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The Best Low Maintenance Sheets

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Intro The Best Low Maintenance Sheets

For as much time of our lives as we spend sleeping, we tend to think of the elements of bedding – sheets, pillows, even mattresses – as things we can skimp out on. And that’s a bit odd, no? These sleeping accessories that accompany us in our periods of rest, that have the ability to maximize that rest and help us face the world in the morning, are things that a lot of people don’t think about very often. 

Let’s take bedsheets, for instance. Most everybody agrees that there’s nothing like a fresh set of sheets, and that lying down on a set of soft, comfortable bed sheets is one of the best feelings in the world. Everyone  knows this instinctively. Yet there’s also this surprising widespread hesitation to actually do the research and find the best possible sheets. Most people seem to adopt a “this is good enough” mentality, often opting to go with the first thing they find, not realizing that this choice actually affects their lives in a number of different ways.

Because it’s not just about the amount of time you actually spend sleeping on the sheets, it’s also about the amount of time you spend caring for them. What you really want is high-quality sheets that are also low-maintenance without breaking the bank. And if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably looking for pointers for how to find those. You’re in luck, because we’re here to help.


What makes sheets low-maintenance?

What you really want from your sheets – apart from accompanying you in your restful slumber – is to make your life easier. That means that you want sheets that are easy to take care of, and that don’t require complicated rituals in order to keep them feeling soft and comfortable. If you’re spending too much time trying to make sure your sheets stay wrinkle-free and looking nice, it kind of defeats the purpose.

You might’ve heard people extol the virtues of bamboo sheets. And bamboo fabric can be a  good option, they're often quite comfortable and luxurious sheets. But bamboo sheets are the exact opposite of “low-maintenance”; properly caring for bamboo sheets could almost be a part-time job in of itself, with very specific washing instructions, shrinkage, and a tendency to wrinkle quite easily. So if you’re looking for the best bedsheets that strike a balance between comfort, reliability, and affordability, while also being wrinkle free sheets, bamboo sheets are out of the question.

So let’s set bamboo bed sheets aside. What about flannel bed sheets? Flannel sheets are pretty low-maintenance on the whole but can be too warm for certain climates.

What you really want to ask yourself is whether to go with more affordable bed sheets like cotton sheets or microfiber sheets. Microfiber refers to fabric composed of extremely fine fibers of polyester. Cotton is the most commonly used material for bedding, and they are an all-natural  product. Just in terms of popularity, it’s likely that you have cotton sheets in your home right now. They are known as standard bed sheets. Each of these types of bed sheets has their own advantages and drawbacks.

So which one’s the best when it comes to “low-maintenance” bedding? Here are a few quick aspects to look out for:



Microfibers feel silky and soft, with a pretty high tolerance for constant washing. In this regard, they are “low-maintenance”, you won’t have to spend too much time looking after them, and they’ll still feel great. However, it’s true that polyester fibers are less breathable than cotton, so some folks with sensitive skin might prefer to go with the organic cotton option.

For extra softness, long staple cotton sheets such as Egyptian cotton bed sheets are a good option for those who don't mind paying a bit extra. Similarly, percale sheets and sateen sheets might be worth the extra investment, depending on whether the sleeper in question prefers a smoother or crisper feel.

Additionally, hot sleepers might favor cotton bed sheets. Those of us who are unlucky enough to sleep hot do have a tendency to heat up slightly more in microfiber bed sheets. Of course, hot sleepers can regulate their body temperature a number of ways, but that’s an article for another day. 



The feeling of seeing the brand new cotton sheets – the ones you were so excited about just a few days ago – start to develop their first visible signs of wear is kind of a bummer. Not only is it a sobering reminder of the ruthless passage of time, but it also starts to signal that you might have to start looking for new sheets in the not-too-distant future.

This is an important factor to consider when talking about “low-maintenance.” Microfiber sheets tend to be more durable than cotton sheets, since natural cotton fibers break down with frequent washing.

Stains & whiteness:

Just like you don’t want your sheets to look ratty and worn-out, you also want to make sure they’re not stained or faded. Now, this one is a bit of a toss-up, because each type of sheet comes with its own drawback. Microfiber bed sheets are generally more stain resistant, with better durability despite constant washing. Cotton or cotton blend sheets, meanwhile, stain more easily but are easier to bleach or dye a different color if necessary.

Ease of wash:

Some fabrics (such as silk) require more extensive care. But Mellanni sheets – both cotton and microfiber  – are extremely easy to wash. Simply machine wash cold with like colors, and tumble dry on low. Do not bleach, dry clean or iron.


Tips and Tricks for Easy Bedsheet Maintenance

  • Don’t use fabric softeners. 

  • Double rinse your sheets.

  • Take the bed sheet out of the dryer early.

  • Avoid getting bed sheets too hot.


It doesn’t matter whether you go with cotton sheets or microfiber; if you don’t take proper care of your sheets, they won’t last too long. Now our whole mission here is to tell you about sheets that require as little maintenance as possible, so let’s get into some tips and tricks for easy sheet maintenance that won’t make you a slave to your bedding.

  • Don’t use fabric softeners. 

This might be a bit of a shock to you, but the way fabric softeners work is by coating the natural fibers in your bedding and breaking them down. Avoid this! The short-term reward (sheets that feel nicer and softer) isn’t worth the long-term hassle (sheets that will degrade in quality and need to be replaced).

  • Double rinse your sheets.

Excess laundry detergent residue will cause your sheets to lose their natural whiteness and start going yellow with time. A single rinse often isn’t enough to ameliorate that, as detergent will build up over time and discolor your sheeting. So go the extra mile and give it another rinse; it’s often as easy as a push of a button.

  • Take the bed sheet out of the dryer early.

If you have a clothes dryer, you know how tempting it is to just leave them there until you get around to it, but resist this urge! Take them out before they’re fully dry and drape them on a drying rack. Then, you can just stretch it

  • Avoid getting bed sheets too hot.

We hear this time and time again. A hot dryer will weaken and break the natural fibers in your sheets when it overheats the fabric, causing it to turn brittle and faded. Not only that, it’ll attract dust (due to the static). Similarly, wash your sheets with warm or cold water.


Our pick for best for the best low maintenance sheets


Knowing all you now know about bed sheet maintenance and the different kinds of fabric, it should be clear why our choice for the best low-maintenance sheet set on the market is the Mellanni Hotel Luxury 1800 Bed Sheet Set.  

Our wrinkle-resistant bed sheet set will provide you the luxury hotel experience – exactly the type of bedsheet everyone thinks of when they think “long, restful sleep” – without being a fussy, interminable hassle to take care of. It strikes the perfect balance between “low-maintenance” and “premium-class.” 

Our  Mellanni bed sheet set is silky soft and absolutely luxurious, perfect for just about any room in your home. And because these are such affordable high quality sheets, they make a perfect gift for anyone who values a restful and refreshing sleep. Even hot sleepers will find themselves loving these sheets.

The Mellani Hotel Luxury 1800 Bed Sheet Set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted  sheet and two pillowcases. And this sheet and two pillowcases set is entirely fade, stain, shrink, and wrinkle resistant. As it’s made of the highest quality brushed microfiber, it’s been tested to be extremely durable sheets, especially when compared with cotton. Not only that, but it sports a wide selection of colors that will stay crisp and vivid much longer than you would imagine for a sheet set in this price range. 

Finally, another sizable point in the “Pros” section is Mellanni’s commitment to providing the best customer service in the industry. That means that if you’re not satisfied with these luxury sheets at any point or for any reason, you can easily return it with no questions asked. In fact, you don’t even have to send back the product. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Sheets


What are some other sheets available in the market?

So far we’ve talked about microfiber sheets and cotton sheets as if they were the only two options available. Far from it – they’re some of the most popular, but there are actually many other sheets available out there, made of natural and synthetic, and other materials. Let’s talk about some examples.

Linen sheets 

Linen sheets tend to feature lower thread counts. They are also sometimes advertised as “stone-washed,” which means that the breaking-in is mostly done for you. 

Egyptian cotton sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets are incredibly soft, pretty much the highest quality cotton you will find. They are also, however, generally very expensive, the top of the line when it comes to high-end bedding.

Silk sheets

Silk is a natural fiber with great tensile strength, which means it withstands a lot of pressure. It’s one of the softest sheets to the touch, but it’s also extremely labor-intensive when it comes to taking care of it.

Satin sheets

Satin is made of synthetic materials and it retains much more heat than either cotton or microfibers, which means that sleeping under these sheets wouldn’t be especially fun on a warm night. They also tend to be more expensive than cotton. 

What is “thread count” and should I be paying  attention to it?

Hoo boy. This one’s likely to arise the ire of just about any bed sheet enthusiast reading this article. To say that there are various schools of thought on this matter might be a bit of an understatement; some folks are solidly pro-thread count, while others consider it a scam. 

When we talk about thread count, we are referring to the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of material. This usually means that the higher the thread count, the smoother the sheet.

However, there are other factors that influence what makes the best bed sheets. Thread count isn’t the be-all-end-all of quality, and focusing on it way too much is detrimental in a number of ways. So if you see a sheet that loudly proclaims itself to be 400 thread count or more in its packaging or marketing materials, it’s good to look into the sheet’s other qualities to see if it does in fact hold up.

So, tl;dr  on thread count. Is it something you should be looking at? Sure. But it’s by no means the only thing.

Should I get a flat or a fitted sheet? 

In most bed sheet sets, you’ll receive a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases. They each have their uses, of course, and are often sold together. But if you’re looking to solve some strange debate in your household, we generally recommend using fitted sheets. Fitted sheets are usually more protective, using elastic to prevent your mattress from moving too much during sleep. Meanwhile, flat sheets lay on top of a fitted sheet to protect your duvet or comforter from perspiration, natural oils, or staining.



Of all the options available on the market, we're confident that the best choice for low maintenance sheets is  Mellanni Hotel Luxury 1800 Bed Sheet Set

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Fade, stain, and wrinkle resistance - these sheets stay looking pristine and guest ready, even with several years of use. 

  • Long-lasting durability - Our hotel-grade, premium sheets are built to withstand washing and years of use, making them easy to own and keep looking & feeling their best. 

  • Ultra-soft - Despite being so low-maintenance, our bed sheet sets boasts a buttery soft and silky smooth feel, transforming any bed into a luxurious sleep experience. 

  • Easy Care - Simply machine wash in cold, and then dry them for a quick cycle on tumble dry low.

  • Year-round comfort -Warm on cool nights and cool in hotter temps, these sheets are ideal for all-season comfort.  

We hope you've found this guide to low maintenance sheets helpful. Happy shopping! 

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