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1800 Collection Microfiber Flat Sheet (Light Colors)

$39.99 $13.00
Luxury Flat Bed Sheet Set

The legendary Mellanni Fine Linens 1800 Collection. Our World-Famous Brushed Microfiber Flat Bed Sheets, available in a wide range of clean and fun light tones, can now be yours at our lowest prices ever! You'll be able to feel the Mellanni difference! Silky soft, crazy comfortable, and affordably luxurious. 

We understand that your time is important, and that's why these exceptionally strong and soft sheets are wrinkle, fade, and stain-resistant; so you can spend more time on the important parts of life. 

This hypoallergenic microfiber bedding also keep stuffy noses at bay by blocking unwanted allergens, moisture, and dust mites. Let your body breathe so that you can get a great sleep! 

And don't forget, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. This bedding set, as with all Mellanni products, comes with our Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee - the industry's most customer-friendly no questions asked, no hassle, money-back warranty.

Flat Sheet Sizing:

  • Twin: 66" x 96"
  • Twin XL: 66" x 102"
  • Full (Double): 81" x 96"
  • Queen: 102" x 90"
  • King: 102" x 105"
  • Cal King: 108" x 102"
Size, Color GTIN
Baby Blue, Twin 00603803806871
Baby Blue, Twin XL 00603803807144
Baby Blue, Full 00603803807410
Baby Blue, Queen 00603803807687
Baby Blue, King 00603803807953
Baby Blue, Cal King 00603803808226
Beige, Twin 00603803806826
Beige, Twin XL 00603803807090
Beige, Full 00603803807366
Beige, Queen 00603803807632
Beige, King 00603803807908
Beige, Cal King 00603803808172
Coral, Twin 00603803807014
Coral, Twin XL 00603803807281
Coral, Full 00603803807557
Coral, Queen 00603803807823
Coral, King 00603803808097
Coral, Cal King 00603803808363
Lavender, Twin 00603803806956
Lavender, Twin XL 00603803807229
Lavender, Full 00603803807496
Lavender, Queen 00603803807762
Lavender, King 00603803808035
Lavender, Cal King 00603803808301
Light Gray, Twin 00603803806932
Light Gray, Twin XL 00603803807205
Light Gray, Full 00603803807472
Light Gray, Queen 00603803807748
Light Gray, King 00603803808011
Light Gray, Cal King 00603803808288
Hot Pink, Twin 00603803807038
Hot Pink, Twin XL 00603803807304
Hot Pink, Full 00603803807571
Hot Pink, Queen 00603803807847
Hot Pink, King 00603803808110
Hot Pink, Cal King 00603803808387
Persimmon, Twin 00603803807045
Persimmon, Twin XL 00603803807311
Persimmon, Full 00603803807588
Persimmon, Queen 00603803807854
Persimmon, King 00603803808127
Persimmon, Cal King 00603803808394
Pink, Twin 00603803807052
Pink, Twin XL 00603803807328
Pink, Full 00603803807595
Pink, Queen 00603803807861
Pink, King 00603803808134
Pink, Cal King 00603803808400
Spa Mint, Twin 00603803807069
Spa Mint, Twin XL 00603803807335
Spa Mint, Full 00603803807601
Spa Mint, Queen 00603803807878
Spa Mint, King 00603803808141
Spa Mint, Cal King 00603803808417
Violet, Twin 00603803806888
Violet, Twin XL 00603803807151
Violet, Full 00603803807427
Violet, Queen 00603803807694
Violet, King 00603803807960
Violet, Cal King 00603803808233
White, Twin 00603803806819
White, Twin XL 00603803807083
White, Full 00603803807359
White, Queen 00603803807625
White, King 00603803807892
White, Cal King 00603803808165

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