just stuffed the bedsheets into the closet. Now, we are all busy but we know that it's best to fold bedding to store them. Sheets don't need to be folded perfectly, but it's better than cramming them into a small space where they'll wrinkle and the fabric won't be able to breathe because of improper air circulation. Mellanni Queen Jersey Sheet Set is easy to care for. This set can be machine washed cold, tumble dried on low, and don't worry about precise folding. These sheets get softer every time you wash them making you feel like you're sleeping in your favorite t-shirt every night. 

Make a rotation

Having several sets of fresh sheets ready to go in your linen closet is a fantastic way to keep your bed smelling clean. It's recommended that you use different types of bedding depending on the season. For winter try the Mellanni 100% Organic Cotton Flannel Sheet Set in Heavyweight. These warm bed sheets are ideal for cold nights. They keep you toasty to maximize your comfort while sleeping. If you are a hot sleeper your best bet is the Mellanni 100% Cotton Flannel Sheet Set in Lightweight which has natural breathability. Both of these soft sheet sets come in a variety of colors. Grab as many colors as possible to remember which linens you have in your rotation. 

Add a box of baking soda 

Baking soda is a household necessity that has withheld the test of time. Not only is this product great for removing stains but keeping a box of baking soda in your linen closet can help remove odors, just like it does in your refrigerator. Baking soda can also be used to clean your sheets in the washing machine or your mattress. This solution is an all-natural and affordable way to keep your storage place smelling fresh. 

Use dried aromatics

Dried flowers and herbs are super fragrant and can give your storage area a fresh pleasant aroma. Stash a few sachets filled with dried thyme, roses, lilac, and more between linens and towels. DIY friend flower and herb sachets also make great gifts!

Keep your bed smelling fresh 

Clean your mattress

A mattress is a big investment. Doing a deep cleaning every 6 months to help them last as long as possible. Use the vacuum cleaner's upholstery attachment to clean the surface and sides of the mattress. Next, treat any stains with a stain remover. Then cover the surface with baking soda and leave it there for a few hours to deodorize the mattress. Massage the baking soda into the mattress to get out stubborn dirt. Finally, vacuum off the baking soda and do it all again on the other side. This process cleans dead skin and dust mites.

Top it off

Putting a mattress topper on your bed is one of the best ways to protect them from stains. When we sleep we shed dry skin and sweat, which is no problem for our bedsheets because we wash them regularly. Mattresses benefit from having an extra layer to prevent stains as well. Our mattress doesn't need to be washed as regularly, so adding an extra layer between you and your mattress will only make it last longer.

Wash your pillows, duvet, and cover

All parts of our bed are prone to dust mites and need to be washed to have clean smelling bedding. Pillows, duvets, and covers need to be washed every 3 months. If you have down feather pillows or duvets, take them to a professional dry cleaner to wash them so you don't risk damaging them. Synthetic pillows and duvets are easier to care for and can be washed at home in your washing machine. Don't forget to toss your duvet cover and mattress cover in the wash as well. 

Get the right bedding

The first step in having the best smelling bed sheets is to select the right sheet set. When buying linens, consider the type of fabric and the weave. Mellanni Organic Cotton sheet is an excellent choice for maintaining fresh smelling bedding because they are made with 100% certified organic, long-staple combed cotton which is breathable and durable. This set comes complete with a top sheet, fitted sheet, and cases for pillows. 

Invite freshness into your room

Allow fresh air-flow

Proper ventilation in your bedroom is key not only for a good night's sleep but for the other 16 hours of the day when you are out of bed to give you sheets time to breathe. If possible, open the window to let air come in. Keep your bedroom door open during the day as well so that the stale air, dust, and dirt can leave the room. 

Let the sunshine in

Along with fresh air, letting in some sunlight can help freshen up your bedding. Giving your bed some sunlight can have a positive impact on it's odor because the rays of the sun can eliminate bacteria that cause bad smells to form. So, open the window and let the sunshine in during the day for fresh and delightful smelling sheets at night. 

All-natural solutions for fresh linens

Using products that are good for your health and better for the Earth will not only make you feel better but your wallet will thank you too. Natural laundry products are cheaper and you probably have everything you need to make these swaps in your home already. If you have sensitive skin or are a hot sleeper, these tricks will instantly give you clean smelling sheets. 

The natural solution for fabric conditioner

White vinegar can be used as a fabric conditioner and can even replace detergents. Vinegar contains acid that makes your bedding stiffer and fresh by breaking down residues. The best way to use vinegar for laundry is a 1:1 ratio with water so that the fiber stays strong. Remember that you should only use white vinegar to eliminate odors on sheets, towels, and clothing.  

Scented oils for fresh bedding

Essential oils are wonderful additions to natural cleaning products all around the home. They not only have a fresh smell that can also aid in sleep and mood but can also have bacteria-fighting properties. According to the Mayo Clinic, essential oils work by "stimulating smell receptors in the nose, which then send messages through the nervous system to the limbic system — the part of the brain that controls emotions." Scent can help your body and mind relax and boost emotional well-being. 

Best oils to use for fresh sheets

Choosing which oil to use is personal and depends on your taste and preferences. Some oils are better suited for sleep and relaxation like lavender, chamomile, patchouli, valerian, and clary sage. Other oils work as powerful deodorizers like cinnamon bark, citronella, lemongrass, and tea tree. Consider making your own essential oil blend to create a personalized relaxing scent to add to DIY linen spray and dryer sheets. Experiment with different oils to make a blend with the right balance for you. 

Make your own linen spray bottle

Having a linen spray bottle on hand will ensure that your linens stay fresh between washes. While making your bed give your fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillows quick spray and they'll be fresh when you get into bed at night. Here's what you'll need to make your fabric sprays:

  • A spray bottle 

  • 1 ½ cups distilled water

  • 3 ounces vodka or witch hazel

  • 30 drops of your desired essential oil 

Combine these ingredients and give the spray bottle a shake every time before you use it. Make a spray bottle for every bedroom in the house to keep on the bedside to get your sheets fresh in a flash. 

DIY dryer sheets

Conventional dryer sheets are filled with harsh chemicals that can leave build-up on your dryer and the lint tray. To make your own you'll need a piece of cotton cloth, water, and a few drops of essential oils. Dampen the cloth and wring out the water, then add a few drops of your oils to give them a clean scent. Toss in the DIY sheets during the last few minutes of the drying cycle to let the fresh smell infuse with the fibers of the linens. 


Maintaining fresh bedding is easy to do if you have sheets for the right season that are easy to care for. 

As a quick recap, we recommend:

  • Frequently cleaning your washing machine

  • Always making sure to remove the dryer lint

  • Washing on a schedule

  • Choosing the right detergent

  • Never leaving you laundry in the washer

  • Line drying your laundry when possible

  • Using dryer sheets

  • Removing stains as soon as possible with vinegar or liquid detergent

  • Washing bedsheets before storing

  • Adding baking soda into your wash

  • Using dried aromatics

And so many other useful tips!

In addition, we recommend investing in high quality sheets like Mellanni 100% Organic Cotton Flannel Sheet Set or 100% Organic Cotton 400 Thread Count Bed Sheet Set, dependent on the season.

With these suggestions, you'll be able to keep your sheets fresh and increase the lifespan of your bedding. Take care of your sheets and discover what scent takes you to your happy place. 

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