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What kind of bed sheets are best for pet hair?

Do you share your bed with your pet? According to a 2015 survey by the American Pet Products Association, half of the 78 million dogs owned in the U.S. sleep in a bed with their owner or their children. Sleeping with our pets can be beneficial to our mental and physical health in many ways but investing in some pet hair-resistant bedding will help you sleep better throughout the night. We created this guide to help you find pet-friendly bedding to keep your bed clean and free of dog hairs.  

Pros of sleeping with pets

Before we jump into the best dog hair resistant sheets for pet owners, let's go over why sleeping with your pet can be good for you and them as well: 

Can improve mental health

Pets help us regulate our emotions and remind us of our purpose in life. Studies have shown that being with your dog increases oxytocin levels in adults and reduces cortisol levels in children. This increased oxytocin and reduced cortisol levels also happen when we receive and give physical touch. So snuggling up with your pet in bed will give you a boost in feel-good hormones. 

Promotes calmness and security

Many people get a dog because of the security that it brings them in case there is an emergency. It was found in a study of American women, that those who slept with dogs reported feeling more comforted and secure during the night. This is also true for those who suffer from nightmares. 

Get an immunity boost

Having dogs or cats in the home greatly improves our immune function. Exposure to the diverse microorganisms our pets carry can help us increase immune responses. This is especially true for infants and children as their immune systems are still developing. So having a little dog hair around the house is nothing to sniff at.

Improves physical health


If you want to keep your heart healthy, cuddling with your dog at night might be a good way to do so. Having pets is linked to decreased cholesterol and triglyceride levels and lowering blood pressure. 


What makes the best pet hair-resistant bedding?

When determining what makes a sheet set the best for dog-proof bedding you should take into account some different factors like fabric, weave, thread count, ply, and your personal preferences.

Pet hair resistant fabrics:

With 70% of Americans owning pets, dog-proof bedding fabric has become an important factor when choosing dog hair-resistant sheets. There are many kinds of fabrics used for sheets for dog hair on the market today. These dog hair-resistant bedding options can be made with natural or synthetic fabrics. The most popular fabrics include linen, flannel, cotton, and microfiber. Bedsheet sets usually come with two pillowcases or pillow shams, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet. Ultimately the best sheets for dog lovers is a matter of personal preference and budget. Let's dive into the best and worst pet hair-resistant bedding.

Linen sheets

Linen bedding is lightweight and breathable and comes in pure flax linen or a blend. Flax, (yes, that's the same flax in your breakfast cereal) makes linen fabric extremely strong and durable. This makes the sheets have a rough texture and feel a bit stiff at the beginning but they become softer as you wash them. Bed sheets made of linen should be carefully washed. need to be washed with care and may not be able to be tumble-dried. While these sheets are famously breathable,might be durable, the looselythey are not made of tightly-woven fabric means so dog hair and nails can get stuck. 


Try them out: 

Mellanni 100% Pure Linen Sheet Set

Flannel sheets

Flannel is a bed sheet that is made from cotton, wool, or synthetic fibers. The fabric is brushed on one side to create a nap that has a smooth weave that helps you sleep comfortably. However, these soft sheets tend to capture much more heat than other sheets. Flannel sheets aren't the best choice for dog-proof bedding because their body heat will get trapped, especially on hot summer nights. This type of fabric doesn't make the best sheets for pet hair resistant bedding because it doesn't repel dog hair.


Try them out: 

Mellanni Flannel Cotton Sheet Set

Bamboo Sheets


A semi-synthetic fabric made from natural fibers (be skeptical of descriptions of organic bamboo sheets), bamboo sheets are rising in popularity because they are lightweight and durable. While this fabric is durable and resistant, it's less effective at repelling dog hair. Since they don't wick moisture as well as microfiber sheets they aren't the most dog-proof bedding option. They come in different weaves including percale, sateen, and twill, and tend to be more expensive. 

Cotton sheets

100% cotton sheets have withheld the test of time as some of the best dog-proof bedding. These sheets are made with a natural texture and tight weave. The tightly woven materials used to make pet-proof cotton sheets are good at keeping dog hair from getting stuck. More breathable than synthetic fibers, these sheets for dog hair are a good all-around choice for year-round comfort for both you and your pet. 


Cotton bed sheets for dog owners can be made from Egyptian cotton or Pima cotton. Egyptian cotton sheets are soft sheets that are tightly woven. Also known for their durability, Egyptian cotton sheets have more longevity compared to other types of sheets. Compared to Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton sheets feel luxurious when you first purchase them because they have a luster or sheen to them due to being combed by hand. However, both Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton can be far more expensive than other sheet types. We recommend that you purchase cotton sheets for you and your furry friend because they are affordable, durable, and super soft. 


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Mellanni Cotton Jersey Sheet Set
Mellanni 100% Organic Cotton Sheet Set



Microfiber sheets

Microfiber sheets are some of the most dog-proof sheets available for pet hair-resistant bedding. Made from a synthetic fabric, these sheets for dog hair are designed to be wrinkle-free, fade-resistant, and durable. Many microfiber sheets have microbial and hypoallergenic properties that help keep away pet hair and dust mites that can trigger allergies and asthma.


Some of the benefits of double brushed microfiber fabric are that it is moisture-wicking, so it keeps you cool throughout the night, even when your pet is snuggled close to you. This fabric has very fine polyester fibers, they are extremely smooth to the touch. These sheets are known as the best sheets for dog owners because they are wrinkle-free, so you don't have to worry about ironing when your pet rolls in the sheets. 


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Iconic Collection Microfiber Sheet Set 


The worst fabrics for pet hair

Some fabrics should be banned from pet owners’ homes because they are like magnets for dust mites, pet dander, and dog hair. Here are some of the types of fabrics you should avoid for pet hair resistant sheets:  


Velvet feels super soft to the touch and your pet probably can’t wait to take a long nap on a velvet blanket, but it is one of the worst fabrics at repelling pet hair. The fabric is made of millions of little loops that act like a brush, trapping animal hair. To remove pet fur you need a lint brush or a powerful vacuum. Velvet is also prone to stains and any accident will likely cause permanent damage. 


Silk sheets are some of the most luxurious bed sheets on the market, but they are not a good pet hair-resistant choice for bedding. They are not very durable and can be ripped easily by claws. They also can stain easily and don’t wick moisture effectively. Silk fabrics are also some of the most expensive, so if you’re going to sleep with your pet, you’re better off buying sheets that are less expensive to keep more in your washing rotation. Pet parents should steer clear of this fabric as it does not make stain-resistant sheets.

Ideal thread count for pet hair resistant sheets

Thread count refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the more durable the sheets. 

How do you choose a thread count?

When choosing bed sheets for dogs, get a set that has a high thread count to repeal pet hairs. A thread count of between 200-800 is generally considered high quality and will provide sheets that are soft to the touch and more likely to wear well over time. Anything above 400 Thread count can start to get into luxury territory, with some sheets boasting counts as high as 1000 or more. Many of these numbers are falsely inflated and should be taken with a grain of thought. Pet parents don't necessarily need to buy bedsheets at such a steep price when they will go through a lot of wear daily. 


Sheets with a high thread count have a super tight weave because the fabric is packed tightly together, but at the end of the day, it's the thread that matters most for dog-proof bedding. A sheet of a better-quality fiber with a lower thread count will stand up to pet hair better than a sheet of a lower-quality fiber with a higher thread count. So what else should you look for?


Best weave for cat and dog-proof bedding: 

Another important factor that determines the best bed sheets for dog-proof bedding is the weave of the sheet. The two most common types of weaves are percale and sateen. Avoid fabrics with an open weave for a flat sheet and fitted sheet that are dog hair-free.


Percale sheets are made up of vertical and horizontal thread loops, which creates a slightly crisper feel than sateen sheets. This fabric makes bed sheets for dog hair that are slightly cheaper for pet parents on a budget.


A sateen sheet set, on the other hand, has a more subtle sheen and is woven with more threads per square inch, giving them a silky smooth feel.

Percale bed sheets often cost less than sateen bed sheets, so if you're looking for pet-friendly sheets that fit your budget and don't mind a rougher texture, go for a percale weave.

Best sheet ply for those who sleep with pets

What is ply, and what does it matter?

Ply refers to the sheet's thickness or weight. Generally speaking, sheets with a higher ply number are thicker and sturdier than sheets with a lower ply level. A sheet's ply can also tell us if the sheets are apt for pet hair-resistant bedding: sheets of a heavier weight often are more durable because they're made from thick cotton yarn.


A two-ply sheet has one thread made up of two smaller threads, and sheets with three or more plies have even more strands twisted together to make them sturdier. Two-ply sheets are usually the strongest because they're made up of multiple thinner fibers that make a tighter weave than single-ply. 


As a general rule, single-ply is less opaque and therefore more transparent. This isn't ideal for sleeping with pets because their claws can rip the top sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcases, or duvet. However, they are quite a bit softer. A  400 threadcount single-ply sheet has 400 threads per square inch, whereas a double-ply would have 200 threads per square inch (with each thread counting double).  The 


 Double-ply is thicker, making them more dogproof, but they are less breathable than single-ply sheets.

Our recommendations for the best dog proof sheet sets:

At Mellanni, we have several options for high-quality bedding for pet parents:

Mellanni Organic 100% Cotton Sheets

With natural moisture-wicking capabilities, these cotton sheets are ideal for those sleepers who run on the hotter side. Here are some of the reasons you should invest in a set:

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certifies that Mellanni’s 400 Thread Count Sheet Set is made with 100% organic cotton and has been rigorously inspected to ensure our fibers are non-toxic and free from harmful synthetic chemicals before it even touches your skin. This makes them ideal for all skin types, including people with sensitive skin. The smooth surface of these sheets makes them one of the best bed sheets for a pet-proof night's sleep.

Authentic Top-Quality

No pilling, shrinkage, or fading. Our sheets are manufactured with top-quality Combed Long-Staple Organic Cotton fibers that are easy to care for and allow help sheets get softer with each wash. Its quality structure is long-lasting with durable tear strength, colorfastness, and luxurious touch.

Luxury Sateen Weave

Provides an ultra-soft feel with breathable and cooling comfort. Discover the perfect combination of softness and a hint of crispness for the ultimate sleeping experience year-round. Mellanni’s organic cotton sheets hold a beautiful subtle sheen and have an authentic silky smooth feel. The tight weave of the bedsheet makes sure that dog hairs don't get stuck in the fabric. 

​​Mellanni Sheet Set - Hotel Luxury Iconic Bedding

Our extremely popular sheet set is soft to the touch, wrinkle-free, and breathable. These sheets come in different colors so you can choose what best matches your home decor.

Advantages of these high-quality sheets for dog hair:


We set out to create some of the most comfortable and luxurious bed sheets you can find on the market, and we're convinced that these fit the bill. The ultra-softness of these sheets means you'll sleep better and wake up each morning feeling refreshed and full of energy. The high thread count means that they are extremely pet hair-resistant bedding.


More durable than cotton, these sheets are great for your bedrooms, guest rooms, kid's room, RV, vacation home, and more. They can last through multiple washes without losing their shape or feel. These are the best bed sheets for dog hair and instantly pet-proof your bed.

Easy Care

Fade, stain, shrink and wrinkle resistant, these sheets aren't only durable – they're easy to take care of. Simply machine wash in cold and then dry them for a quick cycle on tumble dry low.

Highest Quality

Made of the highest quality double brushed microfiber and workmanship so you know it lasts! Pet hairs won't get trapped in this tightly woven bed sheet set.

Lots of Color Options

A fabulous selection of colors will make your bedroom look like it belongs in a magazine.



Luxury meets performance at an extremely modest price point with our microfiber sheets. More affordable than cotton yet more durable and soft, you’ll love how these sheets look and feel.



Jersey Knit 100% Cotton 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set

Feel like you’re sleeping in your favorite T-shirt every night with Mellanni Jersey Knit sheets. This set is perfect for pets, with the following qualities:

Highest Quality

Made from 100% cotton jersey knit with high-quality workmanship for durability. They are manufactured in an OEKO TEX Certified Factory, ensuring Mellanni Sheets meet high safety and environmental standards

Warm, Soft, Cozy

You'll sleep better and wake up each morning feeling refreshed and full of energy with this super-soft, ultra-comfortable jersey sheet set. These sheets are tightly woven to help remove pet hair with ease.

Perfect Fit

This jersey sheet set boasts a deep pocket with elastic all around to fit mattresses up to 16" – no yanking and pulling on the sheet to get it back onto the mattress.

Easy Care

Fade and wrinkle-resistant, this durable jersey sheet set will get softer with every wash. Simply machine wash cold and tumble dry low to keep them at their softest.

Tips for getting rid of pet hair

Pets are a part of the family and our house is theirs as well. Here are some tips to clean up pet hair in every room of your house

Brush your pets regularly

Dogs and cats shedding hair, it’s just a fact of life. Regular grooming can help them shed less on your bedsheets. Brush them outside so that the hair doesn't stay in the house or be sure to throw the pet hairball away. This is also a great moment to bond with your pet and give them some loving attention. 

Make some anti-static spray

The anti-static spray is easy to pick up at the store or you can make it yourself. Just mix water and fabric softener then spray it on your surfaces before wiping them off. 

Invest in a powerful vacuum 

Running the vacuum will collect all of the pet hair on the floor, sofa, or bed. Be sure to use the upholstery attachment if you want to vacuum furniture. Be sure to clean the vacuum regularly and empty all of the pet hair you've collected so it doesn't get clogged. 

Use rubber gloves

Rubber gloves are like a magnet for pet hair. Put on a pair of gloves and wet them a bit, then run your hands on surfaces to catch cat or dog hair. Ball up the pet hair and throw it out in the trash. 

Use a lint roller

Lint rollers are a lifesaver for pet owners. They are inexpensive so stock up on a few to have around your house and even in your car. They are great for getting pet hair off your clothes and furniture. If you can't find one and are desperate to remove dog hair, you can DIY it by wrapping your hand with tape, sticky side up, and brushing it against furniture fabric or clothes. 

Get a pet hair sponge

Another tool for getting rid of hair is the pet hair sponge. This sponge isn't sticky like a lint roller and is even more effective than a vacuum cleaner. Wipe it on surfaces and pet hair disappears instantly. 

Wash bedding regularly 

It's important to wash your pet hair-resistant bedding including the duvet cover, pillow shams, and two pillowcases regularly to prevent the spread of unwanted germs. Shake out any pet hair that may be stuck in the fibers before you wash it in your washing machine. Throw in a cup of white vinegar when you wash to help dislodge hairs in the weave of the fabric. Wipe down the inside of the washing machine afterward to clean any hair that was left behind. 

Toss it in the tumble dryer

Set the dryer on the cool setting to help loosen pet hairs. Add in dryer sheets as well to attract all of the hair away from the bedding and onto the sheet. Be careful and clean the filter after you dry to dispose of the hair and avoid breaking the machine or creating a potential fire hazard.  

How to get a good night's sleep with your pet

55 percent of pet owners said that they share their bed with at least one dog. Here are some tips to make sure you are sleeping well through the night with your furry friend by your side. 

Use a big enough mattress

Your mattress should be large enough to fit you, your pet, and anyone else that sleeps in your bed. Queen, King, and California King size mattresses are recommended to reduce disturbances. If your pet is sleeping with your child, consider getting a twin XL bed for a little extra room for their pet. Make sure to size up on your duvet cover so that you don't have to fight to cover up at night.

Take your pet to the vet

Since we live so closely with our pets, you must take them to the vet regularly to make sure that they don't develop any disease that they can pass on to you. Check your pet's records to keep them up to date on vaccinations, flea and tick treatments, and deworming medications. 

Keep a Consistent Bedtime Routine

All living things have a natural circadian rhythm that tells us when we feel tired and when we feel awake. Humans and animals have slightly different rhythms but setting a consistent bedtime and wake-up time every day can help. Creating a similar sleep rhythm helps protect against restless nights for both you and your pets. 

Final thoughts

In summary, the right pet-resistant sheets for you will depend on your preferences for certain qualities.

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